A Climate Solution to Heal the Planet

by Madeline Armond

Early in the global Covid-19 shutdown, there was an internet trend showing areas that are  normally overrun by crowds differently than ever observed before. Fish were swimming through the canals of Venice, cities usually obscured by smog were showcased in crystal-clear air. It was as if nature were celebrating. However,  the truth behind this trend was recognized by many people: the earth thrives when we give it a chance to breathe.

Globally, the conversation surrounding climate change has shifted. More people are  recognizing that, in some way, humans have taken too much from the Earth. As a result, many  people are suggesting that we now alter our behavior to restore it. It is easy to feel the drive to  “go green” or “love your mother” but with limited resources and tight budgets, the push to go green degrades to a kind of nudge. HomeEnergyClub.com has developed a unique solution. Keep reading.

We have many competing priorities. We have bills to pay,  families to take care of, careers to build, purposes to find. It’s difficult to know where to adjust  your priorities to better take care of the earth.

The simplest answer to this dilemma is to incorporate simple changes into your life  to reduce your own impact. Rather than developing totally new behaviors, you can tweak  existing ones. You’re busy. You’ve got the whole world on your shoulders. It may be difficult to  stop driving your car altogether, but you probably could remember to turn the lights out when  you leave a room.

If we were to collectively start making small changes in our lives, the results  would be significant. That’s why it’s essential to seek out companies that are providing eco-friendly products and services that are substitutes for things that you already use. As demand for these things rises, they become more readily accessible.

One major problem we can get to work on is reducing carbon emissions from energy production.  Did you know that 30% of energy-related CO2 in the US is associated with  residential and commercial electricity use? Another 30% is related to liquid transportation fuels  like gasoline. We all participate in energy consumption that can’t be eliminated, but we can  find ways to change it.

Industries are moving away from fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, but in  the midst of the economic and political turmoil it isn’t happening very quickly. It is difficult to  expect much positive change in our lifetime. However, if we are able to take ownership of these issues, changes could be made. We know that markets shift to meet the demand, so  why not create a demand?

Home Energy Club has created a new platform called GetGreenEnergy.com for energy users in  deregulated areas to find and purchase renewable energy for equal to or less than the cost of  nonrenewable sources. This platform, which is starting in Texas, could make Green Energy a  viable option for the 70% of Americans that live in deregulated areas, potentially creating massive new demand for renewable energy infrastructure. Anyone in an area serviced by providers on GetGreenEnergy.com and HomeEnergyClub.com has an opportunity to make a change in their life that would be beneficial to the planet and could save them money.

Rather than purchasing solar panels and waiting ten years for a return on your investment, you can enroll in an energy company that uses 100% renewable energy and make a difference immediately. These websites provide a digital marketing platform for green energy providers who in turn are able to offer their products at a lower cost. This is so effective that these energy providers are able to compete with and even beat traditional energy providers’ rates.

Home Energy Club is seeking to make Texas the starting point for a shift in demand that would  be beneficial to the Earth as well as to energy users. Innovation and collaboration can provide  simple solutions to some of the greatest challenges we face.

By avoiding the tricky parts of  politics and legislation, we can find ways to do good that make sense for everyone.  That’s why it’s so important to talk to the people in your life about tools and solutions that exist  right now.

This is a change that just makes sense. Can you imagine the effect of 70% of the  nation switching to green energy plans using primarily solar and wind energy? Nature could  truly begin to heal.