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Cirro Energy Gains Customers from Two Rival Retail Energy Companies

Cirro Energy, the electricity provider backed by NRG Energy and sister company to Reliant Energy and Green Mountain Energy, recently obtained the customer base of its two rivals, Pioneer Energy and Stat Energy. NRG is one of the largest electric companies in the nation. “Cirro will honor the contract terms, including the price of energy for the duration of the contracts”, said Pat Hammond, the spokeswoman of Cirro Energy.

If you are a customer of Pioneer Energy or Stat Energy, you may wish to gain peace of mind about Cirro as a quality energy provider by conveniently comparing the details of Cirro’s electricity plans to those of other Texas electricity companies. Simply input your zip code in the box on the upper left corner of the page and check the results on Home Energy Club. To assist you in choosing exactly the right plan for your home, use our the free guide created for Texas energy consumers, The Savvy Shopper’s 10-minute Guide to Choosing the Best Energy Plans in Texas.

About Cirro Energy

The Texas-based Cirro Energy provides electricity across Texas at affordable prices with flexible plans to thousands of homes and businesses. Cirro Energy offers highly competitive electricity rates coupled with a wide range of plans and varied payment options, including online bill payment through VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. Cirro also supports communities through philanthropy and key partnerships with organizations, such as Minnie’s Food Pantry, KERA – North Texas Public Broadcasting, Boo at the Fort Worth Zoo and Eclipse Soccer Club in Sugar Land. Visit

About NRG Energy

NRG, the largest retail energy provider in Texas, is based in both Houston and Princeton and has more than 2.9 million customers. The subsidiary companies of NRG Energy include Cirro Energy, Reliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy and Discount Power. NRG Energy is involved in both energy generation and retail electricity and has an impressive portfolio encompassing nuclear power generation, coal-based power generation, wind power generation, utility scale electricity generation and distributed solar power generation. NRG serves 2.9 million retail customers in Texas, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. Visit



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