Climate Champions Official Rules & Guidelines

Who Can Enter

Louisiana students in grades 1-12. All students from public, private, and home school settings are welcome to enter original artwork. Students must reside in the United States. Each student may submit only one design. Students must comply with these Official Rules.

Employees and their family members (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, and people living in the same household of each) of Eakin Films & Publishing, Home Energy Club and Get Green Energy are not eligible to participate.

Artwork and Entry Requirements

Below are the contest requirements:

  • Original artwork must reflect the contest theme, What Climate Change Means to Me.
  • In the lower right corner of the artwork, the artist must write his or her name.
  • The title of the artwork and the artist’s one-sentence explanation of the piece must be provided in the online entry form.
  • Artwork can be realistic or abstract, horizontal or vertical, painting or sketch. It should measure approximately eight and a half (8 1/2″) by eleven (11″) inches. The size should not include a mat or border.
  • Students can use pencil, water color, acrylic or oil paints, colored markers, ink, charcoal, pastels, and/or crayons, and can include layers of paper or other material to add dimension. Computer generated artwork, photography, photocopies, and tracings will not be accepted.
  • Original art must be submitted in a digital image format as a jpeg or pdf. Do not mail art, as it will not be entered in the contest or returned.

The logos or other intellectual property of schools, companies and other types of organizations cannot appear in the artwork. The artwork cannot have been published prior to submission or used in any other competition, and must have been created in the year 2019.

Copyright Considerations

All artwork must be original, created entirely by the student. Do not submit any artwork that depicts copyrighted images. Copyrighted image entries will be rejected. For example, copyrighted images include artwork depicting characters from television shows, movies, video games, or books, or artwork from materials originated by movie studios, comic books and other sources. The logos or other intellectual property of schools and other types of organizations cannot appear in the artwork.

Deadline for Entries

Deadline has passed. Entries received after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Only complete entry forms will be accepted.

Steps For Uploading Artwork and Completing Entry Form

Step 1: Create a digital image of your original artwork. Scan your artwork or take a picture of it with your phone camera or other type of camera. Save the image in the largest size possible so the details of the artwork can be seen by the judges. NOTE: If you are taking a picture of the artwork, do your best to take the picture directly over the artwork and try to make sure there are no glares, shadows or reflections, and the artwork does not appear at an angle. Check your image to make sure it is clear.

Step 2: Save your digital image as a .jpg or .pdf. Use the following naming convention for the file:
Student Full Name_grade level_artwork title.jpg (or .pdf)
Example: BertSmith_Grade9_PolarBear.jpg

Step 3: Complete each field in the entry form and upload /attach your digital image. Be sure to include your one-sentence description of the artwork in the text field provided. If you wish for your local newspaper to be notified of your participation, be sure to include the name and email of the newspaper in the form.

Step 4: Click SUBMIT ENTRY.