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How to Use our Tools to Find the Best Plan for your Home

Energy shopping is not something we typically think about. But Texas residents have the power to choose. Finding the right plan to fit your budget may seem confusing. How do you know what you’re buying, and how to avoid gimmick plans that can create billing surprises? We at Home Energy Club are committed to giving you the tools you need to find the best plan to suit your needs. We vet each plan to exclude the ones which have deceptive gimmicks to help you avoid billing surprises and have peace of mind. We have designed our website so you can quickly and easily do a Texas energy rates comparison. Our company was born and bred in Texas, and we take your trust in us very seriously.

How to Compare Energy Rates in Texas

What is the cheapest electricity plan in Texas? By using Home Energy Clubs’s website tools, you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest electricity rate. You can then compare that with other rates and plans to decide which is the best fit for you. To help you find the best rate, first type in your zip code on this page. Next, select your home size: apartment, small to medium house, or large house. The size of your home is associated with the number of kilowatt=hours (kWh) you use per month. Check your current electric bill for your normal usage. Then click “Shop Rates.”

Featured and Other Plans

We feature plans from top providers in your zip code area that are listed just below banner. These are featured because of their pricing, green energy content, and special features. They may not be the cheapest rates, but they may meet your specific needs. Other plans available for your zip code location are listed below the featured plans. You have several options to choose from here. Filter your choice by selecting providers and plan lengths and click “Apply Filter.” You can also select plans with special discount rates, more predictable billing, or 100% green energy only.

Sorting Your Results

You can also sort your plan options by various categories. Sort your list using the up and down arrows by lowest and highest rate, and alphabetically by provider. Other sorting options include length of contract and percentage of green energy in the plan. Many of the plans state that they offer a Fixed Locked Rate. This is important in providing you predictable billing and financial security. Choosing a long-term fixed rate plan assures you that the rate you sign up for today will not increase but will stay the same for the life of the contract, up to five years (60 months).

Plan Details

Once you’ve selected the plans that seem to best fits your needs, make sure to check the plan details. Clicking the “View Plan Details” link takes you to your plan’s overview and pricing details. Important things to check here are the contract term, rate type, and cancellation fee. Cancellation fees vary by provider and plan. You’ll also find plan pricing details listed by price per kWh usage. It’s especially important to review the Electricity Fact Label in the plan documents section. Other information found here are the Provider Terms of Service and Your Rights as a Consumer (YRAC) documents.

Placing Your Order

There are two simple ways to place your order for your energy plan. You can sign up online or call the number listed on plan’s rate panel (which you’ll also find in the “View Plan Details” popup). Follow the instructions and complete the sign-up process. Not quite ready to make the change? No problem. If you’re not ready to change your plan or are still under contract for your existing electricity plan, just scroll down to the blue bar under the section with the plans, and fill out the form to let us know that you wish for us to send you our best rates at the time of your next renewal.

We’re confident that you will find Home Energy Club easy to use and helpful for finding the best energy prices in Texas that fit your needs. We use our bargaining power to offer discount rates from the top energy providers in the market. We carefully vet all plans on our site to help you avoid gimmick plans that cause billing surprises, so you can benefit from great rates with peace of mind. Take charge of your electricity bills today by exploring your options on our website.



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