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Pulse Power Gets Startup Capital

Pulse Power, LLC, a retail electricity provider from Texas, has received capital investment from Teleios Commodities, a fully capitalized operating company focused on the intersection of utilities and technology. Pulse will get attractive benefits from this collaboration in the form of complete access to the proprietary power database, integrated solutions platform and rich experience of Teleios in the retail power industry.

“Pulse brings a long track record in the Texas electricity marketplace, “said Brandon Schwertner, Founder and Managing Partner of Teleios. “Their products and services will improve the customer experience for Texas energy customers,” added Schwertner.

The same sentiment was echoed by Pulse. “With their background in energy, Brandon and his team bring more to the table than capital, said Rob Cantrell, president of Pulse Power. “Teleios’ matches up well with our management team and sales channels,” he added.

About Pulse Power

Pulse Power offers comprehensive energy solutions to residential and small commercial customers across Texas. The company provides the right combination of technology, value, and simplicity to meet the emerging needs of sophisticated consumers through diverse energy choices delivered through a multi-channel approach.

About Teleios Commodities

Teleios Commodities is a fully capitalized investment boutique focused on the integration of multiple market and commodity services and technologies. They are a fully integrated commodity services and solutions platform with expertise in streamlining the technical and economic application of informed energy and risk management, commodity production and procurement, wholesale and retail market access, end user delivery and technology.



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