XOOM Energy® Reviews (150+ Verified)

Below are links to certified XOOM Energy reviews and ratings from independent sources such as Google and Yelp, and XOOM Energy complaint statistics from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. It may be helpful to view reviews and ratings in your area such as “XOOM Energy reviews Houston” or “XOOM Energy reviews Dallas”.

See our XOOM Energy provider page for in-depth details about the company, and view their plans and rates for your zip code. You can also read competitors’ reviews on our Top Texas Electricity Providers Reviews page.

XOOM Energy Reviews on Google Google Reviews
XOOM Energy Reviews on Yelp Yelp Reviews
XOOM Energy Complaint Statistics on Public Utility Commission of Texas Stats PUC Stats

Home Energy Club vets each plan on our website using our TrustPlan Process to protect you from billing surprises, and we recommend that you review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for any plan you’re considering to make sure the plan’s a fit for your home based on your energy usage levels.

We actively gather customer service data on more than 40 energy providers in Texas. We obtain our information from independent reviews sites, the Texas Public Utilities Commission, and other outlets.

In order to calculate the rating score for each electricity provider, we combine our independent findings with the results of our HEC/Amazon customer satisfaction surveys.

HEC XOOM Energy Rating Score: 4.3/5

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XOOM Energy Customer Ratings

XOOM Energy has good rating scores for the reviewed categories. Their best reviewed category is billing, with a 4.5 out of 5 score.

XOOM Energy Customer Reviews

XOOM Energy Reviews & Ratings Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find objective XOOM Energy reviews and ratings?

Home Energy Club uses objective sources XOOM Energy’s ratings, reviews, and statistics. These include:

  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • HEC/Amazon surveys of Amazon’s customer base
  • Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

For reviews and ratings of over 40 energy companies in Texas, go to HomeEnergyClub.com.

How does XOOM Energy’s rating compare to other electric companies?

Home Energy Club lists the following companies as the Top 13 Best Electric Companies in Texas, based on thorough vetting, industry knowledge, and customer surveys. XOOM Energy is not included in the newest ratings, but its sister companies, Reliant Energy and Cirro Energy, are listed:

To find trusted information and shop for cheap energy plans in Texas, go to HomeEnergyClub.com.

Who reviews the electricity plans of XOOM Energy in Texas?

Information on rates and plans, including those for XOOM Energy, can be found on the consumer advocate site, HomeEnergyClub.com. The plans displayed have undergone the TrustPlan™ vetting process. Click on the Compare Plans button in the filter section of the home page to find details, including:

  • Special discount offers
  • Bill credits
  • Early termination fees
  • Electricity rates at various usage levels

Home Energy Club seeks to reduce the number of bill surprises Texas residents may experience. Learn to read an Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to select the best energy plan for your home.

What are problems with electricity company review sites?

Home Energy Club has found that some energy review sources display misleading information about energy provider rates and quality of service:

  • Small niche review sites: some of these sites are paid fees by providers to boost positive reviews
  • Texas electricity review sites: some arrange reviews that give an unfair advantage to providers that pay fees
  • Government comparison sites: Power to Choose Texas and other government sites lack quality control

For objective, certified reviews visit HomeEnergyClub.com.

How good is XOOM Energy?

Use information from Home Energy Club to decide whether XOOM Energy is a good company:

  • Certified reviews: check XOOM Energy customer reviews and ratings
  • XOOM rates: compare the provider’s rates to top electricity companies, including its sister company, Cirro Energy

Visit HomeEnergyClub.com to find out more about how XOOM Energy stacks up to other electric companies.

How to find a XOOM Energy promo code to get a rate discount?

Here’s how to find promo codes from Home Energy Club to receive rate discounts:

  • Visit provider profile: go to the profile page for XOOM Energy
  • Check for discounts: there is currently no active promo code for XOOM Energy, but check back, as this may change
  • Compare: find exclusive promo codes for other top energy providers in Texas

For more information on vetted energy plans you can trust, visit HomeEnergyClub.com.

Why does Power to Choose (government site) get many complaints?

Home Energy Club helps prevent unexpected bill surprises with its vetting processes. In contrast, the state-run electricity comparison site, Power to Choose, has a lack of quality control and has been the target of many complaints:

  • Gimmicks: the site may include gimmicky plans that dupe consumers
  • Bill surprises: Texas consumers have received unexpectedly high bills
  • Unfair rankings: advantages may be given to energy companies who pay fees
  • Doubt among state leaders: the Public Utility Commission Chairman has expressed doubts about the site’s viability

HomeEnergyClub.com, the best alternative to Power to Choose in Texas, helps consumers avoid gimmicky plans that result in bill surprises.



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