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Texas PUC Data on Electricity Companies and Rates

The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulates electric companies and energy plans in the state, and provides an assortment of information that may be helpful to consumers when they search for electric companies and plans for their homes, including average Texas electricity rates per kWh. You’ll also find your home’s historic energy usage information at Smart Meter Texas.

The PUC operates the Power to Choose Texas website where electric companies post their electricity plans and rates, but note that there have been extreme credibility problems with the website due to a lack of quality control, and the ability of energy providers to “game” the site by offering gimmick rate plans that cause bill surprises.

Home Energy Club vets each plan to create a Texas electricity rate platform consumers can trust and help its followers avoid bill surprises. You can review Texas electric plans with no gimmicks to help you narrow your choice of light companies and plans. Check out a handy Texas electricity rate chart to compare electric rates and plans side by side.

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PUC Average Annual Rate Comparisons in Texas for Most Recent Year (2019)

The average price shown in these calculations represent average annual prices per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Generally, electric companies (called retail energy providers, or REPs) charge rates that change according to usage levels. Thus, the actual average rate on a customer’s bill for any given month may be different from what you find in the state’s data. For comparisons of monthly electric bills, go to Residential Electricity Bills in Texas.

December 2019
September 2019
June 2019
March 2019

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Texas Public Utility Commission Rates & Tariffs

Transmission and Distribution Rates for Utilities Owned by Investors

Rates approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission that the Transmission and Distribution Utilities charge Retail Electricity Providers (also known as electric companies, energy providers, power companies and light companies). These charges relate to the delivery of electricity to retail customers.

Electricity Rates for Non-ERCOT Utilities Owned by Investors

Rates approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission that the non-ERCOT utility companies charge for production, transmission, and delivery of electricity service in Texas.

Provider of Last Resort Designation

Texas electricity providers in each zone designated as the provider of last resort and Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

2019 Annual Average Rate Comparison for Texas Home Electricity Service

Quarterly average rates offered by Texas residential electric companies for service to customers in the deregulated areas of Texas where citizens can choose their light company and energy plan.

Quarterly Electricity Monthly Bill Comparison for Home Electric Service in Texas

Comparisons of the light company bills resulting based on electricity rates of electric companies in Texas where customers have the power to choose their provider.

Electricity Facts Labels (EFLs) for Home Electricity Service in Texas

The Texas PUC-mandated Electricity Facts Label for each energy plan provides apples to apples rate comparisons of plans based on usage levels of 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh.  EFLs also contain information on electricity contract terms, percentage of renewable energy and early termination fees.

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