The Top 10 Electricity Companies (Providers) in Texas

Home Energy Club is committed to providing our clients with factual information so they can make the best choice for their energy needs. We have compiled a list of the top 10 electricity companies in Texas to help with your decision. These companies are rated per industry standards including plans, complaint resolution, community outreach, innovation, rewards, and market perception from numerous sources. Separate customer ratings include star ratings on price, overall satisfaction, billing, and customer service. We have also included some customer comments.

1. Reliant

Reliant boasts a 5-star rating based on overall performance in the industry.

Customer ratings vary, but many customers have rated Reliant at 5 stars. Ratings are highest in billing and account management, followed by customer service and overall satisfaction. Price, plans, and promotions are rated slightly lower.

One customer commented, “So glad this is what I chose. After 6 years of Reliant living in 2 locations, I have no complaints and feel my electric bill was lower than those around me.”

2. Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy receives high marks for pricing and green energy, and has an industry rating of 4.88 for its strong community outreach.

Customer ratings are a little higher than other categories, with plans and promotions at the top of the list. This is followed by customer service and overall experience, with billing slightly lower.

Customers have made comments such as “Great rates,” and “Very helpful when I needed assistance. Affordable.”

3. TXU Energy

An industry rating of 4.87 was given to TXU Energy, with its strongest ratings in community outreach, innovation, and market perception.

The highest review was for customer service followed by overall satisfaction. Billing and account management ranked slightly lower.

One customer notes, “Good Service,” and “I love that my lights are free after 8.” Note: for plans offering “free” usage periods, make sure they match your usage patterns to avoid paying a premium.

4. Payless Power

Payless Power’s community service and rewards have earned it an industry rating of 4.6.

However, it’s the provider with the highest customer rating in the top 4. It has the highest rating possible for customer service, followed by overall satisfaction. Billing and account management are rated below the others and slightly higher than price.

One customer review says it quite simply: “Satisfied.”

5. Constellation

Constellation has an industry rating at 4.5, and strong customer ratings.

The best customer rating is for price, plans, and promotions followed by customer service. This is followed by overall satisfaction, billing and account management.

“I give Constellation Electric a 10 on a scale of 1-10,” states a satisfied customer.

6. TriEagle Energy

4.3 of 5 is the industry rating given to TriEagle, with average customer ratings.

The best customer rating is for price, followed by customer service. Overall satisfaction and billing and account management are rated slightly lower.

“I wish I could have known about this years ago,” one customer commented. “Best price for years.”

7. Champion Energy Services

Champion Energy Service’s 4.3 industry rating is negatively affected by its 1-star rating for reward programs.

However, that is not reflective of customer experience, which is a perfect 5. Champion Energy Services was rated 5 out of 5 stars in every other category.

Simply put, one customer says, “Best as it gets.”

8. Just Energy

Just energy scored lower in the area of complaint resolution, resulting in a score of 4.2 out of 5.

Customer ratings are on the lower side. Customer service, billing and account services are the strong points for customers. This is followed by price, plans, promotions, and overall experience.

A satisfied customer says, “No billing issues, I like getting weekly usage information, and no surprises on my bill.”

9. Direct Energy

Although Direct Energy has an industry rating of 4.1 due to lower scores for plans and complaint resolutions, customers rated the service fairly high.

The strongest features are customer service, overall satisfaction, and billing and account management. This is followed by price.

Customer comments such as “Excellent customer service, always helpful when I need them” reflects the high customer rating.

10. Spark Energy

Rounding out our top 10 is Spark Energy with an industry rating of 4.

With an average overall customer rating, customer service, billing and account management rate slightly higher and price slightly lower.

Most customers state that Spark Energy is a good company with good rates.

This is a small sampling of the many options Texas customer have when choosing an electricity provider. We are happy to say that we offer the top two companies on this list and five of the ten, with special discount rates for several as a result of our bargaining power.