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Below you will find Think Energy reviews and statistics from objective sources like the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Public Utility Commission and major review sites. Home Energy Club also conducts independent research to determine an overall customer satisfaction rating.

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To learn more about Think Energy, please check our Think Energy provider page. You can also compare Think reviews to the reviews of the top electricity companies in Texas.

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Think Energy Ratings

We collect customer satisfaction statistics on more than 40 electricity companies in Texas from independent review sites like Google, the State of Texas PUC, the BBB and other sources. See our live stream of ratings and reviews from Google below.

Home Energy Club combines its HEC/Amazon rating survey results with third party data to create a rating score for each electricity provider.

HEC Think Energy Rating Score: 4.6/5

Think Energy BBB Rating: A

Think Energy Customer Ratings

Think Energy has relatively high ratings. Each category is above 4.5 and their best category is Transparency with a score of 4.7.

Think Energy Customer Reviews

Think Energy Reviews & Ratings Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find objective Think Energy reviews and ratings?

Home Energy Club uses numerous objective sources for ratings and reviews so that you can evaluate electric companies such as Think Energy. These include:

  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • The BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • HEC/Amazon surveys
  • Google and Yelp Reviews

For reviews and ratings of over 40 energy companies in Texas, check out

How does Think Energy’s rating compare to other electric companies?

Home Energy Club lists the following companies as the Top 13 Best Electric Companies in Texas. Think Energy is not included in the newest ratings, but do check back, as ratings change periodically.

To find valuable energy information, compare the best cheap energy plans in Texas, and more, go to

Who reviews electricity plans of Think Energy in Texas?

Information on Think Energy electricity plans in Texas can be found on their profile page on Also, click on the Compare Plans button in the filter section of the home page to find the following details for all electric companies whose plans are displayed:

  • Special discount offers
  • Bill credits
  • Early termination fees
  • BBB ratings
  • Electricity rates at various usage levels

Home Energy Club strives every day to reduce the number of bill surprises experienced by Texas energy consumers.

What are problems with electricity company review sites?

Home Energy Club has found that some energy review sources unfortunately display misleading information, including unclear details about energy provider rates and quality of service:

  • Small niche review sites: some sites are paid by companies to only post positive reviews
  • Texas electricity review sites: may have reviews arranged for unfair advantages over competitors
  • Government comparison sites: Power to Choose Texas and other government sites have been repeatedly found to lack quality control

For in-depth details and to compare Texas electricity rates, visit

How good is Think Energy?

Home Energy Club considers the following in deciding whether Think Energy is a good company:

  • Customer ratings and reviews: Think Energy has a substantial amount of high customer ratings
  • BBB rating: Think Energy has an A rating from the BBB
  • Green plans: renewable energy plans are available

Visit to find out more about how Think Energy measures up to other electric companies.

How to find a Think Energy promo code to get a rate discount?

Here’s how to find discount promo codes from Home Energy Club to receive rate discounts:

  • Visit provider profile: go to the profile page for Think Energy
  • Check for discounts: if there are no current codes for Think Energy, you can find valuable active promo codes for other top energy providers on other profile pages and on the electricity promo codes page.

For more information on energy plans you can trust, visit Also check for rates on the Houston electricity and Dallas electricity pages.

Why does Power to Choose (government site) get many complaints?

Home Energy Club helps prevent bill surprises with its vetting processes. Sadly, the state-run electricity comparison site Power to Choose has been the target of many complaints:

  • Gimmicks: the site has been the home to gimmicky plans that dupe consumers
  • Bill surprises: Texas consumers may get unexpectedly high bills
  • Unfair rankings: advantages may be given to companies who game the site’s rankings
  • Doubt among state leaders: the Public Utility Commission Chairman has expressed doubts about the site’s viability, the best alternative to Power to Choose org in Texas, vets all energy plans to help consumers avoid gimmicks and bill surprises.