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Make History with Electricity and Combat Climate Change

THE WOODLANDS, TX – As Texas continues to extend its lead as the top producer of wind energy in the nation with more installed capacity than most countries, and with solar energy hitting a new generation record in Texas in 2019, a fast-growth digital marketing company in The Woodlands has developed a unique web platform that is expected by many industry professionals to initiate mass adoption of residential green energy plans. will make history as the first to create “grid parity” (price parity) on a mass scale, by offering 100% green energy plans from most of the major electricity providers at pricing which is lower than fossil-sourced plans. Frank Eakin, president of Electricity Club, the leading digital marketer of residential energy which developed the site, said, “Since green energy came on the market in Texas over a decade ago, less than 10% of consumers have signed up for green energy plans for their homes due to the premium price of renewable energy. Our business model will flip the percentage, as consumers will opt for green rates that are lower than fossil rates, creating mass adoption of green plans.”

In addition to saving consumers money, the mass adoption of green energy would have a material impact on CO2 emissions, since 30% of energy-related CO2 is related to electricity. “Get Green Energy is a market-driven solution to climate change,” said Eakin, “requiring no new government regulations, no new infrastructure and no new technology. Citizens will be able to conveniently take individual action to cut CO2 and save money doing it.” Eakin believes that since his business model requires no government action, it removes the politics from climate change. He noted that the platform is even attracting supporters from the Oil & Gas industry, as a major oil company will be offering its new green energy residential plans on the site.

The Get Green Energy platform will launch in 2020. Energy providers on Electricity Club’s sites include Reliant Energy, Gexa Energy, Cirro Energy, TriEagle Energy (a sister company of TXU), and many other established brands. The company also operates the comparison website Home Energy Club. Eakin is a lifelong entrepreneur with a unique 30-year career in both energy and digital marketing, and is past recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Energy Sector. He invites you to help him make history and combat climate change.

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