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Have questions?

We love being transparent as much as we love saving you money.

  • What’s special about your energy providers?

    Because our goal is for you to never worry about electricity rates and billing surprises again, the providers we select for our site offer competitive rates, proven high-quality service and transparent pricing.

  • Why should I consider a multi-year energy plan?

    Choosing a multi-year plan allows you to lock in a rate at today’s prices so you don’t have to worry about rate increases for up to 60 months. This protects you against rising rates for the full term of your fixed contract. If you cancel your energy service because you are moving from your home, you will not be charged an early termination fee. See the Electricity Fact Label for each plan for more information.

  • Can I call an operator to help me enroll in any energy plan?

    You bet!  The operators for each provider are ready to help you by phone at the numbers listed on each plan above.

  • If I have an outage, how long will it take for my power to be turned on with providers on this site?

    Regardless of what electricity provider you buy from, the same regulated transmission utility corrects outages and maintains power lines in your area.  Providers have no impact on when your lights are turned on.

  • What is an Electricity Fact Label (EFL) and why should I read it?

    An Electricity Fact Label (EFL) is a government-mandated sheet that allows consumers to make apples-to-apples comparisons of energy plans. You’ll find it in the Plan Details and Sign Up sections on our site, as well as next to energy plans on all provider sites.

    The average prices shown in an EFL are based on assumed monthly home usage levels of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 kWh. Provider plans are often designed to benefit homes that fall within a certain range of usage, so it’s important to select the correct plan for your home by reviewing the EFL.

  • How do you protect me from plans that cause billing surprises?

    Since 2011, we’ve studied the pricing structures of energy plans and developed a special system to help us weed out plans that won’t meet your expectations. We call it TrustPlan™. It starts with looking under the hood of each electricity plan by examining its state-mandated Electricity Fact Label (EFL). If we determine the plan is likely to cause a billing surprise, we don’t show it on our site.

    We strongly recommend that you review the EFL of plans you are considering in order to confirm they are a good fit for your home, based on your average monthly electricity usage. Selecting the correct plan helps to prevent surprises.

  • Since your service is free, how is the site compensated?

    When you enroll in a plan, we receive a small fee from the provider so that we can offer you our valuable comparison service.


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