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Beaumont is a regulated energy city in Texas, which means there is only one choice for residents: Entergy Texas. In a regulated energy market, a single utility company owns the lines and all associated infrastructure. Ultimately, consumers in the Entergy service area have no control over the rates they pay since a regulatory body sets them.

If you’re living in a deregulated city, Home Energy Club can help you compare rates and review the different electric companies and plans in your area. Visit or enter your zip code above to check your local rates.

Entergy’s Beaumont Power Outages, Map and Numbers

Use the links below if you’re experiencing power outages in the Beaumont area or need information about severe weather.

Entergy Texas Power Outages

Are you experiencing a power outage in the Beaumont area? Use the links below for severe weather information in your area and to report a power outage.

If you’re currently experiencing an outage, you can contact Entergy Texas at 800-968-8243. You can also text OUT to 26778 to sign up for outage texting or download the Entergy app through Google Play or the App Store. To understand how an outage impacts your energy usage, view the electric usage data at Smart Meter Texas.

Entergy Texas Outage Map and Outage Tracker

Entergy Texas allows customers to monitor outages in the area. You can use the light company’s outage map to:

  • Identify the location of outages
  • Evaluate the number of customers who are without power
  • View the weather radar for the service area

Best Weather Sites in Beaumont Maps and Alerts

Entergy Texas Rates and Move-in/Move-out

Entergy Texas provides power to approximately 500,000 customers in Southeast Texas. Continue reading to learn more about this light company’s rates, information on outages, and move-in instructions.

Residential Electricity Service in Beaumont

If you’re new to the Beaumont area, consider setting up your account in advance with Entergy Texas. You can contact your energy provider via:

Entergy Texas:

City of Beaumont Website for Customer Account:

The city of Beaumont makes it easy to pay your utility bill day or night. You can pay your bills online, have payments taken directly from your bank account, or mail your bill directly to the city at City of Beaumont, P.O. Box 521, Beaumont, TX 77704

Phone: 409-866-0023

Beaumont Electric Rates

Beaumont is a regulated electricity market. A regulatory body determines the rates. Consumers only have one choice when they’re shopping around for an electric services provider. See Entergy’s website for current rate information.

Move-in, Move-out, and Transfer Service

If you’re anticipating a move into the Beaumont area, Entergy Texas allows you to start, stop, or transfer your electric service. If you don’t have an online account with Entergy Texas, you can set one up to allow Entergy to process your request more quickly. You can also contact 800-ENTERGY to speak with one of its customer service representatives.

Need Electricity in Other Cities in Texas?

Electricity Companies in Deregulated Texas Cities 

If you’re planning a move out of the Beaumont area into a deregulated market (covering over 85% of Texas), you want to shop around for rates and find the best plan for your home and needs. For a complete list of electricity providers and rates, visit and enter your zip code.

Reviews of Electric Companies in Texas

To avoid falling victim to gimmicky plans and providers with poor service, do your research and read objective reviews from third parties. For a list of the most trustworthy service providers, along with their rates, visit our Electric Company Reviews page.

Electricity Plans & Rates for Deregulated Cities in Texas

Enter your zip code on the Home Energy Club home page to compare providers, energy plans and rates for all deregulated cities, towns and rural areas in Texas. Explore our guides to help you choose the plan that’s best for your home.

Ratings and Reviews of Electric Companies in Texas Deregulated Cities

To help consumers find a trustworthy provider, Home Energy Club gathers customer satisfaction data and reviews for more than 40 electric companies serving the state of Texas. We use information from the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Stats, the Better Business Bureau, independent review sites, and various other sources. We combine the data with our customer rating survey results to determine the most appropriate rating for the energy providers listed. In our reviews page, you’ll find phone numbers, reviews, and energy rate links. To search for electric companies in your area, enter your zip code on this page.

Visit the Reviews page for links to reviews and ratings for providers in deregulated areas of Texas.

Beaumont Business Electricity Quotes

Entergy Texas provides electricity services to businesses throughout Beaumont. To learn more or start, stop, or transfer your business’s service, you can:

If you anticipate moving your business to a deregulated city in the future, visit the Home Energy Club Business Electricity page.

Helpful Information About Beaumont

Once a center for farmers and cattle ranchers, Beaumont became an official town in 1838. Its location on the Neches River made it ideal for capitalizing on the lumber boom during the late 19th century. In the early 1900’s, the area rapidly developed as one of the country’s major petrochemical refining areas.

Local Beaumont Businesses That Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Bill

A/C Service Providers: Local A/C companies can install energy-efficient AC systems and smart thermostats.

Attic insulation: Local companies in the Beaumont area offer thermal insulation installation to reduce your energy costs.

  • Williams Insulation: 409-842-0115
  • Mouton Insulation & Spray Foam: 409-769-7766
  • L&W Supply: 409-842-1446

LED light bulbs: Local Beaumont businesses can help you stock up on energy-saving LED bulbs for your home.

Business Organizations in Beaumont

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Dealers in Beaumont

Charging stations exist in the Beaumont area to help you charge your electric vehicle (EV). Use the ChargeHub list to find the one closest to you or search for EV-charging stations in Google Maps.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and want to find an energy-efficient vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing an EV. Electric vehicle owners often enjoy lower energy costs than drivers of conventional vehicles. Additionally, EV owners benefit from state and federal incentives and significant fuel savings. Use the chart below to find some of the top-rated dealerships in the area where you could go to purchase an electric vehicle.

Mfg. & EV Model Find Beaumont Dealer Top Reviewed Dealership Phone Number Location
Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Locate


Tesla The Woodlands 832-616-2822 9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 1040, The Woodlands, TX 77380
BMW: BWM i3 Locate BMW of Beaumont 409-840-3585 1855 Interstate 10, Beaumont, TX 77701
Nissan: Nissan Leaf Locate


Mike Smith Nissan 409-840-3553 1515 Interstate 10 S., Beaumont, TX 77701
Chevrolet: Chevrolet Bolt Locate Classic Chevrolet Cadillac 409-892-5050 3855 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77706
Ford: Ford Fusion Locate Kinsel Motors 409-899-4000 3355 Eastex Freeway, Beaumont, TX 77706

Beaumont Electricity Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Entergy Texas phone number and business Hours?

The phone number for Entergy Texas is 800-368-3749, and representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas?

For a complete, up-to-date list of the energy providers with the cheapest rates in Texas, visit The providers with the lowest rates currently include:

To view special discounts, compare rates, and read reviews about providers in your area, visit

What are the best electric companies (Light Companies) in Texas?

The best electric companies in Texas include the following:

What is a good rate per kWh in Texas?

While rates can vary depending on the season, a good rate can range from 5 cents to 15 cents per kWh, depending on your plan and zip code’s details.

Where can I compare electricity companies in Texas?

If you need to compare electricity companies in Texas, visit The consumer advocate website vets each provider plan to help consumers avoid gimmicky plans that cause bill surprises. To compare energy providers and their electricity plans in deregulated areas, you can:

  • Enter your zip code on the Home Energy Club home page
  • Review the provider list of discounted energy rates
  • Review the guides to select an electric plan that best meets your needs
  • Feel confident that you’re choosing a plan from a trusted provider because of HEC’sTrustPlan™ vetting process

Where can I find objective electric company reviews and ratings in Texas?

When looking for electric company reviews and ratings, use third-party sites over the reviews you’ll find on the provider’s website. In addition to, some good sites for objective reviews include the following:

  • The state of Texas
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Yelp reviews
  • Google reviews
  • The public

Why is my Beaumont Energy bill so high?

If you notice unexpectedly high energy bills, the increase may result from the following:

  • Rates went up: If you are currently on a variable rate plan, then your provider has the right to change the rates at any time. When you’re selecting the best plan for your needs, it’s generally a good idea to avoid these riskier plans since they can result in high bills.
  • Fixed-price energy plan expired: Even if you’ve been on a fixed-rate plan for a long time, there’s no guarantee that your energy provider will let you know that your plan is expiring. When this expiration happens, many providers choose to bill their customers at the highest rate, causing the energy bill to go through the roof.
  • Energy plan doesn’t match usage: To avoid bill surprises, you want to choose a plan that matches the approximate amount of energy you will use. Some consumers make the mistake of signing up for a plan intended for the owner of a large home when living in an apartment. This mistake can result in significant bill surprises.
  • The home isn’t efficient: If your home is sealed poorly, you could find yourself running your heating or air conditioning more often than necessary, causing unexpectedly high bills.
  • Seasonal fluctuations: Consumers often see higher bills during the hottest or coldest months of the year.

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