There are dozens and dozens of retail electric companies in Texas, but we’ve always carefully selected only well established, high quality providers to offer plans on our platforms. And since 2011, we’ve developed an energy plan vetting process that begins with a study of the pricing structure of each plan, which helps us exclude “gimmick” plans we believe are likely to cause significant billing surprises. We call it TrustPlan™.

We look under the hood of each electricity plan to examine its state-mandated Electricity Facts Label (EFL), and also review customer comments and other key factors in determining which plans to display. We also strongly encourage you to carefully review the EFL for each plan you’re considering. Selecting the correct plan based on your home’s usage is probably the single most important factor in reducing the odds of a bill surprise.

Simple, straightforward fixed-rate plans usually deliver the most predictable outcomes. For plans that have less predictable results, we provide a filter for you to exclude them in your search. While there are many factors that can cause bill surprises which are out of our control, including summer temperatures, we try to help you reduce the odds of bill shocks.

Be sure to use our guides, including How to Read the Texas Electricity Facts Label, to help you choose the best electricity plan for your home.