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San Antonio is a regulated electricity market. A single utility company, CPS Energy, provides all the energy services within the area and a regulatory body determines the electricity pricing for residents.

However, not all cities in the state of Texas are regulated. Indeed, over 85% of addresses are deregulated. In a deregulated market, consumers have the power to choose their energy supplier. They can explore competitive plans and rates that best meet their needs.

If you live in a regulated city such as San Antonio or Austin, you can learn more about deregulated electricity markets here.

CPS Energy Power Outages, Map, and Phone Numbers

Use the links below to help you if you’re experiencing power outages in the San Antonio area or need information about severe weather.

CPS Energy Power Outages

CPS Energy allows you to easily report and monitor power outages on its website. If you are currently experiencing an outage, you can report it by calling 210-353-4357 or reporting it online. You can also use the CPS Energy outage map to review outages in the San Antonio area.

To find out how an outage affects your energy usage, you can view usage data through Smart Meter Texas. Home Energy Club also has a convenient power outage phone guide with phone numbers for energy providers in different regions of Texas.

Use the resources below for information about the CPS Energy outage map and confirm weather conditions in your area.

CPS Energy Energy Outage Map and Outage Tracker

As the only utility company in the San Antonio area, CPS Energy is responsible for resolving all outages, maintaining the area’s electric infrastructure, and checking residents’ meters.

The CPS Energy outage tracking map allows customers to:

  • Report outages
  • Track the total number of active outages
  • Identify the location of outages and discover the number of residents affected
  • View radar to identify which areas are being impacted by severe weather

Best Weather Sites in San Antonio for Maps and Alerts

CPS Energy Rates and Move-in or Move-out Servicing

CPS is the largest municipally-owned energy company. It provides electric services to more than 840,000 people and natural gas services to more than 350,000 people in and around the San Antonio area.

Residential Electricity Service in San Antonio

If you’re relocating to San Antonio from another area, you may want to consider setting up an account with CPS Energy in advance. With a CPS Energy account, you can:

  • Start or transfer your service
  • Update your mailing address and phone number
  • Set up alerts for power outages
  • View and pay bills
  • Set up Auto-Pay or a Budget Payment Plan

CPS Energy Website: cpsenergy.com

City of San Antonio “311 City Services” and Info: 311.sanantonio.gov

Using the City of San Antonio 311 website, you can create an account and directly access different city services. You can also access the city’s Knowledge Base center, where you can review information about CPS Energy’s Residential Energy Assistance Program (REAP).

San Antonio Energy Rates

San Antonio is a regulated energy market. A governmental regulatory body sets the energy rates.

CPS Energy Move-in, Move-out, and Transfer Service

CPS Energy enables current or soon-to-be customers to start, stop, or transfer their services. To set up a new service or make changes to your current service, contact customer support by:

Need Electricity in Other Cities in Texas?

Electricity Companies in Deregulated Texas Cities

If you’re planning a move out of San Antonio to a deregulated area, you will need information on electricity companies, otherwise referred to as energy providers and light companies. Compare electricity plans and rates in any deregulated area before settling on a service provider. For a full list of light companies and rates, visit the Home Energy Club comparison website. Just enter your local zip code for a list of available providers, plans and rates.

Reviews of Electric Companies in Texas

Suppose you’re living in a deregulated area and thinking about switching providers. In that case, you’ll want to review objective information to have a complete understanding of what you should expect from your new electricity company. To find the most reliable and trustworthy energy providers, explore our Electric Company Reviews page.

Electricity Plans & Rates for Deregulated Cities in Texas

Visit the Home Energy Club home page and enter your zip code to compare providers, energy plans and rates for all deregulated cities, towns and rural areas in Texas. Use our guides to choose the best plan for your home.

Ratings and Reviews of Electric Companies in Texas Deregulated Cities

Home Energy Company is committed to providing accurate, up-to-date information about electricity providers in Texas. We gather customer satisfaction data and collect reviews for more than 40 electric companies from the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Stats, the Better Business Bureau, independent review sites, and other sources.

To make it easy for customers to choose a provider, each electricity company carries a rating based on third-party information from the Home Energy Club and Amazon customer rating survey. On the ratings page, you’ll find reviews, energy rate links, and phone numbers. You can also use this page to search for “electric companies near me” by entering your zip code.

Visit the Reviews page for links to reviews and ratings for providers in deregulated areas of Texas.

San Antonio Business Electricity Quotes

If you’re relocating to San Antonio or moving within the area, you can start or transfer your service by contacting CPS Energy:

Helpful Information About San Antonio

One of the most populous cities in the United States, San Antonio was founded as a colonial outpost and Spanish mission in 1718. Later in the city’s history, it became a center for ranching, drawing many immigrants. In 1837, it became a county seat of the Republic of Texas and was given the name San Antonio.

Local San Antonio Businesses That Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Bill

  • Champion AC: This veteran-owned small business offers air conditioning tuneup services to extend the life of your heater and air conditioner. Electrical services and repairs, and smart home installation services can help save you money by creating a heating and cooling schedule for your home.
  • Attic Pro TX: This attic insulation company in San Antonio offers thermal insulation to help you reduce your energy costs.
  • Turney Lighting and Electric: Explore these local San Antonio businesses where you can purchase energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

Business Organizations in San Antonio

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Dealers in San Antonio

Locate electric vehicle charging stations in the San Antonio area.

The automotive industry is changing, and more consumers are turning to electric vehicles (EVs) to save money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, the top-selling manufacturers of these vehicles are Tesla, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, and BMS. Explore the following dealerships you may want to consider as you’re shopping for your new electric vehicle:

Mfg. & EV Model Find San Antonio Dealer Top Reviewed Dealership Phone Number Location
Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Locate Tesla San Antonio-Dominion 210-974-6035 23011 Interstate Highway 10 W., San Antonio, TX 78257
BMW: BWM i3 Locate


BMW of San Antonio 210-732-7121 15507 Interstate Highway 10 W., San Antonio, TX 78249
Nissan: Nissan Leaf Locate World Car Nissan 726-200-5017 12908 Interstate Highway 35 N., San Antonio, TX 78233
Chevrolet: Chevrolet Bolt Locate Ancira Winton Chevrolet 210-361-5107 6111 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78238
Ford: Ford Fusion Locate Jordan Ford 210-774-5256 13010 Interstate Highway 35 Ni, San Antonio, TX 78233

San Antonio Electricity Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CPS Energy phone number and business hours?

The phone number for 210-353-2222 and business hours are 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas?

To review the most up-to-date list of energy providers with the cheapest rates, visit HomeEnergyClub.com.

The three electric companies that currently offer some of the cheapest rates are:

To compare rates among providers, read reviews, and take advantage of special discounted rates, visit Home Energy Club’s website.

What are the best electric companies (light companies) in Texas?

The top trusted electric companies in the state of Texas include:

What is a good rate per kWh in Texas?

If you’re living in a deregulated energy market, a good rate can vary depending on the time of year, as seasonal fluctuations can vary. Depending on the details of your electric plan and your zip code, a good rate can range from 5 cents to 15 cents per kWh.

Where can I compare electricity companies in Texas?

To compare electricity companies (light companies) in Texas, you can visit the Home Energy Club website. The site offers objective reviews and allows consumers to easily compare different rates and plans. Home Energy Club vets each energy provider and only recommends companies that are reputable and trustworthy, minimizing the likelihood of surprises on your electric bills.

To compare light companies in deregulated areas, simply:

  • Enter your zip code on the Home Energy Club homepage.
  • Review the discounted rates that are offered for your area.
  • Feel confident in your selection because of HEC’s TrustPlan™ vetting process that cuts billing surprises by excluding plans with gimmicks and deceptive pricing.

Where can you find objective electric company reviews in Texas?

The most trusted resource for reviews and rates is Home Energy Club, which gathers data and reviews from the following sources:

  • The State of Texas
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Surveys of the public

Why Is my energy bill in a deregulated city so high?

Home Energy Club vets all energy providers that service deregulated areas of Texas on its site to ensure its visitors don’t fall victim to gimmicky plans that can result in surprisingly large bills. However, you may see high bills from your energy provider for other reasons, including:

  • Your fixed-price plan has expired: Energy providers don’t always communicate to customers when a fixed-price plan is about to expire. They may bill at their highest rate if the customer hasn’t renewed the current plan or changed to a new one before the plan expired.
  • The energy company increased its rates: If you’re using a variable rate plan, the electric company has the right to raise prices at any time. Be wary of plans that offer “wholesale prices”, as this type of language often accompanies variable rate plans.
  • Your energy use doesn’t match your plan: Sometimes consumers inadvertently sign up for plans that are intended for large homes when they live in small homes, apartments or condos. This can lead to big surprises when the bill arrives. When you sign up for a plan, make sure that you choose one that’s a good match based on your home’s energy usage.
  • You’re experiencing seasonal fluctuations: You may notice increases in your bill based on seasonal factors such as high temperatures in the summer or cold winters in Texas.

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