Entergy® Power Outages | Texas | 800-968-8243

Below you will find the real-time outage map and information for Entergy power outages, and severe weather information for the Southeast Texas region. You will also find Entergy move-in information to start your electricity if you are moving into a home with a meter or without a meter.

Entergy Power Outages | Texas

When a Southeast Texas power outage occurs, call Entergy’s outage number at 800-968-8243. You can also view the Entergy Utility Texas Outage Map which provides a map of the service areas and the status of power outages.

View our power outage phone guide for other energy provider numbers. Below are the best resources to determine the status of Entergy outages and weather conditions in your area.

Entergy Outage Map

As a major power transmission and retail distributor in Southeast Texas, Entergy, is responsible for fixing power outages, building new power lines, and checking meters. The company serves around half a million customers in Texas and its Entergy Outage Map provides an array of information about their service.

The Entergy Outage Map allows you to:

  • Sign up for power outage text message alerts
  • View the number of power outages based on zip code and county
  • View the weather radar to assess weather conditions
  • View estimates of when service will resume during an outage
  • View the number of customers without power as indicated by the following legend:

Entergy Customer Ratings

Best Texas Weather Radars and Forecasts

Call the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU), not the Provider

When an electricity outage happens, you should contact your TDU (such as Entergy) for the quickest service. As a customer of Entergy Texas, you do not have the power to choose like many other places in Texas.  However if you do live in an area that has the ability to choose your electricity provider, you can enroll in a low-cost fixed-rate plan on our homepage. It’s important to understand the difference between the TDU and retail electrical company when an outage occurs in a deregulated area. For profiles on other TDUs in de-regulated areas of Texas, see our Texas Electric Utilities page.

Use Smart Meter Texas to Check the Impact of an Outage on your Usage

If you live in a deregulated area of Texas, check the effect that an electrical outage has on your energy usage by visiting Smart Meter Texas. If you wish to easily view your meter usage history captured by Entergy, you can quickly set up an account at Smart Meter Texas. However, you may first want to read our guide about Smart Meters to fully understand the metrics and advantages of Smart Meters.  As an Entergy customer, you can read more information about advanced meters.

Compare Entergy Electricity Rates to De-regulated Electric Company Rates in Texas

As a regulated monopoly in Texas, Entergy’s rates are set by government regulatory bodies and not by free-market forces. About 15% of Texans live in regulated zones and don’t have a choice of energy providers and electricity plans.

Electric companies that market residential energy in Texas de-regulated zones, including the Houston electricity and Dallas electricity markets, offer special discount rates to Home Energy Club members due to our significant bargaining power and the site is free to use with no membership fee required. We vet each electricity plan using TrustPlan™. We also have exclusive discount promo codes for major providers. For example, view special Gexa Energy rates and plansPulse Power rates and plans, and TriEagle Energy rates and plans.

Compare Southeast Texas plans with special rates

What Do I Do in the Case of a Power Outage?

  • Check with your surrounding neighbors to verify that the outage is not just at your home.
  • View the Entergy Outage Map for a status update on the power outage.
  • Electrical surges take place after power outages and they can permanently damage your electronic devices — it’s recommended to unplug all of your electronic devices.
  • Find an extra power source for supplying power to medical devices if you have any.
  • Keep your freezer and refrigerator closed to preserve food.
  • Go to another location in case of an urgent need for cooling or heat.

The first thing you should do whenever there’s an electricity outage at your home is to disconnect all your electronic devices to avoid destruction. Then, call Entergy to determine when power will be turned on. Again, you can also visit the Entergy Outage Map for predictions as well. If necessary, it is important to move locations for better heating or cooling.

Entergy Move-in Information for Starting your Electric Service

Below is information for residents moving into homes with an existing meter and without a meter in Southeast Texas.

Entergy Move-In Information

Entergy allows you to conveniently start, stop, or move your service in a one-stop location. Click here to control the status of your electricity when you move.  Whether you have your User ID or not, with a little information, Entergy can schedule your electricity service to make your move more seamless.

Entergy also provides steps to start your electricity if you are moving into a newly constructed building.

About Entergy Texas

The company originates from Gulf States Utilities, which joined New Orleans-based Entergy Corporation in 1994. Following the merger, the company’s operations in Texas became known as Entergy Texas.

Headquartered in Beaumont and The Woodlands, Entergy Texas currently serves half a million customers over 15,500 square miles of Southeast Texas land and maintains 16,000 circuit miles of electricity lines.

See our Entergy Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans pages. Also, see our Duke Energy outages page for Florida, including the Duke Energy Orlando power outage page and Duke Energy Tampa power outage page.

Power Outage Maps for Cities in Southeast Texas

City Power Outage Map

Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) Servicing City

Beaumont power outage map Entergy outage
College Station power outage map Entergy outage
Bryan power outage map Entergy outage
The Woodlands power outage map Entergy outage
Spring power outage map and The Woodlands Entergy outage
Conroe power outage map Entergy outage
Montgomery power outage map Entergy outage
Willis power outage map Entergy outage
Hunstville power outage map Entergy outage
Trinity power outage map Entergy outage
Port Arthur power outage map Entergy outage
Orange power outage map Entergy outage
Nederland power outage map Entergy outage
Silsbee power outage map Entergy outage
Cleveland power outage map Entergy outage
Shenandoah power outage Entergy outage
Madisonville power outage map Entergy outage
Navasota power outage map Entergy outage
Dayton power outage map Entergy outage
Woodville power outage map Entergy outage
Shepard power outage map Entergy outage

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