Cheap 100% Texas Wind Energy Plans for your Home

Written by Frank Eakin

In the mid-90’s, wind power seemed to have questionable potential as an alternative renewable energy source. Energy prices had crashed and wind energy developers were having a difficult time keeping the doors open.

Then the U.S. government stepped in with funding programs that gave the industry a boost and helped launch extraordinary advancements that we see today… just in time to combat climate change.

In contrast to a global installed base of less than 4 gigawatts in the mid-90’s, wind power has reached over 500 gigawatts globally, and continues to grow rapidly.

Thanks to installations in states such as Texas, the growth of wind power and solar power are greater than all other new sources combined.

Even the big oil companies are investing in renewable energy.

To buy cheap Texas wind or solar energy for your home, you don’t need to install a wind mill or solar panels which will become obsolete and take decades for you to recover your cost.

Instead, check out the 100% renewable energy plans from some of the best light companies in Texas you can trust, including Gexa Energy, Pulse Power.

Gexa and Pulse offer rates on our site that are lower than the regular rates you’ll find on their energy provider sites due to our bargaining power.

The rise of wind and solar power are key to addressing the greatest challenge of our time –  climate change. Wind power will play an important role in displacing fossil-sourced energy in the electric grid, and is here to say:

  • Wind is now the top renewable source of electricity generation in the nation. Texas has the most wind generation capacity.
  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), annual wind generation totals over 300 million megawatt hours (MWh), and the U.S. has over 103 GW of wind capacity.
  • U. S. annual wind generation has exceeded hydroelectric generation, according to the EIA.

Check out a sampling of the low-cost green energy rates of Gexa, Green Mountain and Pulse Power you’ll find on Home Energy Club.

Renewable Energy Rates and Plans in Texas

Average Monthly Usage
Gexa Saver Freedom 36 17.5¢ 17.1¢ 16.9¢ 36 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Energy Saver 24 17.3¢ 16.9¢ 16.7¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Premium 24 23.9¢ 20¢ 11.7¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 23.7¢ 10.7¢ 16.8¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Advantage 12 20.1¢ 19.7¢ 14.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa EV 24 15.3¢ 14.8¢ 14.6¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Lite 12 14.9¢ 19.5¢ 21.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Premium 12 23.9¢ 20¢ 11.7¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 23.7¢ 10.7¢ 16.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 16.2¢ 15.8¢ 15.5¢ 24 Months Fixed $295 100%
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