Houston Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Dealers

Now that you’ve decided to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) due to the benefits to your pocketbook and the planet, it’s time to consider the type of EV car that’s right for you and the EV dealers in the Houston area. You’ll need to choose between a fully electric vehicle, or the blend of electric battery and gasoline that a hybrid electric vehicle offers.

The EV car market has become extremely competitive over the past five years, with both standalone and traditional automakers entering the electric vehicle arena. There are factors other than price to consider when selecting among electric vehicle companies and dealerships in the Houston, Texas area. Support and maintenance are important because no one wants to purchase an electric vehicle from a dealer that doesn’t provide good service after the sale.

Home Energy Club (HEC), a leading digital marketer of of residential electricity for EV charging, has selected five of the best local electric vehicle car dealerships that provide competitive prices on EV cars, as well as an essential mix of options for any budget and lifestyle.

Tesla Houston in the Galleria

One of the top innovators of the EV revolution, Tesla provides many options for consumers. The Tesla showroom at the Houston Galleria features the latest electric utility vehicles and advancements available in their respective models. Tesla has invested heavily in EV charging and is focused on providing the longest possible drive between charges.

The EV charger in a Tesla Model S delivers nearly 400 miles per charge. Teslas are not only considered one of the safest electric vehicles, but also one of the safest cars on the road today. You can schedule a demo to drive one, or supercharge your existing Tesla with their new EV charging stations. In addition, Tesla provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions which allow you to power your EV cars.

Helfman Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Classic powerhouse cars may be your first thought when you think of Helfman Dodge Chrysler Jeep, but they also offer one of the best options for a hybrid electric vehicle minivan.

For environmentally-conscious larger families, you might consider the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, a spacious car that offers the eco-friendly savings of a hybrid. The Pacifica provides the benefits of a powerful engine utilizing traditional gasoline, but also can go up to 32 miles on the hybrid battery, good for short commutes or running local errands.

Helfman also offers significant EV discounts for our country’s military personnel, as well as returning leases which compound savings when purchasing an EV car.

Mercedes-Benz of North Houston

For individuals who prefer German engineering and luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz of North Houston can assist you in obtaining the latest hybrid electric or fully electric Mercedes Benz models, such as the Mercedes Benz EQ. Mercedes jumped on the hybrid wagon earlier than other manufacturers and offers a wide variety of stylish sedans, sports cars, and larger SUV models in hybrid options that combine their engineering power with the latest innovations in fuel economy.

MB North Houston carries a wide variety of models in their showroom, and also offers competitive protection plans covering everything from loaner cars during repairs to towing services, to give you peace of mind when making such a significant investment.

Demontrond Automotive Group

Demontrond Automotive Group, known for its warranty-forever program, represents a diverse collection of auto manufacturers with electric vehicle models, giving you ample options for an eco-friendly vehicle. Volkswagen is the frontrunner among the EV offerings at Demontrond.

Volkswagen has stated that it plans to be a dominant player in the EV market and has developed its first electric vehicle, the Volkswagen IDv4, supplying 260 miles on one charge. Volkswagen also plans to convert all its SUVs and larger vehicles to be hybrid and eventually completely electric.

Chevrolet and General Motors have also made significant strides in the quality and diversity of electric vehicle options they offer. Demontrond has both a Chevy and GM dealership under its umbrella of auto companies, allowing you to easily compare popular EV models such as the Cadillac electric vehicle, Hummer EV, and the Chevrolet Bolt.

Planet Ford

Planet Ford offers a range of hybrid and electric Ford cars to fit its diverse customer base, including its Ford F150 in a fully electric model. The unique combination of power, utility, and eco-friendly energy savings offered by the F150, make it a powerful contender among EV trucks. Ford electric vehicles have kept their size while slowly transitioning to becoming fully electric.

Planet Ford also carries the Mustang EV, now fully electric. Ford and specifically this dealership, has an expansive inventory of electric vehicles, including SUVs under $25,000 and a large selection of used vehicles.

Gillman Subaru

Gillman Subaru offers the Solterra SUV, a Subaru electric vehicle, as another popular option. Long known for dependability and longevity, Subaru is now venturing into the electric vehicle market and can be found at Gilman Subaru in Houston.

We hope this streamlined list of dealers helps you narrow down your search for your next eco-friendly auto purchase. Happy shopping!




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