Home Energy Club Reviews

At Home Energy Club, we pride ourselves on trust. One goal is to give you peace of mind while you shop for price-protected discount rates you can depend on. We vet each plan with our TrustPlan process so you don’t have to worry “gimmick plans” that lead to bill surprises.

Below you’ll find Google Home Energy Club reviews and a sampling of testimonials from our family of residential energy sites. For more information about Home Energy Club, visit our About Us page.

Home Energy Club Google Reviews


What Customers Say about Us

“Home Energy Club’s rate was lower for
the same plan on the provider site.”

– Bruce Levine, Dallas, HR Specialist


“I cut my bill over 25% with a lower rate.
I shared the site with my neighbor.”

– Steve Wilson, Spring TX, Bank Support Specialist


“I used your site to slash my rate
while I drank my coffee.”

– Monica Wyles, Oak Ridge TX, Accountant


“I really appreciate the in-depth
analysis and the low prices.”

– J. Jones, Denton TX, Teacher


“The site is easy to use and they review
each plan to help reduce surprises.”

– G. Hays, Kemp TX, Interior Designer


“I’m guessing I can save serious money
in the summer with this site.”

– L. Lee, Weatherford TX, Engineer


“Using the filters, I was able to
narrow down the results to my liking.”

– A. Smith, Jacksonville TX


“Extremely helpful site. Who doesn’t
want to get the same plan for less?”

– A. Ballew, League City TX, Sales


“The site is easy and reliable.
I recommend it.”

– J. Salas, McAllen TX, Artist


“This site does the dirty work of finding
me plans that won’t bait and switch.”

– A. Bailey, Houston, Educator


“This site saves a lot of time, as it has
already done most of the work for you.”

– B. Garrett, Robinson TX, Customer Service


“I really appreciate the staff going through
and vetting plans to cut surprises.”

– D. Fitzgerald, Austin, Engineer


“It makes decision making easy by giving
all the information you need on one page.”

– K.C. Jim, San Antonio, Healthcare