Posted by: Frank Eakin | July 23, 2020

Lowest Rate Electricity Plans in Texas Compared

Whether you’re moving into your first house or living in your dream home, there’s one thing everyone has to buy: electricity. It seems like a simple thing. Your electric bill comes, and you pay it. Before 2002, electricity was a public utility in Texas. Deregulation changed all that.

Now consumers have the ability to compare prices to find their best rates and payment plans. Sounds great, right? But it can be a little confusing. We at Home Energy Club are here to help by providing comparison and shopping tools for energy plans in Texas.

Compare the rate plans below, and use the information on this page to help you choose the right plan for your home.

Compare Energy Plans from Top Texas Electric Companies*

Average Monthly Usage
Smart Lock 24 Online 14.3¢ 12.9¢ 11.8¢ 24 Months Fixed $200 0%
Smart Value 12 Online 12.4¢ 8.3¢ 9.2¢ 12 Months Fixed $200 0%
Gexa Saver Supreme 24 16.2¢ 7.4¢ 11.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Saver Premium 24 14.3¢ 13.9¢ 8.8¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Saver 12 17.0¢ 7.2¢ 11.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Superb Saver 12 18.4¢ 14.5¢ 7.6¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Freedom 12 12.8¢ 12.4¢ 12.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Premium 12 13.8¢ 13.4¢ 8.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Freedom 36 13.6¢ 13.2¢ 13.1¢ 36 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 16.0¢ 5.6¢ 10.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Supreme 12 15.6¢ 6.8¢ 10.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Just Energy Web Plan - 24 10.9¢ 10.9¢ 10.9¢ 24 Months Fixed $175 0%
Just Energy Web Plan - 12 11.1¢ 11.1¢ 11.1¢ 12 Months Fixed $175 0%
Texas Saver 36 16.6¢ 6.7¢ 11.3¢ 36 Months BillCredit $125 19%
Texas Saver 12 16.1¢ 6.2¢ 10.8¢ 12 Months BillCredit $125 19%
Texas Fixed 36 10.8¢ 10.3¢ 10¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 19%
Texas Fixed 12 11.1¢ 10.6¢ 10.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 19%
Texas Green 12 11.3¢ 10.8¢ 10.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 36 11.1¢ 10.6¢ 10.3¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 100%
Secure Advantage 12 14.1¢ 11.7¢ 11.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Truly Free Nights 12 16¢ 14.6¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
Truly Free 7 Days 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
Truly Free Weekends 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
SMART Energy 36 11.6¢ 11.1¢ 10.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Eagle 12 11.6¢ 11.1¢ 10.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Eagle 36 11.2¢ 10.7¢ 10.4¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Eagle 24 11.2¢ 10.7¢ 10.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
SMART Energy 24 11.8¢ 11.3¢ 11¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Green Eagle 36 11.6¢ 11.1¢ 10.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 24 11.5¢ 11¢ 10.7¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 12 11.9¢ 11.4¢ 11.1¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
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*Oncor zone rates. Enter zip code for your rates.

No-Worry Energy Shopping

Now that you know you have a choice when it comes to your energy provider, where do you start? While it may sound as easy as doing a Google search, typing in your zip code, and finding the best price, there’s a little more to it. Many sites show a rate that’s based on the kilowatt hour (kWh). Great! Find the lowest rate per kWh, and your work is done, right?

Not so fast. Sometimes those rates come with strings attached that end in a big surprise on your next billing statement. Our customers have told us they want to avoid problems such as gimmick energy plans that offer low based on narrow ranges of monthly energy use. Rates skyrocket if you fall outside the range, which is easy to do with the big changes in Texas weather.

This may sound a bit scary. Don’t worry — we’re here to help. Home Energy Club is committed to providing you with the most up-to-date information so you can find the best rate and plan. We value your trust and provide information so you won’t be taken in by gimmick energy plans. We help you avoid billing surprises by vetting all plans displayed on our site. Not only that, but we also offer rates on our site that are less expensive than rates you’ll find from the same providers on their sites. We do this by using our bargaining power with major brands to secure their best energy prices in Texas.

Know Your Usage

There are several things to consider as you search for an energy provider. A good place to start is looking for the plan with the lowest rate. Our site enables you to see the rates for various levels of usage. Okay, so how do you know how much energy you will use? The easiest way is to check your  energy bills and see how many kWh you use at different times during the year. Our site allows you to search rates by monthly usage for small (under 1,000 kWh), medium (1,000-2,000 kWh) and large (over 2,000 kWh) homes. Searching by usage gives you the power to choose the best rate for your needs.

Select a Provider

In Texas, you can find several different term-length options. These options include fixed-term plans that keep the rate the same for the term of the contract, and variable rate plans which change month to month. We highly recommend fixed-rate plans over variable rate plans because they result in more predictable bills and are much less likely to cause a billing surprise. We only work with reputable, name-brand providers. Our goal is to save you money and keep you from receiving a big surprise on your electric bill.

Green Energy Options

We know that protecting our environment is important. Texas set renewable energy goals that the state has far surpassed. The state now produces more wind energy than most countries. You’ll find many energy options on our site that are 100% green energy sourced, and you can filter your search to show only those plans that include 100% green energy. This is one of the ways we address climate change, renewable energy and organic lifestyles.

Compare Plans

Below is an example of what you can find on our site. This chart compares some of the plans we offer. The prices are listed per kilowatt hour. There are many variables to consider, and our site makes it easy to choose the electricity plan that’s best for you. Please be aware that prices may fluctuate over time.

Compare Texas electricity rates vetted to prevent billing surprises

Terms and Fees

We have already discussed kWh usage, price per usage level, and green energy options. The other factor listed here is the term. This is the length of the contract you will agree to when you sign up for a plan. Notice that there are several different terms available. It’s important that you check the cancellation fee that will be charged if you end your contract before the term is over. These fees vary widely, so be careful to check the Plan Details section of the plan you select on our site. Most fees will be waived if you move. This is one more way to avoid a big surprise on your electric bill!

It’s easy to see that anyone can use our site to start saving on energy bills. You may be single in your first apartment or a multi-generational family living in a large house. Either way, our goal is to help you select the best plan for your lifestyle and budget and get the best electricity rates in Texas. And we vet each plan to help you avoid billing surprises, which especially sets us apart from other comparison sites. It’s also important for you to know that our company was born and bred in Texas. We live and work here, just like you do. Our largest competitors do not. We hope that you will visit Home Energy Club today and find out how we can help you save on energy and cut billing surprises.

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