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Cirro Energy, sister company of Reliant Energy and a subsidiary of NRG Energy, is a highly regarded electric company with some of the best straightforward electricity rates in Texas.

Compare our vetted Cirro electricity plans and look for some special discounted energy rates for Home Energy Club customers. Use our guides to help you choose the right plan for your home.

Speak with a Cirro Energy operator for expert help in choosing the plan that’s the best fit for your home (English and Spanish) at 855-463-9960.

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Compare Energy Rates from Cirro’s Sister Company, Reliant Energy

Cirro Energy offers a small number of TrustPlan-vetted plans to make the selection process simple and more convenient. Most plans produce predictable bills with straightforward fixed Texas electricity rates for the duration of your contract.

Cirro energy rates are competitive in all areas of Texas, so review the Cirro Energy Houston rates and Cirro Energy Dallas rates on our site by entering your zip code and home size. See a comprehensive list of cities at the bottom of this page to locate Cirro energy rates near you. If you wish to make convenient comparisons of plans and rates from major light companies, use the Texas electricity rates chart on our home page in the filter box (click the “Compare Plans” button).

While Cirro may not always be the cheapest electric company or always have the best electricity rates in Texas, their rates are sure to be highly competitive with electric companies such as Ambit and TXU. Also, Cirro is a highly trusted brand and one of the more customer-driven energy providers in Texas.

Cirro Energy Reviews and Ratings

At Home Energy Club, we have collected Cirro Energy Reviews from independent review sites, such as the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Statistics and other review sources.

We combine this information along with our Home Energy Club/Amazon customer rating survey results to determine a Home Energy Club (HEC) rating for Cirro Energy.

Cirro Energy phone operators are well trained and rated highly by Home Energy Club.

HEC Cirro Energy Rating Score: 4.5/5

Cirro Energy Customer Ratings

Cirro has relatively high scores on the reviewed categories. Cirro received a score of over 4.5 in one of the five categories.

Cirro Energy Customer Reviews

Visit our Cirro Energy Reviews page to read all of Cirro Energy customer reviews.

It’s not uncommon for a disproportionate number of customers on review websites to post negative comments, and sometimes the number of reviews is too small to be representative, causing a distortion in star ratings.

Many negative reviews for light companies relate to the renewal process; if your contract is set to expire soon, it’s best to contact a customer service agent and make sure you understand the terms and what will happen upon the plan’s expiration.

Renewable Energy (Green Energy) Plans

Texas energy plans from Cirro Energy are available with some renewable energy content (for example, 10% content), but there are typically no 100% renewable energy plans.

Green energy plans in Texas most often rely on wind or solar power. Solar power is generated using solar panels that convert sunlight to usable energy. Wind turbines generate wind power by using the wind to turn a rotor which then generates electricity. Texas has more wind generation capacity than any other state, and is one of the largest solar energy states.

By selecting a green energy plan, you avoid having to buy and install expensive solar panels because the green-sourced energy flows through the grid. You can determine the amount of renewable energy content associated with energy plans by viewing the Plan Details for each plan on our site. You’ll find 100% green Cirro energy plans at Home Energy Club.


Compare Texas electricity rates vetted to prevent billing surprises

Other Cirro Energy Services and Products

Cirro Energy offers more than just energy. The energy provider also offers home protection plans. You can choose an electric line protection plan, surge protection plan, or both. Electric line protection covers your circuit breakers, breaker panels, and switches. A surge protection plan covers most appliances and electronics in the event of a hazardous electrical surge that causes damage to your home.

Requirements to Start Cirro Energy Service

Starting service with Cirro Energy is easy. Simply enroll here on Home Energy Club in a Cirro energy plan, or contact their well-trained customer service operators at 855-463-9960. You may be required to pay a deposit, depending on the results of your credit check.

Cirro Energy Customer Service

Cirro Energy customer service center is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST. You can speak with a Cirro Energy operator directly at 855-463-9960. To access your account, go to the Cirro Energy login page.

Cirro Energy Bill Pay

Your Cirro electricity bill includes your billing dates, the number of actual billing days in your cycle, your total electricity use, and the average use per day. This will give you some useful insight into how you’re managing your home electricity.

Cirro Energy accepts payments in several different ways, so you can always pay bills on time. You can pay by phone, online, or via mail. You may also pay in-person by visiting any Fidelity Express location near you. If you want to simplify your bill pay further, you can enroll in auto-pay to make sure that you’re never late. Use the Cirro Energy login link above for billing information.

Also, visit the Smart Meter Texas website (smartmetertexas) to conveniently access your historic usage information, and use Home Energy Club’s electricity usage calculator to confirm the effective energy rate you are paying.

Tips to Lower Your Cirro Energy Bill

If you’re looking for ways to lower your electricity bill with Cirro Energy, there are many ideas that can help you cut back on your electricity usage and decrease your energy bill. See our guide with 10 painless ways to cut your usage and carbon emissions, and reduce your energy bill as a result. Here are several energy-saving tips:

  • Plug appliances into smart power strips that minimize energy use.
  • Install energy-efficient CFL bulbs in your lights.
  • Use Wi-Fi enabled outlets so you can control appliances remotely and make sure everything is turned off when you’re out of the house.

Check our special promo codes page for availability of a Cirro Energy promo code. You will find promo codes for top electricity providers which deliver a discount off the regular rates found on provider websites.


Compare Texas electricity rates vetted to prevent billing surprises

Switching, Moving In, Moving Out and Cancellation Fees

Start your new service with Cirro Energy by enrolling on Home Energy Club or calling the Cirro Energy phone number at 855-463-9960. We know that finding the right electric company can be confusing, and the time it takes to compare electricity plans can be aggravating. We try to help you find the cheapest Texas energy rates from trustworthy energy providers in the least amount of time, so we prepared this Texas electricity shoppers guide for you, which will also help you to avoid billing surprises.

Also, it’s important that you carefully review the Electricity Fact Label (EFL) connected with each plan, which you’ll find in the Plan Details section of each plan on our site. The EFL will help you to match your home usage with plans you’re considering, and provide an apples to apples comparison of energy pricing. We’ve also created a simple guide that explains how to use the EFL to help you choose the right Texas electricity plan.

If you are canceling your electric company service, you can review plans and rates from other Texas electricity providers by entering your zip code and home size on this site. In addition to performing an online search for an electric company near me, you can review the cities serviced by Cirro Energy in the list below. You may find Cirro mentioned online as Cirro Energy or Cirro Electricity.

Transferring Your Cirro Energy Plan

If you’re transferring your existing Cirro energy service to a new location, you can submit your request easily online. Simply provide the company with your new address and a moving date for a smooth transfer, and be sure to contact Cirro at least 30 days in advance.

Report a Cirro Energy Power Outage

If you have a power outage, you need to contact the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU or TDSP) in your utility zone in Texas, such as Centerpoint in Houston or Oncor in Dallas. You should not contact Cirro, but if you do, they’ll transfer you to the correct TDU.

Cirro Energy is a retail electricity provider (REP). This means that Cirro purchases electricity from the companies that generate it and resells that power to the consumer. The power is delivered by a TDU, which handles the actual transmission of the electricity to your home. In Texas, you can choose your REP, but you’re locked in to the TDU that serves your area.

If you wish to report a power outage, please contact your local area TDU:

About Cirro

Cirro Energy tries to make it more convenient to shop for an electric company and affordable electricity plans by simplifying the process. While Texas gives you the power to choose who you buy your electricity from, it isn’t always an easy undertaking, so Cirro attempts to make it simple by offering electricity plans that are streamlined so you don’t have an excessive number of options to sort through. This makes it quicker to find a Texas energy plan, but the tradeoff is that you have fewer options.

The key components of Cirro energy plans are relatively low fixed electricity rates, both one-year and multi-year terms, and smart money-saving choices. You can compare Cirro energy rates on Home Energy Club. Below, we cover all the basics of using Cirro as your energy provider, from bill pay to customer service. Cirro is a sister company of Reliant Energy and a subsidiary of NRG Energy.

Cirro Energy Business Information

The Cirro Energy Business headquarters in Texas are located at:

2745 Dallas Pkwy #200, Plano, TX 75093

You can reach their corporate headquarters at 800-692-4776.

If you want to sign up for a plan you can either enroll online or call 855-463-9960.


Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth
Corpus Christi

See all deregulated cities in Texas.

Cirro Energy Top Zip Codes Serviced

Enter your zip code to compare the best Cirro rates in your area

Cirro Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Where to compare Cirro Energy plans, rates, and reviews?

The comparison platform uses its bargaining leverage with electricity providers to offer prices that are lower than what you’ll find at the energy provider’s website with the same plans and term lengths. You can learn more about Cirro Energy and read thousands of verified reviews, ratings, and complaint statistics for more than 40 electricity companies from reputable sources such as the State of Texas, Google and Yelp.

Where to find a Cirro Energy promo code for a discount rate?

Visit the Cirro Energy company page on to see if our price comparison site features promo codes that include immediate rate discounts for Cirro Energy plans. You will find exclusive promo codes with special discount rates from the top electrical companies in Texas at the Home Energy Club.

What are the various ways to pay my Cirro Energy bill?

Cirro Energy provides various ways to pay your monthly bills, such as:

  • Online energy bill pay from your checking account or credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and Discover
  • Cirro Energy phone bill pay by calling at 855-463-9960 to pay with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or check by phone.
  • Cirro App bill payment using the Prism Cirro Energy bill pay mobile app
  • Mail payment by sending your payments to Cirro Energy, U.S. Retailers, LLC, P.O. Box 660004, Dallas, TX 75266-0004
  • In-person payment with a small processing fee by walking into any of the Barri Financial Group, CheckFreePay, or Fidelity Express locations with your remittance slip

For in-depth information on Cirro Energy, including rates, plan details and certified reviews, visit

Is Cirro Energy a good company?

Cirro Energy is an established, reliable Texas electric company and a subsidiary of NRG Energy, one of the largest and most trusted light companies in the nation. You’ll find in-depth objective information about Cirro and over 40 other electric companies in Texas at Cirro is a sister company of Reliant Energy and Green Mountain Energy, which are both top trusted brands.

Cirro offers a variety of features like Average Billing to ensure predictable bills and avoid seasonal highs. Other offerings include protection coverage for the electrical systems in your home, such as repairs. The company’s average kWh rate per month on 1,000 kWh usage are also some of the cheapest electric rates in Texas.

Does Cirro Energy have a mobile app?

Currently, as an alternative to a Cirro Energy mobile app, you can pay bills or report power outages through Prism’s mobile app.

Customers can access Cirro login via My Cirro Mobile from their smartphones to manage account settings, monitor their usage, set up alerts, and more.

How can I change my Cirro Energy payment preference to auto pay?

The Cirro Energy Auto Pay option is available for eligible accounts. You can update this payment method by choosing any of the Auto Pay methods from the payment options by going to Cirro Energy login.

Is Cirro Energy the right choice if I want to get clean electricity for my home?

Cirro Energy is a green electricity provider offering low-cost residential energy plans with renewable energy content. Also, check the Home Energy Club Discount Rates website for 100% green energy plans from other energy companies, including some with no deposit and no credit check.

Does Cirro Energy require a deposit?

Cirro Energy may require a deposit to start the electric service. You can get the deposit refunded after you pay 12 monthly bills on time. Although the electric company does not offer no-deposit electricity plans, you can choose their month-to-month plans without a contract. Cirro Energy does not charge early cancellation fees for these no-contract plans. For information on no-deposit electricity plans, visit

Are Pennywise Power and Cirro Energy the same company?

Pennywise Power (now Discount Power) and Cirro Energy are both subsidiaries of NRG Energy, the parent company of well-known Texas light companies like Reliant Energy and Green Mountain Energy.


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