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Founded in 2006, Express Energy is a trusted provider in Texas consistently offering some of the cheapest electricity rates. They are owned by Vistra Energy (a Fortune 500 company). Express energy plans are price protected and come with an Express Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call an Express Energy Services operator for expert help in choosing a plan at 833-913-3451.  Below you can compare plans from Express Energy Texas and 4Change Energy (sister company of Express).


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2 Express Energy Plans (Oncor zone)

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
Express Energy - Flash 1212 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
Express Energy - Flash 2424 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
  • Rates as of 12/07/2023 at 11:05 AM. Based on 1000 kWh in Oncor zone. Enter your zip code above for rates in your area.

Enter your zip code for rates in your area or speak with an Express Energy operator at 833-913-3451.

Call Express (833-913-3451)

8 Plans from 4Change Energy to compare (Oncor zone)

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 1212 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 2424 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Charitable Saver 1212 Months13.2 ¢/kWh
4Change - Cash Money 1212 Months14.1 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 2424 Months15.7 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 1212 Months16.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 2424 Months17.6 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 1212 Months19 ¢/kWh
  • Rates as of 12/07/2023 at 11:05 AM. Based on 1000 kWh in Oncor zone. Enter your zip code above for rates in your area.

Enter your zip code for rates in your zone or speak with a 4Change Energy operator at 888-366-7291.

Call 4Change (888-366-7291)

Express rates have decreased significantly since last year and may continue to drop if temperatures decline.

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Express Energy Plans in Texas

Express Energy offers a variety of low-cost, simple electricity plans in Texas, including traditional energy plans and renewable energy plans that help reduce carbon emissions. By keeping its plans simple, Express is able to offer lower energy rates.

Express energy plans offer low cancellation fees of only $20/month remaining. In addition, they offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if you aren’t satisfied with your electricity plan you can contact them within 30 days of your initial enrollment and terminate the plan without an early-cancellation fee.

Express Energy Fixed Rates

Express Energy plans offer fixed-rate energy plans with a selection of term lengths which allow you to lock in a rate for predictable billing and price protection.

All new Express Energy customers receive a 30-day penalty-free cancellation period. After passing the 30-day timeline, the cancellation rates kick in, so make sure to read through the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) connected with each plan before signing a contract to confirm the plan you’re considering is a good fit for your home.

Express Electricity Rates by Zip Code

Comparing Express Energy plans to those from top light companies can help you determine which energy plan is the best fit for your home. Input your zip code on this page or go to our home page at

You can also enter a Google search for Express Energy Houston rates, Express Energy Dallas rates, Express Energy Corpus Christi rates, and Express Energy rates for other cities. See Express Energy’s top cities and zip codes at the bottom of this page. Also see our Best Electricity Rates in Houston and Best Electricity Rates in Dallas pages.

Express Renewable Energy (Green Energy) Plans

Express Energy Texas plans fixed-rate 100% green energy plans. The electricity company focuses on wind energy and solar energy plans. You can choose to opt for a 100% renewable energy plan during the enrollment process. Renewable energy plans support the global environmental initiative to combat climate change.

At Home Energy Club, you can compare Express renewable energy plans to other green energy plans from some of the cheapest energy companies in Texas.

Starting Express Energy Service

Contact Express Energy customer service operators or sign up online for Express Energy plans in minutes. Most energy providers require that you pay a deposit, but you can have no deposit electricity if you have a good credit score. To register for a new account go to the Express Energy Register page.

Express Energy Customer Service

To reach Express Energy customer service, call the Express Energy phone number at

833-913-3451, or email

Operator times are: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm CST

Express Energy Login

To access your account, go to the Express login page.

Express Energy Bill Pay

The Express Energy bill pay options include: online bill pay, over the phone bill pay, or auto-pay. To pay by phone, speak with a customer service operator by calling Express Energy phone number 833-913-3451. Use the Express bill pay login link for online payments.

On your Express Energy bill, you’ll find your Smart Meter Texas usage information, and can verify your monthly usage at the Smart Meter website. Check out our Smart Meter Guide to learn more.

Tips to Lower your Express Energy Bill

To lower your Express Energy electricity bill, in addition to ensuring that you select the correct energy plan for your home, see our handy guide with tips for lowering your energy usage.

Express Promo Code: Check our promo codes page for availability of an Express Energy promo code. You will also find energy promo codes for other top electric companies in Texas. The codes provide a discount off of the rates on provider websites.

Express Energy Reviews & Ratings

Check out reviews on the Express Google reviews page, or see our live stream of Google reviews below.

Please note that Express ratings and reviews, like most other energy companies in Texas, may not be representative of their general customer base, as most people leaving electric plan reviews tend to have a complaint they want to share rather than a positive comment. See our Texas electric company reviews page to compare Express Energy reviews to those of other energy providers.

We incorporate our Home Energy Club/Amazon customer rating results with an assortment of third party information to determine a rating score for every energy company.


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Switching, Moving and Express Cancellation Fees

If you are planning to switch to a different energy company in Texas, we can help you compare trustworthy energy providers to find the cheapest electricity rates in Texas, with discounted energy rates that are even lower than the rates on the provider sites. Also, to help you make the best choice of providers and plans, and understand cancellation fees and other considerations when switching electricity providers, review our free Texas electricity shoppers guide.

Transferring your Express Energy Plan

If you are moving and wish to transfer your Express Energy plan to a new address in a deregulated zone in Texas, you should contact Express at 833-913-3451 and provide information on your new address at least 30 days in advance.

Report an Express Energy Power Outage

If you have an Express Energy power outage, be sure to call the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU or TDSP) in your utility area in Texas. For example, the TDU is Centerpoint in Houston and Oncor in Dallas.

During an Express power outage, here are the TDU phone numbers to call for the various utility service areas:

About Express

Express Energy is a mid-size power company in Texas, and is a unit of Vistra Energy. Express’ energy plans include fixed-rate terms which produce bills that are more predictable.

With a range of energy plan types and pricing that include low-cost energy rate options, Express allows you to find the best electric rate in Texas based on your home’s usage patterns and lifestyle.

Express Energy touts its mission as providing low bills to consumers with “no frills”. They also offer cash money incentives for customers who refer friends or family to enroll in Express electricity plans.

Express Energy Business Information

Express Energy’s headquarters in Texas are located at:

9800 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77042

You can reach their corporate headquarters at 833-913-3451.

And if you want to sign up for a plan you can either enroll online or call 833-913-3451.


Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth
Corpus Christi

See all deregulated cities in Texas.

Express Energy Zip Codes Serviced

Enter your zip for cheap Express rates in your area

Express Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Where to compare Express Energy plans, rates, and reviews?

Compare Express Energy plans, special discounted rates, and verified customer reviews and ratings on

You’ll find information from objective sources, including:

  • Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • Google Reviews
  • Home Energy Club customer surveys with Amazon.

Enter your zip code on Home Energy Club to compare rates in your area. There’s never a membership fee, and the club vets each electricity plan to protect you from gimmicks that cause bill surprises.

Where to find Express Energy promo codes for discount rates?

Check Express Energy’s profile page on to see if there are any Express promo codes, which give you instant rate discounts. You’ll also find valuable promo codes from dozens of other Texas electric companies.

How to pay my Express Energy bill?

For in-depth information on Express Energy, visit, where you’ll learn that you can pay your Express bill with MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Amex credit or debit cards via:

  • Online Express Energy bill pay by going to your Express Energy login page and accessing your account
  • Automatic bill payment with EZ pay draft option
  • Phone payment by calling Express Energy phone number at 833-913-3451

Is Express Energy a good company?

To determine whether Express Energy is a good company, check reviews and ratings at You’ll find in-depth consumer information from an assortment of trusted independent sources, such as the Texas Public Utility Commission, review sites such as Yelp and Google, and others.

  • On Google, Express has over 50 verified reviews and a 5-star rating.
  • To check reviews of over 40 electric companies in Texas, Home Energy Club and click on the “Reviews” link in the menu.

It’s notable that Express Energy offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee to its new customers; if customers are not happy with the service, they can cancel or switch their plan within 30 days of their initial enrollment.

What is Express Energy?

Express Energy is a Texas retail electric company that provides cheap electricity rates to residential customers. For full information about Express, visit Home Energy Club Discount Rates.

How do I cancel Express Energy?

If you wish to cancel your Express Energy service, you can compare discount rates from other major electric companies at

Note that if you are moving within Texas to another deregulated area, you can transfer your Express service to your new address without penalty. If you are not moving and simply wish to switch providers, you will have to pay an early termination fee for canceling a fixed-rate term contract early.

Check your plan’s Electricity Facts Label to determine the amount of Express Energy’s early termination fee.

How to contact Express Energy?

Contact Express Energy customer service number at 833-913-3451, or send an email to You’ll find links to key Express website pages and full information about the electricity company at Home Energy Club.



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