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Frontier Utilities is a sister company of Gexa Energy. Both electric companies offer a variety of cheap electricity plans for all term lengths, and Gexa specializes in renewable energy.

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Frontier Utilities Rates in Texas

{total} Frontier Energy Plans & Rates

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

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Frontier Utilities Reviews & Ratings

We provide you with reviews, ratings and other consumer information about Frontier from a number of reputable independent review sites, such as Google and Yelp, as well as the Public Utility Commission of Texas. We combine third party data with our Home Energy Club/Amazon survey results to arrive at a rating score for each electric company.

HEC Frontier Utilities Rating Score: 4.0/5

Frontier Utilities Customer Ratings

Frontier Utilities has fair to good ratings for the reviewed groups. Their best reviewed category is pricing, with a score of 4.3/5.0.

Frontier Utilities Customer Reviews

Check our Frontier Utilities Reviews page for reviews on the company, and also our Texas Electric Companies Reviews main page for reviews of competing energy providers.

Frontier Utilities Electricity Plans

Home Energy Club displays discounted rates from top light companies in Texas that are often lower than the rates on provider sites for the same term length and usage level. We leverage our bargaining power to gain cheap electricity rates for you, and carefully vet each energy plan using our TrustPlan™ process to help you avoid bill surprises. 

Frontier’s various electricity rate plans are designed to fit every preference and level of usage, such as:

  • No deposit prepaid plans with no credit check and same day electricity
  • Flat rate plans, which allow you to pay a low flat fee for 12 months.
  • Month-to-month plans, which have no contract or cancellation fees.
  • Fixed-rate plans with locked-in rates for the term of the contract to protect you from rate spikes

As you shop electric rates at Frontier Utilities, choose the best energy plan tailored to your usage. The company offers fixed energy rates with plans that are more predictable and available for term lengths of up to 36 months. If you would rather have the flexibility of a short-term plan, go for Frontier no-contract plans that offer variable rates with no cancellation fees. Learn more about each of these plans and others by calling Frontier phone number 866-926-8192.

Frontier No Deposit, No Credit Check Electricity Plans

When looking for electric companies offering no deposit electricity, check out Frontier’s affordable plans that help you to bypass any credit issues. Choose a contract that requires no deposit, no ID, and no credit check.

Frontier Pay in Advance Plans

Texas electric customers with low credit scores can find some of the best prepaid rates with Frontier’s prepaid energy plans. For each month, you will pay the bill in advance. These plans offer same day electricity.

Frontier Pay as You Go Plans

Get low-cost energy with pay as you go plans in which you buy a prepaid electricity plan for a term. Frontier notifies you when the term is nearing completion. Control your bill by paying for what you need, when you need it.

Frontier Flat Fee Energy Plans

Frontier has flat fee plans tailored to your usage levels. For example, you’ll find an energy plan designed for high usage homes that consume 2000-2500 kWh a month, and you can pocket a $100 usage credit. Another fixed-rate plan has a 12-month term, and you will receive $75 in bill credits.

Frontier Green Energy Plans

Get green energy with 100% renewable energy plans. These 12 and 24-month fixed-rate plans have no monthly usage or minimum fees. Get weekly summary emails with these pollution-free electricity plans.

Always make sure that your home’s usage is a fit for plans that have low rates only within narrow usage ranges, and plans with bill credits which apply for certain usage parameters, including some of the plans above. If a plan’s not a fit for your usage, it can create bill surprises.

Your Power to Choose in Texas Lets you Find the Best Energy Plan

You have the power to choose your energy provider and electric plan in Texas, but choosing the right plan is key to lowering your electric bill. First, you need to understand your monthly usage and compare energy rates in Texas for each plan. Know your electric bill by calculating your expected usage amount. You can conveniently access your historic usage at Smart Meter Texas.

Shopping for the lowest electric rates is not the same as purchasing gasoline. See our electricity shopping guide. In Texas, specific electric rates are mentioned for exact monthly usage amounts of 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh. Each energy plan has a different price for each usage level, and hence, the “price per kWh” that is advertised may not be relevant to your home’s usage and can be confusing. So, you should read and understand the EFL (Electricity Facts Label) of each plan to make sure it’s good for your home before signing up.


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Pollution-Free Electricity with Frontier Renewable Energy Plans

Choosing a green energy plan is a step towards preserving the planet for future generations. While traditional modes of electricity generation involve burning coal, oil, and other fossil fuels, green electricity like wind and solar energy come from renewable energy resources.

Learn how to cut your greenhouse gas emissions like CO2 and save money doing it with a green energy plan and reduced usage, which are as a result of the combustion of fuels that drive up global temperatures. Join Home Energy Club and supporting public figures in fighting climate change. Loss of plants and animal species, flooding, fires, and destruction of infrastructure, are but a few toxic consequences. In contrast, renewable energy sources produce clean energy and can rid the electric grid of CO2.

If you are searching for renewable energy providers near you, check Frontier’s planet-friendly renewable energy plans featuring wind or solar power that best fits your lifestyle.

With green energy plans like those from Frontier, renewable energy is transmitted to your home through the grid, and there is no need to install costly residential solar panels or wind turbines.


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Frontier Utilities Energy Bill Pay, Reports and More

Frontier Utilities offers many programs and tools to help you manage your energy and save money.

Online Frontier Bill Pay

Pay the electric bill online at any time, from the convenience of your phone or computer at the Frontier Utilities bill pay login.

Weekly Reports to Track Your Usage 

Smart meters in Texas will continuously track your usage. Home Energy Club’s TrustPlan™ vetting process excludes gimmick plans and helps you avoid energy bill surprises.

Unlimited Bill Credits with Referral Rewards Program

Get free electricity with unlimited bill credits by sending your referral invitations through your account. You can make any number of referrals, and you get a bill credit when your friends makes their first bill payments.

Free A/C tune-up

If you are currently a Frontier Utilities customer, you may be eligible to get an A/C tune-up free of cost. Frontier often offers a complimentary A/C tune-up available for homes and businesses in the Centerpoint Energy Houston Electric region and other territories.

Convenient Frontier Mobile App

With the Frontier mobile app for Android, each energy customer gets convenient access to their account. You can check your electricity information, monitor the account balance, or find a walk-up location to pay the bill in person. This is a helpful option to take control of your monthly energy bills.

Frontier Utilities Customer Service

You can speak to Frontier Utilities customer service representatives at 866-926-8192.

If you are a current customer, get the needed assistance by logging into your Frontier Utilities account at the Frontier Utilities login.

You can also email your inquiries to

Moving to Texas? Frontier Energy Account Set-up

Frontier Utilities energy plans help you save on your electric bills. Get your electricity service set up in just three days. Frontier works with your local metering company (TDSP, such as Oncor and Centerpoint Energy) to provide you with an uninterrupted and reliable supply.

If you are moving to the Lone Star state and are unfamiliar with the electricity market, check our list of best light companies to choose from. And you can find the cheapest energy plans with no gimmicks in Texas from the best electricity providers by zip code.

Transferring Your Frontier Energy Plan

If you are moving and wish to get your Frontier energy plan transferred to the new address in the Houston or Dallas area, see our Centerpoint (for Houston) and Oncor (for Dallas) guides for helpful move-in steps regarding setting up your meter. For other areas, see our AEP and Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP) pages.

Most electric companies will transfer your existing retail provider account and energy plan to your new home in a Texas de-regulated area for free.

Tips to Save on your Frontier Power Electricity Bills

Now that you have selected the energy provider and enrolled for a cheap rate electricity plan, how about saving on your bills?

One way to get free electricity from Frontier is to use the Refer-a-friend program and receive bill credits.

You can also check if Frontier Utilities promo codes are currently available on our energy promo codes page.

Here are tips that can help you save on your Frontier energy bills:

  • A/C unit: Unburden the load on your air conditioning unit by locating it in the shady part of your home. Check the insulation and seal all air leaks.
  • Fan: Use a fan to circulate cool air in the room, rather than making use of multiple window air conditioners.
  • Thermostat: Invest in a smart thermostat with programmable settings and set it at the highest temperature to save more energy.
  • External air: Allow the fresh air in by unblocking obstructions placed in front of your windows during cool weather.

Looking for a Frontier Utilities promo code? On our promo codes page you’ll find discount codes (also called referral codes or coupon codes) from the biggest electric companies in Texas.

Frontier Utilities Power Outage – Who to Call?

Frontier Utilities serves all deregulated energy areas in Texas. In case of a Frontier power outage, you will need to report the outage to the local transmission utility company, called a TSDP (Transmission and Delivery Service Provider) or TDU (Transmission & Distribution Utility) at the following numbers:

Centerpoint Energy: (800) 332-7143

AEP Texas: (866) 223-8508

Texas New Mexico Power: (888) 866-7456

Oncor Electric Delivery (formerly TXU): (888) 313-4747

About Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities is a Dallas-based electric company that provides a range of energy plans to meet the needs of customers with different lifestyles and budgets. The company offers services in all deregulated cities, from Dallas electricity, Fort Worth electricity, and Arlington electricity in the north to Houston electricity and Corpus Christi electricity in the south.

Regardless of whether residents live in cheap apartments or large farmhouses, they can enroll in one of Frontier’s no credit check, no deposit electricity prepaid plans. The Texas energy company is also a trusted renewable energy green electricity provider for Texans wishing to help the environment.

Frontier Utilities Business Information

Frontier’s headquarters in Texas are located in:

5444 Westheimer Rd Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77056, United States

You can reach their corporate headquarters at +1 866-926-8192

If you want to sign up for a plan you can either enroll online or call 866-926-8192


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Frontier Utilities Frequently Asked Questions

Where to compare Frontier Utilities plans, rates, and reviews?

You can compare Frontier Utilities plans and rates, and read verified customer Frontier reviews and ratings about the electric company on We use our bargaining power with top electric companies in Texas to offer you low discount rates, and help you to make an informed choice by providing thousands of verified reviews, ratings, and complaint statistics for over 40 electric companies. Our ratings information is pulled from objective sources like the State of Texas and Google Reviews, plus our Home Energy Club/Amazon surveys. Importantly, we vet each energy plan to help you avoid gimmicks that cause bill surprises, and we never charge a membership fee.

How to find Frontier Utilities promo code for a rate discount?

View the Frontier Utilities profile page on to see if our site is highlighting exclusive promo codes that immediately lower your rate on Frontier plans. You’ll find promo codes with special discount rates from the top energy companies in Texas on Home Energy Club.

Does Frontier offer senior discounts?

Currently, Frontier Utilities may not be offering discounts for seniors or veterans. To learn more, speak directly to a Frontier operator by calling at 866-926-8192. For Home Energy Club discount rates from Frontier, enter your zip code on the comparison site to see if their plans are currently being featured, or visit our Frontier profile page to check for Frontier promo codes which deliver instant discounts on rates.

Is Frontier Utilities a good company?

Reading verified Frontier reviews and ratings from major review sites and complaint statistics from the State of Texas, will help you determine if Frontier is a good company (visit Home Energy Club’s Frontier Reviews page). Frontier Utilities is a past winner of the coveted Better Business Bureau Education Foundation Award for Distinction in Energy Services. Frontier received the award for its excellence in the marketplace, strong workplace ethics, and quality service.

Where can I pay my Frontier electric bill?

You can pay the bill from your mobile or computer by logging into your customer account. In My Account, there is a link called Pay Online. Or, you can mail the amount to: Frontier Utilities, P.O. Box 660094, Dallas, TX 75266-0094. You can pay in cash at the approved walk-up locations, pay by phone, or on the mobile app. You can reduce your electric bill with Home Energy Club Discount Rates.

How do I cancel Frontier Utilities?

The cancellation process and conditions are included in your plan’s Electricity Facts Label and TOS. Customers can cancel their month-to-month electricity plans at any time, without having to pay a cancellation fee. But for fixed-term products, you will most likely pay an early termination fee when you cancel before the contract term ends. If you are canceling your service with Frontier and looking for a new provider, be sure to compare special discount rates from the biggest brands in Texas at

How do I get my Frontier plan’s TOS (Terms of Service)?

When you sign up for a plan online, you can view the Terms of Service associated with any plan on Frontier’s website (or on if we are featuring their plans at the time you’re searching). You should also read the EFL (Electricity Facts Label) for any plan you’re considering before signing up. If you are an existing customer looking for the TOS and EFL for your current plan, call a Frontier Utilities customer care service representative and have them email you the documents.

How can I go paperless with Frontier?

Download the Frontier Utilities mobile app to go paperless and save trees. You can monitor your usage, check your balance, and make an online bill payment on your app.

Does Frontier check my credit? Do I need to pay a deposit?

Frontier has low to no deposit plans for customers with bad credit. However, they check your payment history with the past electric providers. In case there is no payment history obtained from your previous utility, you can request a Letter of Credit from them and submit to Frontier. Visit to learn about no deposit electricity.

Frontier Utilities Texas Cities Serviced

Frontier Utilities has some of the best rates available in cities across Texas. Find your city in our table below which includes the top de-regulated cities in Texas in alphabetical order.

If your city isn’t in the list, enter your zip code in one of the zip code boxes and compare the lowest Frontier rates in your area.

AthensAzleBalch Springs
Bay CityBaytownBedford
BenbrookBig SpringBrownwood
CarrolltonCedar HillCedar Park
Copperas CoveCorpus ChristiCorsicana
DallasDeer ParkDel Rio
Eagle PassEdinburgEl Campo
EnnisEulessFarmers Branch
Forest HillForneyFort Worth
GatesvilleGranburyGrand Prairie
GrapevineHaltom CityHarker Heights
KingsvilleLa MarqueLa Porte
Lake JacksonLancasterLaredo
League CityLewisvilleLongview
Mineral WellsMissionNew Braunfels
NacogdochesNorth Richland HillsOdessa
PharrPlanoPort Lavaca
PortlandRed OakRichardson
RichmondRio Grande CityRockwall
RomaRosenbergRound Rock
RowlettRoyse CitySaginaw
San AngeloSan BenitoSan Juan
ShermanSnyderSouth Houston
Sugar LandSulphur SpringsTaylor
TempleTerrellTexas City
The ColonyTomballTyler

Frontier Utilities Texas Cities Serviced

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