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Pennywise Power Promo Code: see if our list of exclusive electric company promo codes features a Pennywise Power promo code this month (also known as a referral code or discount code), which allows you to receive a discounted rate.

Are you looking to sign up for electricity with Pennywise Power? Please note that Pennywise Power and Discount Power were merged by NRG Energy under the Discount Power brand. Thus, Pennywise Power is now Discount Power, so you should visit our Discount Power page.

Or you may to check out our profiles of the most established  electric companies in Texas and consider Discount’s sister companies owned by NRG.

About Pennywise Power (now Discount Power)

Visit our Discount Power page for details on Discount Power/Pennywise electricity rates, plans and reviews, and other key information. Below you’ll find a summary of information on Pennywise.

The Pennywise brand of electricity was transitioned to Discount Power when NRG Energy acquired Discount and consolidated the brands. NRG Energy is a major electric company and has a family of trusted brands, including Discount Power, Reliant Energy, Cirro Energy, and Green Mountain Energy.

Go to our Discount Power page for full details on Discount/Pennywise. Check our promo codes page to see if there is a Pennywise Power promo code to receive a discount off Discount/Pennywise regular rates.

Pennywise Power (now Discount Power Rates)

Discount Power Rates in Texas & Plans List

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 2000 kWh.

Go to our Discount Power page for full details on Discount/Pennywise.

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Pennywise Power Reviews & Ratings

Because the electricity company Pennywise assumed the name of Discount Power, you’ll find more current information by reading recent Discount Power reviews at the electric company’s Better Business Bureau page and Google page. At the Better Business Bureau, Discount Power has an A+ rating.

Pennywise Power Bill Pay

Go to the Pennywise Power bill pay page, which is now the Discount Energy bill pay page. To pay your bill, call the Discount Power phone number 833-556-6491 or go to the Discount Power login.

Report a Pennywise Power Outage

Pennywise power outages should be reported to the Transmission and Delivery Utility (TDU or TDSP) in your part of Texas. For phone numbers, here’s our Texas power outage phone directory.


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