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Pulse Power is a highly respected electricity company owned by Shell Energy Company, specializing in no-gimmick, price-protected Pulse energy plans.

Pulse offers special discounted Texas electricity rates to Home Energy Club customers. Check out special rates below.

Compare rates in your zip code here or call Pulse Power at 888-853-4219. Give the operator the promo code “POWER20” for discount rates.

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Because Pulse electricity rates have dropped since last year, many customers are looking to lock in rates with multi-year contract terms.

Pulse Power Promo Code

Use a Pulse Power promo code for additional savings. When Pulse begins enrolling plans again, call Pulse toll-free at 888-853-4219 and give the operator our promo code “Power20” to review plans and enroll.

Compare Energy Rates from other Providers in Texas

Pulse Power Promo Code: when Pulse begins enrolling customers again soon, you can get special discounted Pulse Power Texas rates with pricing that’s less than their regular rates by using our exclusive promo code “Power20” applied on Pulse’s website page (click here).

Pulse Power Reviews & Ratings

Looking for a comprehensive Pulse Power review? We have put together Pulse Power reviews from independent review sites, the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Statistics and other review sources.

We use this information with our Home Energy Club/Amazon customer rating survey results to determine a Home Energy Club (HEC) rating for Pulse Power.

HEC Pulse Power Rating Score: 4.6/5

Pulse Power Customer Ratings

Pulse Power has exceptionally high scores on the reviewed categories. Pulse Power received a score of over 4.5 in four of the five categories.

Pulse Power Customer Reviews

Home Energy Club strives to provide you with objective information, so it’s important to note that customers who post Pulse energy reviews (or other company reviews) are quite often posting because they’ve had a bad experience, and every provider has some customer complaints.

Compare the Best Pulse Power Plans and Rates

Pulse Power is one of the most trustworthy electric companies in Texas, offering Pulse Power plans for your home with fixed rates, which provide a welcome sense of certainty when it comes to your Pulse Power bill pay account.

Pulse energy rates are usually attractive across Texas, so review our Pulse Power Houston rates, Pulse Power plans for Dallas, and rates for other cities. Enter your zip code to locate Pulse electricity rates in your area. The light company consistently has competitive pricing and is frequently the cheapest electric company with the best electricity rates in Texas when compared to other trusted brands. Enroll through Home Energy Club to receive their extra discounted Pulse energy rates.

All Pulse Power plans come with informative energy usage reports that will help you understand how you’re spending your electricity. You’ll receive a weekly “check-in” that includes information such as the weather and your smart meter Pulse Power Texas data.

Renewable Energy (Green Energy) Plans

Pulse Power is also a Texas electricity company that’s proud to offer renewable energy (green energy) plans to reduce your personal carbon emissions. Wind turbines are a popular choice in Texas. These generate electricity when the wind turns the massive blades around the rotor, activating a generator at the top of the shaft.

Solar panels convert the energy in sunlight to direct current by using photovoltaic cells. This energy type – known as solar energy – is common in Texas as well, where the environment can generate a significant amount of power from the sun.

You may be surprised at how much carbon pollution is being produced in relation to traditional fossil-sourced energy plans. You can cut your Pulse Power bill pay while going green because some green energy plans have cheap electricity rates in Texas. See Pulse Power’s 100% green plans.

You can find green energy rates that are lower than many fossil fuel energy plans from Pulse Power and other electricity providers in Texas. You can cut your personal CO2 with a green energy plan or by reducing your home’s energy usage, and cut your Texas electricity bill money doing it.

Special Discount Promo Codes for Pulse Power

Share our exclusive Pulse Power promo code with friends and family, which will allow them to access the same discounted rates you’ll find on our website: NICE

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Pulse Power Business Rates

Very few energy providers offer discount rates and quality custom service to small businesses in Texas. We’ve been impressed with Pulse’s low business rates and custom service, and the level of attention they provide to small and mid-size companies. Get a custom commercial rate quote for your business.

Pulse Power Home Products

For homeowners, Pulse Power is a light company that offers various products and services to help you manage your home comfort and energy expenses. Their system reminds you to regularly change your HVAC system’s air filter to keep the air clean while reducing your kilowatt hours (kWh) to cut your energy bill.

The company also recommends you check the filter monthly and change it at least once every three months. Pulse Power will deliver air conditioner filters to your door when it’s time for a new one, so free deliveries add extra value to this offer.

A MistBox from Pulse Power sprays cool mist outside your AC’s air intake, so your unit doesn’t have to work as hard at cooling. This will help slash your electricity bill so that you’ll be paying less each month.

Also, Pulse Power offers home warranty plans that protect you from incurring home repair expenses.

Requirements to Start Service

To enroll in a Pulse Power plan, input your zip code in the box at the upper left corner of this page, and see the Plan Details and Signup information related to each Pulse plan.

Signing up for service is simple. You can sign up online for Pulse electricity rate plans, or call for friendly operator service at 888-853-4219.

You’ll be asked to provide personal identification – such as your driver’s license, ID document, or other forms of identification – to confirm that a service is validly being opened in your name.

Light companies in Texas such as Pulse require a deposit before starting your service for most energy plans.

Pulse Power Login and Customer Service

If at any point you need assistance, Pulse Power customer service will provide you with prompt and easily accessible customer support:

  • Call 888-853-4219 to speak to a Pulse Power customer service representative. Go to the Pulse Power login page to access your account.
  • Email customercare@pulsepowertexas.com and provide them with Promo Code “LOU”.

Pulse Power Bill Pay

Pulse Power has several convenient payment options available. These include:

  • Online payments: Pay your Pulse Power bill online here
  • Pay by phone: Call 888-853-4219
  • Pay by mail: Send your bill stub and a check or money order to Pulse Power, P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373-4377
  • Autopay: Set up Autopay and enjoy the convenience of automatic deductions from the associated account every month. To complete a payment, Autopay uses an electronic check (ACH) from your bank account, MasterCard, or Visa card. Use the Pulse login link above for billing information.

Below are the deposit waiver options that are accepted for Pulse brands.

  • 65 years of age or older: Must present an ID and provide a copy of their latest bill showing no past due balances.
  • Domestic violence victims: Must provide a copy of a Victim of Family Violence document.
  • Former or current active-duty military: Must provide proof.
  • Applicants who have provided a letter of credit: No more than 2 late fees and no disconnects.

When applying for a deposit waiver, all documents should be sent to customercare@pulsepowertexas.com. You must also include your enrollment confirmation number.

Also, visit the Smart Meter Texas website (smartmetertexas) to conveniently access your historic usage information, and use Home Energy Club’s electricity usage calculator to confirm the effective energy rate you are paying.

Tips to Cut Your Pulse Power Bill

Pulse Power’s weekly energy reports will help you identify your usage patterns and understand each bill better. If you’re using more electricity than you’d like, there are several ways you can lower your utility costs:

  • Install a smart thermostat. This can track your energy usage and make power-saving adjustments. A smart thermostat also allows you to program your daytime, nighttime, and weekend settings for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Turn off lights and appliances any time you’re not using them. Unplug major appliances when they’re off.
  • Switch to LED light bulbs; they consume less energy.
  • Seal leaks and cracks around the home. Add weatherstripping under windows and doors, and upgrade your insulation wherever possible.
  • Only run the clothes washer, clothes dryer, and dishwasher when they’re full. Don’t waste energy on half-empty loads.
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Switching, Moving and Pulse Power Cancellation Fees

If you’re moving to a new home, there are many important things to think about. You should consider the size of your home, your estimated energy consumption, and your budget. Also, you should decide whether you need to lock into a predictable rate or you can afford a plan that fluctuates and potentially saves you money.

You need to select your terms and rates and settle on a plan that’s a good fit for you and your family. This infographic will walk you through the process and help you to find a reputable electric company with the cheapest energy rates in Texas for your home.

If you’re simply switching your energy plan, you need to understand the Texas Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for all power plans. This guide will help you with certain EFL information so you can accurately compare plans across providers.

If you are canceling your service, you can find plans from other electricity providers by zip code below. If you are performing an online search for an electric company near me, see a list of cities below serviced by Pulse. You may find the company is mentioned sometimes as Pulse Power, Pulse Energy and Pulse Electricity in online information.

Transferring Pulse Power Plans

Are you moving to a new home? If so, transferring your Pulse Power service is easy. You can take your power provider with you by filling out a simple online form. Submit your request as early as possible, as it may take one to two business days to process it.

Report a Pulse Power Outage

When dealing with Pulse Power outages, it’s important to understand the difference between a retail electricity provider (REP) and transmission and delivery service provider (TDSP). Pulse Power is a REP. The company purchases energy from power-generating companies and resells it to consumers. A TDSP in each area transmits that electricity, taking care of the lines, reading meters, and handling outages.

If you’re reporting an outage with Pulse Power, contact your local TDSP at one of the following numbers:

  • Oncor: 888-313-4747
  • Centerpoint: 800-332-7143
  • TNMP: 888-866-7456
  • AEP: 866-223-8508
  • Sharyland Utilities: 800-545-4513

*Sample of live rates based on Oncor zone at 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh usage.

About Pulse Power

Pulse Power is a quality electric company in Texas backed by Shell Energy Company, providing some of the best Pulse electricity rates for residential and business customers. They offer Texas energy rates featured in plans with both traditional and renewable energy sources. Because of your power to choose electricity companies in our state, you should compare Texas electricity rates offered by low rate energy companies such as Pulse versus energy rates of older brands that have high overhead. It’s a good idea to explore the lower energy rates you’ll find from reputable discount energy providers in order to cut your cost of electricity.

With Pulse Power’s green energy plans, you can enjoy the perks of solar power without the cost and hassle of installing your own solar panels. Also, committing to a multi-year electricity plan will give you the extra peace of mind from knowing that you’re protecting the environment into the future by cutting your personal CO2 level.

Take advantage of your power to choose Texas style, by shopping the various light companies in the state to find cheap energy plans. Check out Pulse Power to see why their low electric rates and solid customer service could make them the power company of choice for a growing number of Texans.

Pulse Power Business Information

Pulse Power’s headquarters in Texas are located in:

10200 Grogans Mill Rd, The Woodlands, TX 77380

You can reach their corporate headquarters at 713-357-0537.

If you want to sign up for a plan you can either enroll online or call 888-853-4219.

Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth
Corpus Christi

See all deregulated cities in Texas.

Pulse Power Texas Cities Serviced

Enter your zip for cheap Pulse rates in your area

Pulse Power Frequently Asked Questions

Where to compare Pulse Power plans, rates, and reviews?

You can compare Pulse Power plans and rates, and read verified customer Pulse Power reviews and ratings about the electric company on HomeEnergyClub.com. We use our bargaining power with top electric companies in Texas to offer you special low discount rates, and help you to make an informed choice by providing thousands of verified reviews, ratings, and complaint statistics for over 40 electric companies. Our ratings information is pulled from objective sources like the State of Texas and Google Reviews, plus our Home Energy Club/Amazon surveys. Importantly, we vet each energy plan to help you avoid gimmicks that cause bill surprises, and we never charge a membership fee.

How to get a Pulse Power promo code to get a rate discount?

Use HomeEnergyClub.com’s exclusive promo code “Power20” to receive an instant discount on Pulse rates when applied directly on Pulse’s website page. You can also enroll at the same discount rates on Home Energy Club after entering your zip code on the comparison site and view plans in your area. You’ll also find promo codes from other top electric companies in Texas.

Where can I pay my Pulse Power bill?

Use any of the following Pulse Power bill pay options:

  • Online payment with your account using the Pulse Power login
  • Mail payment by sending your checks and bill stubs to Pulse Power, P.O. Box 734377, Dallas, TX 75373-4377
  • Phone payment by dialing 888-853-4219
  • Automatic payment with Pulse Power AutoPay and receive a $1 bill credit each time you pay your bill

For more information, call Pulse Power at 888-853-4219 and view their company profile page and electricity plans on HomeEnergyClub.com.

How to find the best deal on Pulse Power?

To get the best deal on Pulse Power plans, HomeEnergyClub.com uses its bargaining power to offer you pricing which is lower than the rates you’ll find directly on the Pulse website.
Due to their low overhead, Pulse Power often has the lowest rates in the market, with cheap fixed rates on contract lengths ranging from 12 to 36 months.

How can I contact Pulse Power?

To contact Pulse Power directly, call their customer service number at 888-853-4219. You can also email Pulse at customercare@pulsepowertexas.com. Pulse Power is a high quality electric company with some of the cheapest rates in Texas, and a dedicated customer support team.
You can find special discount rates on Pulse Power energy plans at Home Energy Club due to the bargaining power of the comparison website.

How do I sign up for service with Pulse Power?

Pulse Power sign up for service takes just five minutes on the HomeEnergyClub.com website, where you will find special discount rates for Pulse plans that are lower than the regular rates on Pulse’s website.
Enter your zip code to find the best rates for your area, then enroll in four simple steps. Review the Electricity Facts Label of each Pulse Power plan you wish to consider to choose the correct plan for your home.

How can I cancel my Pulse Power service?

Fill out the Pulse Power online form to cancel your Pulse Power service. Or, call the Pulse Power phone number at 888-853-4219 to get assistance.
Depending on your energy plan, you may have to pay a small Pulse Power cancellation fee for ending the contract early.
If you are switching to another light company and wish to view special discount rates from other electricity providers, go to Home Energy Club.

Is Pulse Power a good electric company?

Pulse Power is a good company with one of the best management teams in the industry. Pulse provides low price energy plans with some of the best electricity rates in Texas, due to their low overhead and use of technology. Find complete information on Pulse Power, including special discount rates, on HomeEnergyClub.com
Pulse Power has straightforward “no gimmick” plans for all usage levels and term lengths and provides payment assistance programs, such as deferred payment options, if you cannot pay the bill on time. Read unbiased reviews on Pulse Power and other electric companies in Texas on the Home Energy Club website.

Does Pulse Power need a deposit?

Pulse Power does not provide “no credit check lights” to Texas residents, so you do need to pay a deposit if you don’t pass the credit check. Consumers who wish to enroll in an energy plan must have a satisfactory credit score in order to avoid paying a small initial security deposit, which is refundable. The electric company may waive the deposit for customers living in no deposit apartments if they meet eligibility criteria. Home Energy Club offers plans from top electric companies offering no deposit electricity prepaid plans.


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