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Get access to low business electricity rates that are cutting the bills of top Texas companies, offered by a unit of Shell Energy. Our client testimonials from business managers say it all. Here’s one from an industrial operation in Baytown:

“We asked Home Energy Club to cut the energy rate for our oilfield fabrication company. They produced a major rate reduction and savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also provided big savings for our employees for their homes.”

Mario Salias, VP, LoneStar Fabrication, Baytown, Texas (client since 2012)

Our selected provider for custom business quotes this season is Pulse Power (owned by Shell Energy), due to their low rates and specialty in servicing small to mid-size Texas businesses. Request a quote by clicking on the button below, and their business rates specialist will email you with a quote.


Quote my business a low rate

For over 10 years, companies of all sizes have dramatically cut their business energy rates by using our Business Rate Quote service. Here’s a small business owner testimonial:

 “Before using the energy club, I thought my CPA firm was getting a low business energy rate. With about 30 minutes of my time, they cut our rate by 25% with their group bargaining power. They also saved one of my manufacturing clients over $240,000. They did all the work and everything they promised was accurate.”

Tom Petrosevicz, CPA, Richmond, Texas (client since 2013)


Our group bargaining power delivers you lower prices.

Our unique buyer’s club delivers discount commercial electricity rates for your business by leveraging our enormous bargaining power with the top electricity providers in Texas. The providers know that if they wish to quote our customers, they must provide a discount rate, pure and simple.

Trust and quality are essential.

We only allow the most trusted providers to quote you. In addition to price, we take into account a range of factors before certifying a provider, from their history in servicing our clients, to their complaint statistics with the Public Service Commission, to their billing practices and the fairness of their terms of service. Getting you a low price with quality service is our secret sauce.

Fees? What fees?

For using our service to get lower rates, you won’t pay us a dime — nope, there are no membership or other out-of-pocket fees. We require the providers to pay us a modest fee for accessing our customers, and you receive the full benefit of your discount rate. It’s a win-win.

We create fierce competition for your account.

At periodic intervals, we choose one high-quality provider to quote our clients based on the discount pricing they offer. This heightens the competition and gives the providers a large ongoing incentive to sharpen their pencils and quote their lowest rates. Our methodology gets results and keeps it simple for you.

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This Month’s Provider for Business Quotes: Pulse Power

Pulse Power

We’ve always found that electric companies generally charge small businesses high rates and offer them lackluster service. Business electricity providers only seem to pay attention to the larger accounts that generate a high profit for less work. It’s difficult to find an energy provider that offers discount rates and customized service for small and mid-sized enterprises in Texas. The exception is Pulse Power.  And with the financial backing of Shell Energy, Pulse will be around to service your account for the term of your contract and beyond.


How Do Business Electricity Plans Work?

As a family-run business, we take enormous pride in being able to help our fellow Texas business owners save money on their monthly energy costs. And we help your employees to access special rates for their homes. Below are the items you’ll want to know when getting a business rate quote from any provider:

Usage history

To get an energy quote for your business, electric companies will need your company’s usage for at least the last 12 months, as well as your account’s energy demand data. This information is provided by the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) that services your city, such as Centerpoint in Houston, Oncor in Dallas, and AEP, Texas New Mexico Power and Sharyland in other areas. We work with the providers to access your usage history so that it’s hassle-free for you.

Stripping out the fees

We require that providers cut out the confusing and expensive fees that are often included in business energy pricing. Thus, no more monthly base charges, nodal fees, and over-under usage fees. Just an all-inclusive straightforward rate that allows you to cut surprises.

Select a fixed-rate versus an index-rate plan

With a fixed-rate electricity plan, your bills will be more predictable and your business will not be subject to huge rate spikes during periods of peak demand. A fixed-rate electricity plan enables you to pay the same rate per kilowatt-hour for the entire duration of your contract.

With an index plan, the price of your electricity is tied to the price of a publicly available index. The rates for this plan type can vary from month to month. An index plan can reduce your energy rate because the energy provider doesn’t charge a risk premium associated with fixed-rate plans, but the odds of a bill surprise for your business are much higher. Not all providers offer index rates. We strongly recommend fixed rates in almost all cases.

Determine the term length

The provider quotes will include pricing at various contract lengths, ranging from a partial year to 72 months. Most of our business customers choose 36-month plans, but more are starting to opt for 60-month plans to lock in today’s rates while commodity prices are low. Generally, the longer the term on a fixed-rate contract, the higher the price, because the provider is taking on more risk with each month that the price is locked.

The contract

If you’re a small business that uses 50,000 kWh or less per year, the state government requires providers to include certain consumer protections in their contract terms which will benefit you. Take the time to read the terms of service before you enroll in a plan, and especially be aware of the fees you’ll pay for early cancellation of your commercial contract. Also, make sure that the contract doesn’t include any monthly base charges, nodal fees or over-under usage fees, as discussed above.


Discount Electricity as an Employee Benefit

We are pioneers in the residential energy market. And as the leading residential electricity rate site in Texas, we can offer your employees special discount rates from the top electric companies for their homes, whether you book your business electricity through our system or not.

It’s an employee benefit you can offer that will require no expense or management time, and can save employees hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of dollars per year to offset the rising cost of healthcare.

Employees can use our real-time rate quotes by going to our home page, or if you would like to have a customized experience for your employees on our site, and you have over 100 employees, please contact us and we will circle back with details.




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