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4Change Energy® is a high-quality provider in Texas, offering electricity plans with cheap energy rates.

They’re owned by Vistra Energy, a Fortune 500 company. Their plans are price protected and come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

In 2022, they were named “Most Trusted Texas Retail Electric Provider” by Escalent & Cogent Research.

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Compare 4Change Cheap Electricity Rates in Texas

8 Plans & Rates from 4Change in Houston

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 1212 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 2424 Months12.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Charitable Saver 1212 Months13.2 ¢/kWh
4Change - Cash Money 1212 Months14.7 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 2424 Months16.8 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 1212 Months17.3 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 1212 Months19.6 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 2424 Months19.6 ¢/kWh
  • *Rates as of 05/23/2024 at 08:36 PM. Based on 1000 kWh. Enter your zip code above for rates in your area.

For help choosing one of the vetted plans above, call 888-366-7291.

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8 Plans & Rates from 4Change in Dallas

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 1212 Months12.7 ¢/kWh
4Change - Maxx Saver Select 2424 Months12.7 ¢/kWh
4Change - Charitable Saver 1212 Months13.2 ¢/kWh
4Change - Cash Money 1212 Months14.9 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 2424 Months16.4 ¢/kWh
4Change - One Rate 1212 Months17 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 1212 Months19.7 ¢/kWh
4Change - Power Maxx Saver 2424 Months19.7 ¢/kWh
  • *Rates as of 05/23/2024 at 08:36 PM. Based on 1000 kWh in Oncor zone. Enter your zip code above for rates in your area.

To sign up for one of the vetted, guaranteed plans above, call 888-366-7291.

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Reviews and Ratings

With input from independent review sources, the BBB, Yelp, Google, and State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Statistics, we have robust 4Change reviews.

To see how they rank among their competitors, see our Texas electric provider reviews.

We use this data in combination with opinions from our staff experts, customer reviews, and more to produce a Home Energy Club rating.

HEC 4Change Energy Rating Score: 4.6/5

Customer Ratings

The light company has solid customer ratings for the reviewed categories. They’re rated highest in transparency, with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Compare the best electricity rates for your zip code

4Change Energy Plans

4Change Energy offers a variety of plans with some of the best electricity rates in Texas, including fossil-sourced plans and renewable energy plans that help reduce carbon emissions.

Their plans include fixed-rate offerings, monthly bill credits, and referral rewards.

Maxx Saver 12 and 24

4Change’s most popular option, these fixed-rate plans offer competitive rates over 12 and 24-month terms. These plans are price protected, meaning when you enroll, you lock in a competitive rate for more predictable electric bills.

They include a $0 base charge and a bill credit of $100. They also have an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $20 per month remaining in your contract. Additional fees include TDU charges, which they pass through to the customer with zero markup.

Power Maxx 12 and 24

For larger homes, there is the Power Maxx fixed-rate plan. With 12 and 24-month terms, this plan includes a base charge of $4.95 per month and a $100 bill credit.

Power Maxx plans also come with TDU charges from the utility companies and an ETF of $20/month for every month remaining in your contract period. Note that while you can lock in a lower rate for one to two years, these plans will cost more if you don’t meet their energy usage requirements expressed in the EFL.

All of their long-term plans come with a 30-day penalty-free cancellation period. That said, the cancellation fees kick in after the 30-day timeline.

No Deposit Plans

Many customers want to know, “Does 4Change Energy require a deposit?” The answer is yes, they typically require a deposit. But you may be able to get no deposit electricity with a good credit score.

You can also generally receive a deposit waiver if you get a letter of credit from a previous provider showing proof of on-time payments for 12 months, you’re medically indigent, aged 65 or older, or a victim of family violence.

Other Energy Plans

4Change offers other electricity plans, including a Smart Thermostat plan, One Rate Plan and a Cash Money plan.

  • The Smart Thermostat plan comes with a Honeywell T9 Smart Thermostat and a $50 credit. Its base charge is $9.95 per month.
  • The Cash Money plan offers a $100 Visa Reward Card for new customers and a $45 bill credit. This plan also comes with the higher base charge of $9.95/month.
  • The One Rate plan is a fixed-rate plan with a lower base charge of $4.95 a month. It’s designed for simplicity and transparent rates.

All of these plans come with an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $20 multiplied by the number of months left on your contract.

Want quick tips for finding the best rates from trustworthy companies? Browse our Savvy Shopper’s Guide.

Renewable Energy

Many 4Change electricity plans for Texans include up to 100% renewable energy for an additional $6.95 a month.

These renewable energy plans typically use wind energy, although they may have some solar energy as well. Sustainable energy plans help reduce carbon emissions.

If you’re a Texan searching for green energy, you might consider the 100% green energy offerings from 4Change. You can also compare their clean energy plans to those of many discount REPs who offer 100% sustainable energy at low rates.

Satisfaction Guarantee

4Change also offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee for new customers. If you’re not completely satisfied with your energy service, they promise to work with you to sort out any issues and even set you up with another plan.

If you’re still not happy, they’ll let you out of your service plan, provided you let them know within 30 days of signing up for your plan.

Things to note:

  • You’ll still be responsible for any electricity you used during said 30 days.
  • Only new customers qualify for the Satisfaction Guarantee.

Starting 4Change Energy Service

To start your 4Change energy service, you can visit their website or call 888-366-7291. Enrollment is easy and only takes a few minutes. Most REPs require a deposit, but you may not be responsible for a deposit if you meet their credit requirements.

Customer Service

You can contact 4Change Energy customer service at 855-784-2426, or send an email to service@4ChangeEnergy.com.

They’re available from:

Monday – Friday, 7am – 8pm CST

Saturday, 8am – 5pm CST

4Change Energy Bill Pay

Wondering “Where can I pay my 4Change energy bill?” With customer comfort in mind, they make paying your energy bills easy. They accept multiple bill payment options:

  • Pay online at their login page.
  • Pay automatically with EZ pay draft payments.
  • Pay by phone and call 888-366-7291.

Switching, Moving and Cancellation Fees

Before switching, moving, or canceling your 4Change service, be sure to know all of your options.

Understanding Your EFL

Knowing how to read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is a critical component for successfully transferring, stopping, or starting energy service. The EFL can help you match your energy usage with plans you’re considering switching to. It also ensures that you’re getting an apples-to-apples rate comparison.

Another pro tip is to use Smart Meter Texas to track your home’s actual kWh usage. To learn how to access and use information from your smart meter, read our Smart Meters Guide.

Transferring Your Service

If you’re moving and wish to transfer your 4Change energy plan to a new address in a deregulated zone in Texas, call 888-366-7291.

We recommend providing your new address at least 30 days in advance to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid any lapses in service.

How to cancel 4Change Energy?

When canceling your 4Change energy plan, be aware that you may have to pay an Early Termination Fee, or ETF.

While many common ETFs range in cost from $150 to $395, this light company typically charges a prorated ETF of $20 per month remaining on your contract.

If you can switch to a plan which has a much lower rate than you’re paying now, you may save money in the long run by paying the ETF of your current plan to lower your monthly energy costs.

Compare rates in your area by entering your zip code and home size on our home page.

Energy Promo Codes

Check our promo codes page for availability of a 4Change Energy promo code. You’ll also find energy promo codes for other top electric companies in Texas.

Reporting a Power Outage

If you have a 4Change Energy power outage, be sure to call the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) in your area. Your REP is only responsible for marketing and selling electricity, while the utility company is responsible for repairs.

Below are the phone numbers for TDUs Texas:

  • Oncor: 888-313-4747
  • AEP: 866-223-8508
  • Centerpoint Energy: 800-332-7143
  • Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP): 888-866-7456
  • Sharyland Utilities: 800-545-4513

About 4Change

Founded in 2012, 4Change Energy is a mid-size power company in Texas, and a subsidiary of Vistra Energy. They offer electric plans that include fixed rates.

With a range of energy plan types that include discount rates, they let the customer find the best electric rate in Texas based on their home’s usage patterns and lifestyle.

Their stated mission is giving back through charitable donations and customer appreciation, such as cash incentives for customers who refer friends or family.

Business Information

They’re headquartered in Texas at:

 200 W John Carpenter Fwy, Irving, TX 75039

You can reach their corporate headquarters at 888-366-7291.

Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth         
Corpus Christi       

See all deregulated cities in Texas.

Top Texas Zip Codes Serviced

Enter your zip to compare the best rates in your area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4Change Energy a good company?

With the backing of a Fortune 500 company and a trusted name in Texas power companies, 4Change is a high-quality light company.

They’re a sister company of TXU Energy, Ambit Energy, TriEagle Energy and Express Energy. Notably, they donate 4% of their profits to charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross and Feeding Texas.

On Google, they have over 800 verified reviews and a 4-star rating. They even offer a satisfaction guarantee to their new customers. If you aren’t happy with the service, you can cancel or switch plans within 30 days of starting.

Who owns 4Change Energy?

They’re owned by Vistra Energy, a respected power company in Texas with many electric retailer subsidiaries. Founded in 1882, Vistra Energy is a large company that provides electricity in 20 states and Washington D.C.


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