TNMP Power Outages (Texas New Mexico Power) | Utility

Texas-New Mexico Power, or TNMP, is a Transmission and Disitribution Utility (TDU) in Texas.

Below you’ll find information and links to the real-time Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) outage map and to severe weather information sources for the North, West, and Gulf Coast regions of Texas (including Texas City, League City, Alvin, Brazoria, Fort Stockton, and Lewisville).

You’ll also find important move-in, usage and and rate information.

Texas-New Mexico Power Outages

When a Texas-New Mexico power outage occurs in your area, call TNMP’s outage number at 888-866-7456. You can access the TNMP Outage Map which shows a map of Texas with real-time power status updates of TNMP’s service areas.

You can read our useful outage phone guide for the proper TDU power outage numbers to call for your region if you’re not in the TNMP service area.

Below you can find the best informative resources for weather radar in your area.

TNMP power outage map

TNMP corrects power outages, provides accurate meter readings transmitted to retail providers for billing purposes, and maintains and constructs new poles that deliver electricity to areas in need.

The TNMP Outage Map allows you to:

  • Review the number of Texas-New Mexico power outages in your area by zip codes and community names
  • View road maps, satellite, and 3-D Streetside views for an in-depth experience
  • See the estimated date and time of electricity restoration, such as in this example:

Best weather websites in TNMP’s territory with alerts

Reporting an outage? Call the TDU

When a power outage occurs, you’ll receive faster, more accelerated service by contacting the TDU (such as TNMP) rather than the electric provider who supplies your electricity in Texas.

It’s helpful to grasp the difference between the TDU (also called TDSP) and electricity company, and to have a list of Texas TDU phone numbers you can contact when an electrical outage occurs in your area.

Use Smart Meter Texas to see how outages affects usage

If a Texas-New Mexico power outage occurs in your region, you can evaluate the effects of the outage on your energy consumption for a given month by looking at your Smart Meter Texas meter usage data.

To review your meter history obtained by TNMP, you can start a free account with Smart Meter Texas. You can also browse through our guide on Smart Meters.

Avoid energy rate spikes from demand surges caused by outages

Electric outages caused by escalating electricity demand can cause considerable rate spikes, resulting in rises in your energy bills if you’re not enrolled in a fixed-rate plan that locks in your price.

Increases in demand are more likely to happen during extremely hot Texas summer months when energy demand is at its peak.

Electricity Rates: If you’re on a variable energy rate plan such as a month-to-month plan, a wholesale rate or an index rate plan that floats with the market, you can cut bill surprises by signing up for a fixed-rate plan from the best light companies operating in the Texas-New Mexico Power zone on our home page.

Be sure to evaluate a plan’s EFL to determine if an energy plan is a good match for your home’s energy usage.

Texas Energy Promo Code Deals: Due to our strong bargaining power with energy providers, we’re able to offer exclusive energy discount codes that give you access to discounted energy rates from the best providers in Texas.

Compare fixed-rate plans to prevent billing surprises

What to do in during a power outage?

  • Check with your neighbors to see if the TNMP power outage is not just your home.
  • Electrical surges that occur after outages can destroy electronic devices, so unplug devices after an outage.
  • Find another place to stay in case of a dire need for heating or cooling.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed at all times.

After unplugging your devices, consider calling your TDU to determine the status of the outage. For real time updates, check the TNMP Outage Map. After completing the steps above, you should move to a different place if you’re in need of cooling or heating.

If it’s cold and you don’t have anywhere else to go, don’t use a gas stove for heating due to safety risks.

You can prepare for outages by having backup batteries and other sources of additional power. Having a landline phone is a good backup because they don’t require electricity to make calls. Extra power sources are important for medical devices that need electricity.

If you own a generator, move it away from your home and keep it a good distance from doors and windows. If you live in a rural area and depend on your generator for energy, have an extra supply of fuel that you can use for emergencies.

Save the Texas-New Mexico power outage number for your location on your phone.  You could also write it out and keep it in a safe location that you will remember.

Texas-New Mexico Power Move-in Info for Starting Service

Below is useful information for moving into houses with an existing meter and without a meter in TNMP’s service areas.

3 Steps to start service with a meter already installed

Here are the steps if the home you are moving into has an existing meter:

  1. Choose an electric company (also called a Retail Energy Provider):
  2. Enroll in an electricity plan from the energy company of your choice. You can choose from our TrustPlan™-vetted plans of trusted electricity providers and enroll in a fixed-rate plan in under 10 minutes by entering your zip code on our homepage.
  3. Your new electricity company will send an order to start service to Texas-New Mexico Power company. When TNMP receives the order, they will turn on your power on the date you request, presuming that the weather and other jobs allow.

5 steps to start service with no meter installed

Here are the steps if your new house does not have a meter installed:

  1. Call TNMP at the following number:
    • If you are a homeowner or business owner, call 888-866-7456 to have TNMP create an Electric Service Identifier number (ESI ID).
  2. Choose an electricity company at least 2 business days after you obtain your ESI ID number.
  3. Enroll in an energy plan from the electricity provider you deem best for your house. You can choose from our TrustPlan™-vetted rates from the best electricity providers in Texas and enroll online in less than 10 minutes on Home Energy Club.
  4. Your new electrical provider will send an order to start your service to Texas-New Mexico Power. TNMP will flip the switch and turn on your energy typically within 7 business days of the date you request, assuming that the weather and their schedule allow.
  5. Acquire your permit by checking with the permitting entity for your area. Call 888-866-7456 for more information about permits.

About Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)

The TNMP utility company is an electricity transmission and distribution service provider (TDU or TDSP) servicing Texas, providing electricity to more than 255,000 homes and businesses, and servicing over 20 communities. The company is based in Lewisville, and it’s a subsidiary of PNM Resources Inc. Although their formal name is Texas-New Mexico Power Co., they now only service areas in Texas.

Power Outage Maps for Cities in TNMP’s Service Area

City Power Outage Map

TDU Servicing City

Texas City power outage map TNMP outage
Alvin power outage map TNMP outage
League City power outage map TNMP outage
Brazoria power outage map TNMP outage
Angleton power outage map TNMP outage
Dickinson power outage map TNMP outage
Fort Stockton power outage map TNMP outage
Pecos power outage map TNMP outage
Lewisville power outage map TNMP outage
Farmersville power outage map TNMP outage

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