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Best Alternative to Power to Choose Texas | 512-936-7000

Electricity deregulation provides Texans the power to choose Texas electric companies (light companies) and energy plans for their homes. The State of Texas PUC launched its PowerToChoose Texas website to help customers shop electricity rates. is the best alternative to Power to Choose in Texas. We carefully vet each energy plan to help you cut bill surprises, making Home Energy Club (HEC) a superior alternative to Power to Choose, which lacks quality control.

To compare trustworthy HEC vetted plans to their unvetted plans call Power to Choose at 512-936-7000, or go to the Power to Choose Texas org website to review the Electricity Facts Label for each plan.

If you review the gimmicky rate structures of energy plans on the PTC site, we believe you’ll find the state site may no longer be a viable option for comparing and enrolling in energy plans; thousands of citizens have continued to experience serious billing surprises from providers displaying deceptive energy plans on the site. Members of the Texas State Legislature have been seriously considering closing the site due to the volume of complaints.

Compare Power to Choose Rates to Vetted Texas Rates Below.*

Average Monthly Usage
Smart Lock 24 Online 13.9¢ 12.6¢ 11.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $200 10%
Smart Value 12 Online 12.6¢ 8.5¢ 9.4¢ 12 Months Fixed $200 10%
Gexa Saver Freedom 36 13.2¢ 12.9¢ 12.7¢ 36 Months Fixed $295 100%
Gexa Saver Premium 24 13.9¢ 13.6¢ 8.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $295 100%
Gexa Saver Premium 12 14.2¢ 13.9¢ 8.7¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 100%
Gexa Saver 12 17.4¢ 7.5¢ 12.1¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 100%
Gexa Saver Supreme 24 15.9¢ 11.1¢ 24 Months Fixed $295 100%
Gexa Saver Supreme 12 16.3¢ 7.4¢ 11.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 100%
Texas Fixed 24 10.7¢ 10.2¢ 9.9¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Saver 36 17.1¢ 7.3¢ 11.9¢ 36 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Fixed 36 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Saver 24 16.7¢ 6.9¢ 11.5¢ 24 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Saver 12 16.1¢ 6.3¢ 10.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Fixed 12 10.8¢ 10.3¢ 10¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Green 36 10.9¢ 10.4¢ 10.1¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 24 11¢ 10.5¢ 10.2¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 12 11¢ 10.5¢ 10.2¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 100%
Truly Free Weekends 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Secure Advantage 12 13.1¢ 10.7¢ 10.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Truly Free Nights 12 16.6¢ 15.2¢ 14.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Truly Free 7 Days 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Eagle 36 9.9¢ 9.4¢ 9.1¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 15%
SMART Energy 24 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 15%
SMART Energy 36 10.3¢ 9.8¢ 9.5¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 15%
Eagle 24 10¢ 9.5¢ 9.2¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 15%
Eagle 12 10.1¢ 9.6¢ 9.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 15%
Green Eagle 12 10.4¢ 9.9¢ 9.6¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 36 10.2¢ 9.7¢ 9.4¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 24 10.3¢ 9.8¢ 9.5¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
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*Above rates are for Oncor zone. Enter your zip code to view rates for your area.

Compare Texas electricity rates vetted to prevent billing surprises

The Truth About Power to Choose Electricity Texas

You may have heard of Power to Choose electricity, which is a state-owned website set up to help Texans find the best electricity rates. However, the reality is that while many people use to find cheap energy plans, they are later disappointed and angry about unexpected, hidden charges and ugly billing surprises from providers on the site. The main issue is that the state has allowed many providers to game their rankings with gimmick plans that trick consumers.

The problem with Power to Choose is that any energy provider in Texas can display their information on the site regardless of its BBB rating, PUC violations, reputation, and complaints. The website was initially created to help customers compare electric rates on an apples-to-apples basis, but it has proven to be unreliable. As consumers have opted for ultra-low rates displayed on the site, they have later discovered hidden charges and unfair fees, and when they attempt to switch to another electricity provider, they have to pay a hefty contract termination fee. If you have questions, call the Public Utility Commission of Texas; in a website search, the terms used are Power to Choose and sometimes Power2Choose.

Power to Choose Comments

Here are some quotes from Texas government officials:

  • “People are misled with the rates they are signing up for.” — state Rep. Jared Patterson, Dallas News, Feb. 15, 2019
  • “If two years from now none of these things work, then I think we need to reconsider the wisdom of a government agency running a commercial website.” — PUC of Texas Chairman DeAnn Walker, Dallas News blog, Aug. 16, 2018
  • “The data I’ve seen, it just doesn’t reflect any economic reality,” he said. “It’s obviously intended to mislead.” — PUC of Texas Commissioner Arthur C. D’Andrea, Dallas News, June 29, 2018, regarding the Power to Choose Texas website.
Compare Texas electricity plans vetted to prevent billing surprises

Why Home Energy Club is the Best Alternative

We at Home Energy Club aim to help our valued customers choose energy plans with the lowest rates that best suit their home, and actively help them avoid bill surprises by manually vetting each energy plan considered for the site. Since 2011, we’ve studied the structures of energy plans and use a system that lets us look under the hood of each plan to determine if it includes gimmicks that cause billing surprises. We call it TrustPlan. If we believe that a plan is likely to cause billing surprises, we don’t show it on our website, unlike the Power to Choose website, which allows virtually any electricity provider to display its information.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on Electricity?

In order to get the best deal on electricity, you have to carefully read the Electricity Facts Label of any plan that you consider in order to make sure that it’s a fit for your home based on your usage patterns, and that all the terms meet your approval. Also, it’s important not to choose a new energy plan during the summer, as the electricity rates are higher due to the high demand for electricity, and you may end up locking in a high rate for a long time.

We’ve created two guides to quickly help you become a better energy buyer to save money, including one that teaches you how to read and use an Electricity Facts Label and our Savvy Shopper’s Texas energy guide. Also, check out our Texas cities electricity guide. Use our guides to determine the best plan for your home.

Compare Texas electricity rates vetted to prevent billing surprises

Who Is the Cheapest Electricity provider?

See our tips for finding the cheapest electricity provider rates you can trust in Texas. There are over many electricity providers in Texas, and some of them may not have energy plans available in your zip code. The best way to gain the lowest electricity rates in Texas and avoid billing surprises is to choose a plan from one of the major brands on Home Energy Club, and use our guides and tools on the site to help in your selection. Also, check our Texas electric company reviews.

It’s smart to consider a multi-year electricity plan so you can lock in a good rate for up to 60 months without having to worry about rate increases. All you need to do is enter your zip code, and the website will show you all the plans available in your area from the electric companies allowed to display on the site.

With the above-mentioned information, it’s now easier for you to come up with the best energy plan that fits your monthly electricity usage.

Compare Texas electricity plans vetted to prevent billing surprises

Why You Should Carefully Read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL)

It’s important to understand the information that each Electricity Facts Label (EFL) provides so you can choose the correct plan depending on your energy usage. An EFL is a state-mandated label that has the rates per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for three usage levels: 500 kWh, 1,000 kWh, and 2,000 kWh. In addition, it includes information about each plan’s term length, TDU charges, termination fees, and whether your rate will be variable or fixed.

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