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Just Energy is one of the oldest electricity providers in Texas. You’ll find in-depth information and their rates below. Use our helpful guides to choose the Just plan that best fits your home or apartment.

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Check to see if a Just Energy promo code, discount code, coupon code or referral code is featured this month on our Texas electricity promo codes page. These codes allow you to access discount rates and specials.

Just Energy Reviews & Ratings

When evaluating a light company, it’s always wise to see what others have to say. Find out if others were happy with their Texas electricity rates and service by viewing Just Energy reviews on their BBB profile page and on Consumer Affairs.

At Home Energy Club, we collect reviews from independent review sites, the Better Business Bureau, the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Statistics and other review sources.

We use this information along with our Home Energy Club/Amazon customer rating survey results to determine a Home Energy Club (HEC) rating for Texas’ energy providers, such as Just Energy Texas.

HEC Just Energy Rating Score: 3.8/5

Just Energy Customer Ratings

Just Energy has good ratings in the reviewed categories. Just Energy received a score of over 4.0 in all of the five rating categories.

Just Energy Customer Reviews

Visit our Just Energy Reviews page to read verified customer reviews about Just Energy.

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Just Energy Rates & Electricity Plan Details in Texas

Just Energy provides a variety of Texas electricity plans for residential customers, complete with the option to have the plans sourced with renewable energy for a low additional fee.

Fixed-Rate Just Energy Plans for Price Protection

Just Energy fixed-rate electricity plans lock in your rate for the term of your contract, generally up to three years. Fixed-rate plans provide bills that are more predictable and allow you to protect yourself from increases in the commodity prices of electricity.

Just Energy Rates in your City

To search for rates in your city, review Just Energy Houston rates and Just Energy Dallas rates. For energy rates for other Texas cities, we have a list of many cities linked further down this page with Just Energy electricity rates (or you can use our zip code finder on each page).

Our Texas electricity rates chart on the homepage in the filter section compares electricity rates and plans side by side.

Just Energy may not always have the best electricity rates or be the cheapest electric company in Texas. However, you can find comfort in doing business with Just Energy Texas as one of the oldest and most established electricity suppliers in the market.

Renewable (Green) Plans from Just Energy

Just Energy offers green Texas electricity plans by giving customers the option to add renewable energy credits (RECs) to their bills, which have the net impact of encouraging generation of green energy in Texas.

By subscribing to their JustGreen Power add-on, Just Energy purchases RECs on your behalf to ensure that the equivalent of up to 100% of the power used in your home is generated from renewable power sources such as solar energy and wind energy. This is tied to the electricity usage of your home.

To discover how much CO2 your traditional fossil-energy plan is emitting into the atmosphere, here’s an eye-opening infographic that demonstrates the importance of renewable energy.

Requirements to Start Just Energy Service

Getting started with Just Energy is easy. After you compare electricity rates in Texas and determine that Just Energy is the best electric company near you, simply call the Just Energy phone number at 866-385-6065 to get started.

Make sure to discuss Just Energy’s Texas rates in your area to compare plans and decide what contract lengths work best for you, and which ones provide you with the cheapest electricity rates.

As with most Texas power companies, depending on your credit score, you may be subject to a deposit when you start a new service plan. Individuals with a good credit history can enroll in an energy plan with light companies in Texas and pay no deposit.

Just Energy Login and Customer Service

Just Energy customer service is accessible by phone, and with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, fax, and email. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Just Energy operators are available at the Just Energy phone number 866-385-6065. on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also go to the Just Energy login page to access your account.

Just Energy Bill Pay

You can conduct convenient Just Energy bill payments through their website at their login page. You can also view a usage history breakdown and use the electric bill estimator tool to see what you will likely owe in the coming months.

For more information on your energy use, the Smart Meter Texas website provides additional details on usage for your home.

Tips to Lower Your Just Energy Bill

If your electricity rates seem too high, there are some things you can do to reduce your electricity bill by cutting your usage. Even the best electricity rates can drive up a high energy bill if your home doesn’t use energy efficiently.

Look for places where energy is leaking out. Insulate the attic and weatherstrip around doors and windows. Add insulation at outlets and light switches as well. Do what you can to keep heating and cooling in so energy doesn’t seep out.

Check our promo codes page for availability of a Just Energy promo code or a code from its sister company, Amigo Energy. Promo codes deliver a discount off the regular rates of electric companies on their websites.

If you use comparison websites to cut your energy bill, beware of the Texas Power to Choose website, operated by the state government. It has had continuous complaints due to the lack of quality control on the site, and has been accused in the media and by government leaders of displaying deceptive electricity plans from providers that cause residents to have billing surprises.

If you conduct a quick online search of Power to Choose, you’ll find stories in the Houston Chronicle and other publications. Just Energy rates are consumer-friendly and straight-forward.


Compare Texas electricity plans chosen to cut bill surprises


Switching, Moving and Just Energy Cancellation Fees

Finding the best electricity rates is a big job. Our guides and tools help you compare electricity companies and plans in Texas conveniently.

In addition to searching the web for an electric company near me, see cities serviced by Just Energy below. When researching online, you may find the provider referred to as Just Energy, JustEnergy and Just Electricity.

When switching electricity or setting up new electric service, you will find there are hundreds of electricity plans in Texas to choose from. For newcomers to the state, the process of selecting an electric company and plans can be confusing and frustrating. You can compare electricity rates mindfully with our Savvy Shopper’s Guide.

You will sometimes see free electricity plans advertised. We usually warn consumers to beware that these types of plans can cost you more than regular plans depending on your usage patterns.

However, Just Energy offers a more consumer-friendly version of “free” electricity plans based on the average rates displayed in the Electricity Fact Labels (EFLs) connected with their plans. Be sure to confirm that the assumptions noted in the EFLs for these plans apply to your usage patterns. See our Texas electricity guide on how to use an EFL.

Each electric company will have Cancellation Fees if you end a plan before the contract. If you will be moving soon, you should consider enrolling in a short-term rate when signing up for a Just Energy plan.

Transferring Your Just Energy Electricity Plan

To transfer your Just Energy plan to a new home, contact customer service at the Just Energy phone number 866-385-6065. They can walk you through the process and help you determine whether you can get the same electric rates in your new home.

Report a Just Energy Power Outage

Just Energy sells power but does not distribute it. This is handled by a Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU, or TDSP). There are six TDUs in Texas that work with Just Energy. In the event of a Just Energy power outage at your home, you must locate your TDU and contact them directly to report an outage.

If you wish to report a Just Energy electricity outage, please contact your local area TDU:

About Just Energy in the United States

Just Energy is one of the largest electric companies in Texas, providing long-term price-protected fixed rate plans. Established in 1997, the electricity provider has a long history of offering affordable rates to its 1.8 million customers for electricity and natural gas.

In addition to traditional fossil-sourced energy plans, Just Energy also offers wind and solar renewable energy rates in Texas to help combat climate change. Just Energy serves a total of 20 markets in North America, spanning 14 states and six provinces.

Just Energy Business Information

Just Energy’s headquarters in Texas are located in:

5251 Westheimer Rd #1000, Houston, TX 77056

You can reach their corporate headquarters at 833-370-5494.

If you want to sign up for a plan you can either enroll online or call 866-385-6065.


Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth
Corpus Christi

See all deregulated cities in Texas.

Just Energy Zip Codes Serviced

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Just Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Where to compare Just Energy plans, rates, and reviews?

You can view Just Energy vetted energy plans with special discount rates, and learn about the electric company’s customer satisfaction ratings and verified reviews, on HomeEnergyClub.com.

The Home Energy Club comparison site uses its significant bargaining power with electric companies to deliver rates that are lower than the ones you’ll find on the energy provider sites for the same brands and term lengths.

How do I find a Just Energy promo code for rate discounts?

Check out the Just Energy profile page on HomeEnergyClub.com to see if our site is featuring discount codes this month that instantly lower Just Energy rates when you enroll.

You’ll find exclusive promo codes with special discount rates for Amigo Energy (Just Energy’s sister company) and other top electric companies in Texas.

Do Just Energy electricity plans require a deposit?

Some electricity plans offered by Just Energy require a deposit. The Texas light company also provides no-deposit electricity for qualified customers based on their credit history. To learn about rates and plans for over 40 electric companies, as well as special discount pricing on plans with no-deposit electricity, visit HomeEnergyClub.com.

How to pay my Just Energy bill payment?

Texas customers have various options for Just Energy bill payment, such as:

  • Online bill payment on the Just Energy login page or the Just Energy mobile app
  • Automatic Just Energy bill pay with Just Energy’s Auto Pay program
  • Phone bill payment at 1-866-253-6480
  • Check bill payment by mailing to Just Energy, P.O. Box 650518 Dallas, TX 7526
  • In-person bill pay at Barri Financial Group, CheckFreePay, and ACE Cash Express locations, and Walmart, Kroger, and HEB stores
  • On-demand bill payment without logging to your account using Just Energy QuickPay option

Learn in-depth information about Just Energy at HomeEnergyClub.com.

How can I contact Just Energy?

If you have any questions regarding your plan or want assistance in transferring your plan to a new address, call the Just Energy phone number 866-385-6065.

You can also connect with Just Energy customer service on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. View Just Energy plans, rates and reviews at HomeEnergyClub.com.

Should I pay an early termination fee if I cancel my Just Energy contract?

You can cancel a Just Energy plan at any time. Depending on your plan type and term length, you may have to pay a Just Energy cancellation fee in an amount disclosed in the plan’s Electricity Facts Label (cancelation fees are known as early termination fees, or ETFs). If you are moving from your home, you should not have to pay a fee, but if you are switching provider plans, you should expect to pay a ETF. Call 877-240-3931 to cancel your plan.

Where is Just Energy located?

Just Energy is an electric and natural gas company with operations located in the United States, Canada, and Germany. Just Energy offices are located in the states of Texas, California, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In North America, Just Energy serves 1.8 million customers.

For Just Energy plans, rates, and certified reviews and ratings from objective sources, go to HomeEnergyClub.com.

What does Just Energy do?

Apart from providing affordable residential electricity in Texas, Just Energy is also a natural gas supplier which provides renewable energy plans for residents and businesses. Texas electric companies including Tara Energy, Hudson Energy Solar, and Amigo Energy are affiliates of Just Energy.


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