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Finding valid reviews about light companies in Texas can be challenging. There are a number of electricity marketing sites that bill themselves as consumer review and ratings sites, but we recommend that you check reviews on major review websites such as Google and Yelp, which don’t market electricity and are likely to be more impartial. Also, the Better Business Bureau has additional types of information.

To save you time, we’ve assembled key information about Green Mountain Energy reviews below and you’ll find reviews on competing electric companies on our Texas Electric Companies Reviews main page. Click on the links to see reviews on top third party review sites which have over 500 combined reviews.


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Green Mountain Energy, a subsidiary of NRG Energy, is a well-established electricity company. You’ll find many details about the Texas electricity company on our Green Mountain Energy profile page.

It’s often the case that customers are more motivated to post reviews about energy companies when they have had a bad experience, so ratings on review sites may be skewed. It’s helpful to look for patterns in customer comments rather than focus on ratings.

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Green Mountain Energy Ratings

Home Energy Club captures customer satisfaction data from more than 40 electricity companies servicing Texas by using independent review sites, the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Stats, the Better Business Bureau and other sources.

We use third party information along with Home Energy Club/Amazon customer rating survey results to define a rating score for energy providers, such as Green Mountain Energy.

HEC Green Mountain Energy Rating Score: 4.5/5

Green Mountain Energy BBB Rating: A

Green Mountain Energy Customer Ratings

Green Mountain Energy has relatively impressive ratings. Green Mountain’s best rating is for trust and transparency with a 4.7 out of 5 score.

Green Mountain Energy Customer Reviews

Green Mt. Energy Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find objective Green Mountain Energy company reviews?

Home Energy Club is a comparison and consumer advocacy site offering objective ratings, reviews, and complaint statistics for Green Mountain Energy and other electric companies using independent sources, such as:

  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • HEC/Amazon surveys of Amazon’s customer base
  • Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

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How is Green Mountain Energy rated compared to other electric companies?

Green Mountain Energy is among the Top 13 Best Electric Companies in Texas compared and rated at, which uses customer data, an objective vetting process, and industry knowledge to rank energy companies. The current Top 13 includes:

Who reviews the plans and energy rates of Green Mountain Energy?

Find verified reviews of Green Mountain Energy plans and rates from independent sources at Home Energy Club, which uses the TrustPlan™ vetting process to eliminate gimmick plans which cause bill surprises. The site’s free service also provides the following features to help you choose the best energy plan for your home:

  • The estimated amount of your monthly electricity bill is among the details found in the “Plan Details” popups for each plan.
  • A filter is included on the home page that allows you to eliminate plans that may produce less predictable bills.
  • Use the “Compare Plans” feature to view energy rates for certain usage levels, early termination fees and BBB ratings.

Texas homeowners use Home Energy Club to help them avoid bill surprises with vetted plans, and to access lower rates due to the site’s bargaining power with electric companies. The comparison site does not charge a member fee, and it does not sell special treatment to providers. 

Why does Power to Choose (government site) get many complaints?

Power to Choose has received large numbers of consumer complaints largely because the site has lacked quality control, resulting in the following:

  • The government-operated site for making energy plan comparisons has been used by electric companies to display tricky energy plans that suggest ultra-low rates, only to have customers experience unpleasant bill surprises.
  • Whether to close the website has been matter of debate among state leaders.
  • It has been suggested by the Public Utility Commission Chairman that if significant improvements are not evident, the feasibility of a commercial website run by a government agency bears reconsideration.

Consumers can turn to as the best alternative to Power to Choose in Texas because the consumer-friendly comparison site eliminates energy plans that utilize tricky gimmicks that result in bill surprises.

What are problems with electricity company review sites? 

Home Energy Club highlights potential problems with the following energy review sources which tend to give misleading impressions about electricity providers:

  • Government comparison sites: a lack of quality control has been prevalent among government energy rate sites, such as the Power to Choose Texas site, which has allowed some energy providers to aggressively game their system, leading to bill surprises for consumers.
  • Texas electricity review sites: energy sites sometimes arrange reviews of their customers in a way that provides advantages to electric companies which pay a fee (Home Energy Club does not sell special treatment).
  • General review sites: some review sites place positive reviews at the top of the results in an attempt to bury bad reviews, in consideration for fees paid by companies being reviewed. 

Numerous credible, independent sources with verified reviews are utilized by

How good is Green Mountain Energy? 

Reviews and ratings from independent sources for Green Mountain Energy suggest it is a trusted company with a loyal following. 

Go to to read verified reviews, ratings, and state complaint statistics for Green Mountain Energy, and compare with other top electric companies in Texas.

How to find Green Mountain Energy promo code to get a rate discount? 

Visit the the profile page for Green Mountain Energy to see if any promo codes are featured this month which deliver instant rate cuts on their plans, and enter your zip code at to compare Green Mountain rates in your  area. The comparison site offers exclusive promo codes with special discount rates for many of the best energy providers in Texas.