Sizing a Standby Generator | Natural Gas and Propane

When choosing a standby generator for your Texas home, size selection is important. You need to determine if you prefer to back up your entire house or only power specific essentials such as your refrigerator, lights, internet, and phone.

Generators are rated based on their kilowatt rating. The higher the kilowatts, the more household appliances your home can power on. See the six yes-no questions you’ll need to answer for a certified dealer-installer to provide an initial quote.

You can use the following table to help you get a general idea of what size generator is best for your home. However, keep in mind that there is no substitute for a load analysis by a certified standby generator professional to ensure that you select a generator that’s the right size for your home.


YOUR ELECTRICAL NEEDS 8-14 KW 15-25 KW 26-48 KW 49-150 KW
Furnace Fan X X X For greater than 200-amp service in larger homes and small businesses
Refrigerator/Freezer X X X


Sump Pump X X X


Lighting X X X


Well Pump X X X


Television/Radio X X X


Computer X X X


Garage Door Opener X X X


Security System X X


Central A/C System X X
Water Heater X X
Washing Machine X X
Electric Range X X
Clothes Dryer X
Dishwasher X
Microwave Oven X
Toaster Oven X
Extensive Power Requirements X