Standby Generator Benefits for your Home

Want to end your total dependence on the electricity grid during power outages? With the uncertainty of electrical grid capacity during summer heat peaks for winter freezes, natural gas and propane-powered standby generators are a simple solution.

You can have a quality generator professionally installed to help ensure that the comfort, security and safety of your home are maintained, and that you avoid food spoilage, and prevent mold and mildew growth.

It’s important to select the best standby generator and a qualified generator dealer for installation and service after the sale.

Why Invest in an Automatic Standby Generator?

The extremely disruptive power outages in Texas in recent years have caused many families to protect against the costs and consequences of a loss of electricity by installing natural gas and propane standby generators. The prevention of pipe leakage, and mold and mildew alone easily justify the cost of a natural gas or propane generator.

The use of natural gas to power standby generators offers an unlimited source of fuel already attached to your home. And natural gas pipelines reside underground, meaning they are less likely to sustain wind and flood damage caused by severe weather.

Below are just some of the situations you can avoid with a standby generator:

Household component failure Complications caused by a power loss
Air conditioning
  • Uncomfortably high temperatures permeating your home
  • The development of potentially toxic mold and mildew
  • Breathing issues
  • Pipes freezing over
  • Costly water damage
  • Home security is diminished
  • Prone to home accidents and physical injuries
  • False appearance of home abandonment
Security systems
  • Loss of contact with your home security monitoring provider
  • Less protection for your family
  • Spoiling food
  • Mildew and mold growth
  • Wage loss of home-based businesses or remote workers
  • Loss of computer and internet access, and battery charging
  • Loss of phone access if you lose battery charging capacity
Medical needs
  • Lack of refrigeration for medicines
  • Electric medical devices can’t be charged
  • Loss of telemedicine due to loss of internet access
  • Loss of hot water without hot water heater
  • For water wells, no water to drink or bathe in

Other Reasons to Install a Standby Generator

Based on the information above, the benefits of installing an automatic generator to have accessible and reliable electricity during outages are apparent. Here are additional top reasons to invest:

24/7 Automatic Protection

No matter where you are, the generator has the innovative ability to turn itself on during an outage and off when your power returns. You don’t lift a finger!

Reliable Power Independent of the Grid

Enjoy stable and constant voltage circulating through your home, protecting your kitchen appliances and vulnerable home electronics (televisions, gaming consoles, and computers).

Hassle-Free Fuel Delivery

Having a natural gas standby generator ensures a direct connection between the fuel and the generator, which is more cost-effective than emergency generation. The natural gas that serves your home is the same that’s being used here. You don’t have to worry about halting the generator over and over to add fuel or squandering your limited time to gather fuel from a gas station during extreme weather conditions.

Avoids Electrical and Physical Hazards

The use of long extension cords stretching through your home is unnecessary, lending itself to safer conditions from accidental tripping and electrical hazards.

Standby Generators Are Safer

The American Red Cross recommends permanent standby generator installations because they’re a safer alternative for providing backup power to your home compared to portable generators. There are severe safety hazards associated with the fumes of emergency portable gasoline generators. By investing in a natural gas or propane standby generator, you won’t have to worry about lugging around a lofty propane tank or heavy gasoline can, or rely on someone to make rushed home deliveries.

Portable Generator Limitations

Portable generators are not sized properly to provide power to an entire house, and they aren’t designed to support the power demands of a home, including HVAC units.

Helpful for Seniors

Seniors are susceptible to the difficulties of an unexpected power outage and may be especially vulnerable if they have a medical condition, but a standby generator helps them by:

  • Keeping your home cool
  • Powering your medical devices and home appliances
  • Preventing your medications and food from spoiling
  • Keeping your home security system running and active
  • Keeping communication devices charged

Help your Neighbors and Protect your Business

You can become a source of assistance on your street if your neighbors lose their power for an extended period and your power is still running. And if you operate a home business, you can continue to charge your computer and phone, and perform work.



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