Texas Electricity Promo Codes & Coupons

Written by Frank Eakin

What Are Texas Electricity Promo Codes?

Texas electricity promo codes — also known as promotional codes, coupon codes, discount codes, and referral codes — are used by energy consumers to receive discounts. Electricity providers in Texas offer promo codes to incentivize people to purchase their energy plans. When you use a promo code, the provider will reduce the energy rate you’ll pay for a plan by a particular amount.

Home Energy Club works with some of the best-known energy providers in Texas to acquire codes, special offers, and other discounts for customers.

How to Use Texas Electricity Promo Codes

To use an electricity promo code, input the code in the promo code field on the website of your chosen energy provider. Sometimes the code will already be on the page when you enter.

You can also call your provider to give the code to the operator. On our Home Energy Club Contact Us page you’ll find toll-free numbers for all major electricity providers in Texas.  Share these promo codes with your friends, family members and coworkers.

Below you’ll find current Texas electricity promo codes. We’ve also provided instructions to follow with each provider:

Gexa Energy

Our best Gexa Energy promo code is GexaTX. Input your zip code on the promo code page and click “Search.” On the search results page, scroll through your options to select the plan you want to order. You can also filter your search results by fixed plans, smart device plans, usage credit, and recommended offers. From there, follow the on-screen options to complete your enrollment.

Champion Energy

Our best Champion Energy promo code  is TOP. After you click on the link, complete the form with your street address, city name, and zip code. Toward the bottom of the page, ensure the field labeled “Promo Code or Referral ID” includes the promo code. If the code is missing, input it manually. Finally, select “Get Rates” to generate your discounted offers.

Flagship Power

Our best Flagship Power promo code is SECRET. To get started, input your zip code on the Flagship promo code page and click “Continue.” On the search results page, select the plan you want to purchase and complete your enrollment.

Frontier Utilities

Our best Frontier Utilities promo code is FRONTIERTX. When you click on the link, the page will ask you to input your zip code. Choose your preferred plan on the search results page and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your enrollment.

Pulse Power

Our best Pulse Power promo code is NICE. On the Pulse Power promo code page, input your zip code, make sure you fill out the promo code field and select “Continue.” You can complete your enrollment from there.

Payless Power

Click on this special link to access the Payless Power promo code for prepaid energy plans. On the link page, input your zip code to automatically generate applicable offers. When you find the plan you like, click “Select Plan.” You then input your information and make your payment.

Other Ways to Get Discounted Rates on Electricity Plans

If you want to check out discount rates that apply to your service area on Home Energy Club, all you have to do is input your zip code in the search field on this page and select “Get Rates”, then check the box in the filter section called “Plans with special discount rates”. The search results page will show you plans with discounted rates from various providers.

Discount Codes Not Featured This Month

Though we don’t have codes each month for every Texas electricity provider, we provide links to our profile pages of the established electricity companies so you can learn about them and compare their regular rates:


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