Compare Standby Generators to Portable Gasoline Types

Below are key factors that differentiate standby generators from traditional portable gasoline generators:

Standby generators can power your whole house

Portable generators typically don’t have near enough KW capacity to power your entire house during an outage — especially during periods of high power demand in the summer and winter. However, a properly sized standby generator which has been professionally installed by a certified generator dealer has the power to keep your entire house running, including your appliances, devices, central heating and air conditioning system, swimming pool and other electrical units.

Standby generators automatically start during outages

Standby generators offer an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that kicks in whenever it senses a power outage. In addition, when utility power is restored, your standby generator will shut itself off.

Standby generators fuel your home reliably and economically

Purchasing, storing, and transporting cumbersome gas cans to prepare for a storm outage can be unsafe and get tiring. Your standby generator features permanent installation and can offer a more reliable, economical, and streamlined solution for electricity supply in an emergency.

Using a standby generator can protect your devices during an outage

As you accumulate more electronic devices like smart TVs and fridges, it’s important that they maintain optimal functional status even when a power outage occurs. Standby generators provide reliable power that can protect your devices.

Standby generators are safer to operate

The American Red Cross recommends permanent standby generator installations because they’re much safer to operate than portable gasoline generators. There are severe safety hazards associated with emergency portable gasoline generators which can cause fatalities.

Gasoline generators must be positioned outside your home and at least 15 feet away from open doors or windows to prevent exhaust from entering. It’s important to be aware of gasoline generator safety precautions to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangers.