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AEP, or American Electric Power, is a Texas-area Transmission and Distribution Utility company, also known as a TDU or TDSP.

Read on to learn all about American Electric Power (AEP) power outage resources, including the real-time AEP outage map, and severe weather links for Central/South Texas (including Corpus Christi, Abilene, McAllen, Harlingen, San Angelo, Vernon, Victoria, and Laredo).

You’ll also find important move-in, usage, and electric rate information.

American Electric Power (AEP) Outages

In the event of an electricity outage in Central/South Texas, call AEP’s power outage number at 866-223-8508. You can view the AEP Outage Map which displays a map of Texas and up to date power status of AEP’s service areas.

You can read our helpful power outage phone guide for the appropriate energy provider outage numbers for your area. Below you can find the best available resources to determine the current status of outages and weather in your area.

AEP power outage map

AEP is a Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), meaning they transmit and distribute energy marketed by Retail Energy Providers (REPs). They serve about 10 percent of the electricity demand in 38 states, including the ERCOT transmission system in Texas.

As a TDU, AEP Texas restores service following outages, builds new power lines, and uses advanced smart meters to record electric use for retail energy providers throughout its service territory.

The AEP Outage Map allows you to:

  • Review the number of AEP outages in your vicinity by city, county, and zip code
  • Access a more complete overview of power outages
  • Sign up for outage alerts and info by email, text, and phone call
  • View the number of customers affected by a power outage in each area as indicated by this legend:

Best weather websites in AEP’s territory for alerts

Texas cities serviced by AEP

Below are the top largest Texas Cities serviced by AEP. By following the city links, you’ll find helpful power outage information, the cheapest electricity plans in your area, businesses with energy-saving products and services, EV dealerships and charging stations, and more.

Abilene power outage Alamo power outage Alice power outage
Bay City power outage Beeville power outage Corpus Christi power outage
Del Rio power outage Donna power outage Eagle Pass power outage
Edinburg power outage El Campo power outage Harlingen power outage
Hidalgo power outage Kingsville power outage Laredo power outage
Longview power outage McAllen power outage Mercedes power outage
Mission power outage Palmview power outage Pharr power outage
Port Lavaca power outage Portland power outage Roma power outage
San Angelo power outage San Benito power outage San Juan power outage
Uvalde power outage Victoria power outage Weslaco power outage

Reporting a power outage: call the TDU

When an electrical outage occurs, you’ll receive a quicker, more attentive response by contacting the TDU (such as AEP) rather than the electric company who provides your energy in Texas.

It’s helpful to understand the difference between the TDU (also called TDSP) and electric company. We also have a handy guide for what to do during a power outage, in which you’ll find a list of Texas TDU phone numbers.

Outage Info, Maps and Numbers for Other De-regulated Areas of Texas

Centerpoint Energy Outages: Houston metropolitan area (including Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, League City, Pasadena, Baytown, Kingwood, and other nearby cities).

Oncor Electric Outages: Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area (including Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving and other nearby cities)

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) Outages: North, West, and Gulf Coast regions (including Texas City, League City, Alvin, Brazoria, Fort Stockton, and Lewisville).

Sharyland/Oncor Outages: West, Central, and Southern regions (including Arlington, Plano, Garland, and Irving).

Top electricity providers in AEP’s service area

Below are the top energy companies in AEP’s service area. You’ll find detailed plans on our pages for all of the providers below:

Phone Number 
Energy Rates
Amigo Energy
Amigo Energy Reviews
Amigo Energy Rates
Champion Energy
Champion Energy Reviews
Champion Energy Rates
Chariot Energy 
Chariot Energy Reviews
Chariot Energy Rates
Cirro Energy
Cirro Energy Reviews
Cirro Energy Rates
Constellation Energy
Constellation Energy Reviews
Constellation Energy Rates
Direct Energy
Direct Energy Reviews
Direct Energy Rates
Discount Power
Discount Power Reviews
Discount Power Rates
Energy Texas
Energy Texas Reviews
Energy Texas Rates
Express Energy
Express Energy Reviews
Express Energy Rates
4Change Energy
4Change Energy Reviews
4Change Energy Rates
Flagship Energy
Flagship Energy Reviews
Flagship Energy Rates
Frontier Utilities
Frontier Utilities Reviews
Frontier Utilities Rates
Gexa Energy
Gexa Energy Reviews
Gexa Energy Rates
Green Mountain Energy
Green Mt. Energy Reviews
Green Mt. Energy Rates
New Power
New Power Reviews
New Power Rates
NRG Energy
713 537-3000
NRG Energy Reviews
NRG Energy Rates
Just Energy
Just Energy Reviews
Just Energy Rates
Payless Power
Payless Power Reviews
Payless Power Rates
Pulse Power
Pulse Power Reviews
Pulse Power Rates
Reliant Energy
Reliant Energy Reviews
Reliant Energy Rates
Rhythm Energy
Rhythm Energy Reviews
Rhythm Energy Rates
Tara Energy
Tara Energy Reviews
Tara Energy Rates
TriEagle Energy
TriEagle Energy Reviews
TriEagle Energy Rates
TXU Energy
TXU Energy Reviews
TXU Energy Rates
Veteran Energy
Veteran Energy Reviews
Veteran Energy Rates

Use Smart Meter Texas to see how outages affect usage

When a Central/South Texas area power outage occurs, check the effects that the power outage is had on your energy use for a given month by evaluating your Smart Meter Texas usage data.

If you wish to effortlessly view your meter usage history gathered by AEP Texas, you can set up an account with Smart Meter Texas. First, you could also read our informative guide on Smart Meters Guide.

Protect yourself from rate spikes due to demand surges caused by AEP outages

Power outages caused by surging electricity demand can result in substantial energy rate spikes, creating serious increases in your monthly energy bill if you’re not on a fixed-rate plan that locks in your rate for the term of your contract.

Spikes in demand are most likely to occur during the stifling Texas summer months when electricity demand is at its highest.

Energy Rates: If you’re on a variable-rate plan like a wholesale plan, an index rate plan, or month-to-month plan, you can prevent unpredictable bill surprises by enrolling in a fixed-rate plan from the most trusted Central/South Texas electric companies on our home page. Use our Electricity Facts Label Guide to decide whether an energy plan is a good fit for your home’s energy usage.

Central/South Texas Energy Promo Code Deals: Use our exclusive Central/South Texas energy referral codes (AKA discount codes and promo codes) to receive discounted electricity rates with the best light companies in Texas.

Compare Central/South Texas fixed-rate plans to prevent billing surprises

What do you do in the event of an AEP outage?

  • Electrical surges that happen after power outages can damage your electronic devices, so it’s a good idea to unplug your devices after an outage.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer shut at all times.
  • Check with your neighbors or others in your area to confirm the outage is not just at your house.
  • Try to find an electricity source for your power-dependent medical devices.
  • Go to another location in case of an immediate need for cooling or heating.

The immediate thing that you should do during an electric outage is unplug all of your electronic devices until the outage is finished. Then, find the correct phone number to call based on your location to estimate when the outage will be over. Also, check the informative AEP Outage Map.

If it’s cold, experts recommend that you don’t use a gas stove for heating due to health and safety risks.

If you experience frequent outages, you can prepare by having extra batteries and other energy sources for backup power. Also, you may wish to consider having a landline home phone available, which will function without power so you can make calls in case of emergencies. Extra power sources like portable battery packs are also important for medical devices requiring electricity.

If you wish to use a generator, place it outside your home and keep it away from windows and doors. If you live in a rural area and solely rely on your generator for power, have an extra supply of gas that you could use in special circumstances.

Print out and keep the AEP phone numbers to call in case of outages in a location you can remember, and save it in your phone’s contacts.

AEP Electric Service Start and Move-in Info

Below is information for moving into houses with an existing meter and without a meter in Central/South Texas.

3 steps to start service in central/south Texas with a meter installed

Here are the steps if the home you are moving into has an existing meter:

  1. Choose an electricity company (or Retail Energy Provider):
  2. Enroll in an energy plan from the light company of your choice. You can view our TrustPlan™-vetted plans from top energy providers and enroll in a low cost, fixed-rate plan in less than 10 minutes by entering your zip code on our main home page.
  3. Your new electric company will send a request to start service to American Electric Power. When AEP receives that request, they’ll flip the switch and turn on your electricity on the date you request, presuming that the weather and scheduling allow.

5 steps to start service in central/south Texas with no meter installed

Here are the steps if your new house does not have a meter installed:

  1. Call the AEP Texas phone number:
    • If you’re a homeowner or business owner, call 866-223-8508 to have AEP Texas create an Electric Service Identifier number (ESI ID).
  2. Choose an energy provider (also called an electric company or light company) at least 2 business days after you obtain your ESI ID number.
  3. Enroll in an electricity plan from the light company you choose. You can view our TrustPlan™-vetted rates from the best electricity providers in Texas and enroll online in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Your new electricity provider will send a request to start your service to American Electric Power. AEP will turn on your energy typically within 7 business days of the date you request, presuming that the weather and their schedule for other jobs permit.
  5. Acquire your permit by checking with the permitting entity for your area. Call 866-223-8508 for more information about permits.

About American Electric Power (AEP)

American Electric Power owns the largest U.S. electricity transmission system, a network of about 40,000 miles that includes more ultra-high voltage transmission lines than all other transmission systems in the nation combined.

The company is ranked in the Fortune 300 as one of the largest U.S. companies.

The company, founded in 1906 upon replacing the Electric Company of America which launched in 1899, was named American Electric Power in 1958. The company developed the first power plant in the world to reheat steam as a source in generating electricity. The company acquired the following operations since the 1920s:

  • Indiana and Michigan Electric in 1922
  • American Electric Power Company in 1924
  • Appalachian Power Company in 1925
  • Indiana Service Corporation of Fort Wayne in 1948
  • Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company in 1980
  • Central and South West Corporation in 2000

Power Outage Maps for Cities in Central/South Texas

City Power Outage Map

TDU Servicing City

Abilene power outage map AEP outage    
San Angelo power outage map AEP outage    
Corpus Christi power outage map AEP outage    
Laredo power outage map AEP outage    
Victoria power outage map AEP outage    
McAllen power outage map AEP outage    
Brownsville power outage map AEP outage    
Harlingen power outage map AEP outage    
Edinburg power outage map AEP outage    
San Benito power outage map AEP outage    
South Padre Island power outage map AEP outage    
Padre Island power outage map AEP outage    
Del Rio power outage map AEP outage    
Vernon power outage map AEP outage    

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