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American Electric Power (AEP) owns the largest U.S. electricity transmission system, a network of about 40,000 miles that includes more ultra-high voltage transmission lines than all other transmission systems in the nation combined.

AEP is a transmission and distribution utility (TDU) serving about 10 percent of the electricity demand in 38 states, including the ERCOT transmission system in Texas. The company is ranked in the Fortune 300 as one of the largest U.S. companies.

AEP corrects electric power outages, and maintains the wires, poles and electric infrastructure, carrying electricity from generation facilities to homes and businesses.

AEP Power Outages: AEP is TDU for certain areas in Texas. Read information on the difference between the TDU and retail electric company. For information on other TDUs, see our Texas Electric Utilities page.

AEP Power Outage Tracking Map: when a power outage occurs, you should check the AEP power outage map and call your TDU, not your retail electric company who sells and bills you for electricity.

AEP Power Outage Phone Number: Call AEP for an outage status at 1-866-223-8508.

Impact of Power Outage on your Electricity Usage and Energy Bill: check your usage history at Smart Meter Texas following an outage. If you wish to switch electric companies to get a lower electricity rate from one of the established electricity companies in Texas, it’s important to review the the Electricity Fact Label Guide for each plan to determine if it’s a good fit for your home.

About AEP:  The company, founded in 1906 upon replacing the Electric Company of America which launched in 1899, was named American Electric Power in 1958. The company developed the first power plant in the world to reheat steam as a source in generating electricity. The company acquired the following operations in the 20th century:

  • Indiana and Michigan Electric in 1922
  • American Electric Power Company in 1924
  • Appalachian Power Company in 1925
  • Indiana Service Corporation of Fort Wayne in 1948
  • Columbus and Southern Ohio Electric Company in 1980
  • Central and South West Corporation in 2000


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