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Looking for the top links, phone numbers, and information for power outages in Philadelphia? Below are details and links for Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO), the transmission and distribution utility (TDU), as well as the Philadelphia power outage map and the best sites for Philly weather radar and forecasts.

If a power outage occurs in Philly, call the PECO power outage number at 1-800-841-4141. You can also fill out this online form, or view PECO’s Outage Map for Philadelphia, which shows the number and location of outages in the city.

Below, you’ll find the best immediate resources for Philadelphia power outages and severe weather forecasts. In Philadelphia, hurricane season begins in June and ends in November.

Philadelphia Power Outages, Real Time Outage Map & Severe Weather

As the electricity transmission utility in Philadelphia, PECO is responsible for restoring power outages, electrical infrastructure maintenance, and providing electricity services. PECO serves over 1.6 million customers in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia outage map provides greater detail related to local service.

The PECO Outage Map allows you to:

  • View the number and status of power outages near your location
  • View the weather radar for your location
  • Sign up for outage alerts
  • View the areas currently experiencing a power outage based on the map below

Best Philadelphia Weather Radar and Forecasts

What to do in the Event of a Power Outage in Philadelphia?

  • Electrical surges that happen due to a power outage can damage your electronic devices, so you should unplug your devices after a power outage occurs.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed to keep from spoiling .
  • Check in with your neighbors and others in the area to confirm the power outage is not only at your home.
  • Find an electricity source for any electricity-dependent medical devices.
  • Move to another location in case of an immediate need for cooling or heating.

When your power goes out, you should immediately disconnect all of your electronic devices because when your electricity is eventually turned back on, energy surges can permanently damage them. The next thing you should do is check the Power Outage Map for the latest updates. You may also need to change locations for better heating or cooling if you have small children or are living with elderly people.

It’s important to write down the power outage phone number, or save it in your phone in case of emergency. The PECO outage number is 1-800-841-4141.

Protecting Your Food Supply

Food can spoil quickly when the power goes out because there’s no climate control in the refrigerator or in the house. A refrigerator can only protect food for approximately four hours, so it’s important to stock up on nonperishable foods.

  • Consume perishable foods first when possible.
  • Discard any foods at risk of spoiling quickly without refrigeration.
  • Don’t go into the refrigerator or freezer unless absolutely necessary to help maintain temperatures.
  • Always keep bottled water available.
  • Buy dry ice, if available.

It’s recommended to store one gallon of water per person per day to have on hand. In addition, putting food into coolers with ice packs when the electricity is off can help you to prevent food spoilage.

Solar Panels in Philadelphia

One option to prepare for a power outage is by installing solar panels. Solar panels in Philadelphia allow homeowners to become energy independent. This means you won’t have to worry about power outages eliminating access to electricity. Also, during high demand periods on the electricity grid, you won’t be subject to a reduced energy supply or rate spikes related to the high demand.

In addition to the independence, homeowners with solar panels can expect to reduce their electricity bill by as much as half while also increasing the value of your home.

Importantly, installing solar panels can help reduce your carbon footprint, which allows you to play a part in fighting climate change and saving our planet.

Home Generators in Philadelphia

Another way to prepare for a power outage is by purchasing a standby home generator in Philadelphia. When a blackout occurs, sophisticated generators will turn on automatically, and when properly sized to the house, your generator can power most, if not all, of your electrical equipment. Once the power outage is fixed, generators will automatically turn off.

If you plan on using a generator, make sure to place it away from doors and windows.

Regulated Electricity in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is a de-regulated electricity state, which means home owners have the choice of choosing their energy provider, the company which markets electricity and bills customers. In Philadelphia, PECO serves as the regulated transmission and distribution utility (TDU). You can choose from a variety of energy providers in Philadelphia, such as Constellation Energy, Clearview Energy and NRG Energy.

Power Outage Maps for Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

City Power Outage Map
Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) Servicing City
Philadelphia Outage Map
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)
Darby Outage Map
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)
Lansdowne Outage Map
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)
Yeadon Outage Map
Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO)