First Choice Power® Reviews (280+ Verified)

Looking for verified reviews for First Choice Power? Some electric company review sources can be misleading because they are owned by electricity marketers. However, we use major independent sources of reviews to give you a more trustworthy snapshot of customer satisfaction. Below you will find information and statistics for First Choice Power from the Texas PUC and review websites, plus our HEC Rating for the company.

First Choice Power on GoogleGoogle Reviews
First Choice Power Public Utility Commission of Texas StatsPUC Stats

See Home Energy Club’s First Choice Power profile page for in-depth information about the company. You can also view competing Texas energy company reviews to get a full picture of the market.

First Choice Power Ratings

Home Energy Club obtains objective data on more than 40 electricity companies in Texas from independent review sites, the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints site, and other sources. We determine our Home Energy Club rating score by combining results from our HEC/Amazon customer rating surveys with this third party information.

HEC First Choice Power Rating Score: 4.1/5

First Choice Power Customer Ratings

First Choice Power has fair ratings for each of the categories. Their top reviewed category is billing quality, with a 4.2 out of 5 score. All of the scores except one are above a 4.0

First Choice Power Customer Reviews

First Choice Power Reviews & Ratings Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find objective First Choice Power reviews and ratings?

To provide objective reviews and ratings for First Choice Power and other electric companies, Home Energy Club uses the following sources and others:

  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • Amazon/HEC customer surveys
  • Google and Yelp Customer Reviews in Texas

Go to to find the best electricity rates in Texas based on your home’s individual usage patterns.

How does First Choice Power’s rating compare to other electric companies?

Home Energy Club rates the Top 13 Best Electric Companies in Texas with a time-tested vetting process. The current list, in no particular order, is below. First Choice Power does not currently appear, but ratings change periodically.

Find ways to get lower electricity rates in Texas at

Who reviews the electricity plans of First Choice Power in Texas? has verified reviews of First Choice Power and its plans. On this user-friendly consumer advocacy site, you can:

  • Read estimated monthly energy bill amounts in the Plan Details popups
  • Compare energy plans based on:
    • Rate offers
    • Verified customer reviews
    • Early termination fees

Home Energy Club helps Texas residents save money on their monthly energy bills—and you can learn useful information, such as how to read an Electricity Facts Label (EFL), so you always know the types of charges that will appear on your bill.

What are problems with electricity company review sites?

Home Energy Club has found that some energy review sources may be problematic and cause expensive bill surprises for consumers who mistakenly choose gimmicky plans based on flawed information:

  • Small niche review sources: may give companies top search rankings and reviews in exchange for fees
  • Texas electricity ratings sites: preferential treatment may be given to companies that pay fees
  • Government sites: Power to Choose Texas, along with other government sites, may be gamed to trick consumers uses only objective sources for electric company reviews and plan information.

How good is First Choice Power?

Use this information gathered by Home Energy Club to help you decide whether First Choice Power is a good company:

  • Customer reviews: see verified reviews and ratings for First Choice Power
  • Energy plan structures: see if they have straightforward or gimmick rates based on the EFLs of each plan

Find vetted energy plans for over a dozen top Texas electric companies at

How to find a First Choice Power promo code to get a rate discount?

Check for promo codes for First Choice Power to get potential discounts at Home Energy Club:

Find the electricity plan that’s right for you at

Why does Power to Choose (government site) get many complaints?

While the comparison site works to help Texas residents avoid energy bill shocks with vetted plans, government-run Power to Choose has been flooded with customer complaints, many regarding misleading information used by the providers:

  • Gimmicks: companies have gamed the site, leading to customer confusion and higher bills
  • Shutdown talks: state leaders have discussed shutting the site down
  • Concerns: the Public Utility Commission Chairman has expressed concern over the viability of the government site

Home Energy Club is the best alternative to Power to Choose in Texas, and the best comparison site for reducing surprises on your energy bills.




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