Frontier Utilities Reviews & Ratings (3400+ Verified)

While searching for electricity reviews in Texas, you may find that many of the reviews are on sites that also sell electricity, which can create a conflict of interest. We recommend that you consider reviews from objective sources like Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

For your convenience, we’ve consolidated major reviews and ratings sources on this page for Frontier Utilities. We’ve also included a link to the State of Texas PUC Complaints page.

You may also want to check our energy provider page for Frontier Utilities, which has in-depth information on the company to help guide your decision. You can call Frontier at 866-926-8192.

Frontier Utilities on Google Google Reviews
Frontier Utilities on Yelp Yelp Reviews
Frontier Utilities Better Business Bureau Page BBB Rating
Frontier Utilities Public Utility Commission of Texas Stats PUC Stats

Home Energy Club goes the extra mile to protect our customers from gimmick plans that cause billing surprises. We vet every plan using our TrustPlan process, and provide you with filters on our home page to help you select from the best and most predictable rate plans on the market.

Frontier Utilities Ratings

At Home Energy Club, we are continuously gathering customer satisfaction data so we can provide you the most current and objective information. We collect reviews on more than 40 electricity companies in Texas from review sites, the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints site, the Better Business Bureau and other sources.

The combination of our Home Energy Club/Amazon survey results, paired with this third party customer information, helps us determine a score for each energy provider.

HEC Frontier Utilities Rating Score: 4.0/5

Frontier Utilities BBB Rating: A

Frontier Utilities Customer Ratings

Frontier Utilities has fair to good ratings for the reviewed groups. Their best reviewed category is pricing, with a score of 4.3/5.0.

Frontier Utilities Customer Reviews

Frontier Utilities Reviews & Ratings Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find objective Frontier Utilities reviews and ratings?

Home Energy Club provides objective ratings and reviews for Frontier Utilities, in addition to other energy providers. These sources include:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews
  • HEC/Amazon surveys of Amazon’s customer base

Visit to read ratings, reviews, and statistics for over 40 energy companies in Texas.

How does Frontier Utilities rating compare to other electric companies?

Frontier Utilities is currently not included in the Top 13 Electric Companies in Texas list produced by Home Energy Club; however, its sister company Gexa Energy is included and ratings change periodically. Here’s the consumer advocate’s current list based on consumer data, reviews and industry intelligence:

For objective electric company reviews and special discount energy rates, visit No membership fees, just low rates on vetted plans.

Who compares Frontier Utilities electricity plans?

With’s TrustPlan™ process, Frontier Utilities plans are manually vetted to help you avoid gimmicks, and you can compare them against plans of other electricity providers in Texas. The free service allows customers to easily choose a trustworthy energy plan that’s best for their homes. The site’s Compare Plans comparison grid feature allows you to compare:

    • Rates at different energy usage levels
    • Availability of bill credits
    • Percent of renewable energy content
    • Better Business Bureau rating
    • Provider guarantees

Home Energy Club’s Plan Details popups provide estimated monthly bills for each energy plan based on energy usage, in addition to other details. The comparison site helps Texas residents find bargain-priced energy plans that are the best fit for their home and avoid deceptive plans that cause Texans to have bill surprises.

What are problems with electricity company review sites?

Listed below are sources of energy plan reviews that Home Energy Club has found are problematic:

  • Texas electricity review sites: the organization of the reviews is set to benefit providers who pay fees to the review site
  • Government comparison sites: the Power to Choose Texas site, along with other government-run sites, have a history of allowing deceptive plans to be displayed due to a lack of quality control
  • Generic review sites: some review sites are “gamed” by providers; advantageous rankings are based on fees paid to them

To read reviews and complaint statistics from trustworthy and independent sources, visit

How good is Frontier Utilities?

Determine whether Frontier Utilities is considered to be a good energy company based on customer ratings and reviews from multiple independent organizations. Visit the Frontier reviews and ratings page at Home Energy Club. These are some unique Frontier features:

  • Comparatively low rates for energy providers in Texas
  • Trusted and well-established brand
  • Bill credits based on your usage level

Go to and click on the Texas electricity providers reviews page to see comparisons between Frontier Utilities and other Texas energy providers.

How to find a Frontier Utilities promo code to get a rate discount?

Home Energy Club may be able to get you a promo code discount. To see if you can take advantage of an immediate lower price on Frontier Utilities plans through the use of electricity promo codes:

Why does Power to Choose (government site) get many complaints?

Power to Choose has received complaints from Texas customers for many years. Here are some of the reasons for complaints:

  • Gamed rankings: Providers have been allowed to “game” the website with deceptive plans to gain a ranking advantage and more visibility
  • Higher bills: Energy bills turn out to be higher than expected in relation to gimmick rates presented on the website
  • Possible shutdown: State leaders have debated shutting down the website due to the large number of unhappy customers

Home Energy Club is the best alternative in Texas to Power to Choose. The consumer advocacy and comparison site is mindful in presenting truthful information and transparent rates.