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Pronto Power is a no-deposit electric company that specializes in prepaid electricity plans for customers who want to avoid a deposit.

Their plans come with the option to switch to a monthly plan after 90 days with no disconnection. Pronto prepaid energy plans don’t require a credit check and their energy rates are competitive with other pay-as-you-go energy plans, making Pronto Power rates very attractive.

Pronto Power offers same-day service. In fact, they claim that 98% of their new customers receive service within an hour. Enter your zip code to see rates in your area, or contact Pronto at 844-621-2852. You can also contact them via email at or visit their Pronto Power website.

Compare Pronto Power to Payless Power

2 Payless Power No Deposit

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
Payless Power - 12 Month - Prepaid12 Months17.2 ¢/kWh
Payless Power - 6 Month - Prepaid6 Months17.4 ¢/kWh
  • *Rates as of 04/16/2024 at 02:58 PM. Based on 1000 kWh in Oncor zone. Enter your zip code above for rates in your area.

Speak with Payless Power about their competitive “No Deposit” prepaid electricity plans at 833-926-9776.

Call Payless (833-926-9776)

Texas energy rates are changing more frequently as they are impacted by the volatile price of natural gas and the high demand caused by extreme weather.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and Ratings

Home Energy Club compiles Pronto Power reviews from various sources independent of the energy provider such as the Better Business Bureau and the State of Texas Public Utility Commission Complaints Statistics site, as well as reviews from Google and Yelp.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the reviews, like those of many light companies in Texas, may not be representative of the customer base as a whole, as people with complaints are often more motivated to leave reviews than those with no problems to speak of.

Home Energy Club does not have enough information to provide a rating for Pronto Power.

Compare Pronto to Other Competitors

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Speak with Gexa for cheap rates with a 60-Day “Happiness Guarantee” at 855-639-8212 (mention code “GexaTX” for discount).

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Pronto Power uses a 90-day same-as-credit model.

The plan is initially prepaid, where you are charged according to the energy you use daily. However, once a customer has been enrolled for 90 days without incurring a disconnection, they can move to a monthly contract that’s more predictable without the day-to-day fluctuations in power usage to keep track of.

The 90 days of consistent payments will be counted in lieu of a credit check, making Pronto Power energy plans very accessible. 

Prepaid Electricity Plans

Pronto Power’s plans are designed to be accessible, requiring no credit check and no deposit, nor even a Social Security Number, which greatly simplifies the sign-up process. The minimum balance required to sign up is small. This is not a fee, but rather counts toward your initial Pronto Power pay bill balance.

Pronto Power keeps you updated on your current balance on a daily basis via text, email, or both, with billing occurring daily at 7 am. As long as a positive balance is maintained at the time of billing for 90 days, you will be able to transition to a monthly electricity plan.

You can view Pronto Power’s electricity rates on their website by entering your zip code. Alternatively, you can call the Pronto Power phone number at 844-621-2852.

Electricity Plan Features

Second Chance Credit

The headline feature of Pronto Power energy plans is their second-chance credit system, which offers customers a chance to have a monthly billing plan without having to go through a credit check, fork over a deposit or provide a Social Security Number. If a customer maintains a positive balance in their account at the time of billing for 90 days, they become eligible for the monthly payment plan.

Flexible Payment System

Pronto Power offers free extensions on payments, if requested, so that the customer can have a little more time to pay if they need it.

Another option that Pronto offers to customers that need a bit more time to pay is a deferred payment plan, where Pronto will cover any negative balance plus $20, payable in weekly installments with no interest. The deferred payment plan will, however, invoke a switch-hold on the account that prevents customers from buying power from any other company until the loan is repaid.

Daily Usage Notifications

Pronto Power will send their customers daily updates on their electricity usage in kWh, as well as on their remaining balance so that customers can easily keep track of their power plan.

Speedy Service

Pronto Power customers are supposed to receive service within an hour of signing up.

Straightforward Pricing

Pronto Power offers prepaid rates with no hidden fees. There are no fees for disconnection or reconnection.

To reconnect service after a disconnection, the customer must pay the negative balance plus $20. The $20 is not a fee, but instead goes towards putting the customer’s balance back in the black.

No Disconnection Mondays

Pronto Power does not begin billing accounts for the week until 10 am on Tuesday to give customers ample time to go make a bank deposit or otherwise make arrangements to send their payment.

Savings with Pronto Power and Promo Codes

Pronto Power offers a $20/$20 refer-a-friend program. By referring a friend, both the existing customer and the new customer receive a $20 credit to their account. You can collect this credit as many times as you can successfully refer people.

To take advantage of this program, the new customer must be able to provide some identifying information about the person who referred them (full name, phone number or account number) for both parties to receive the credit.

For other savings, check the Home Energy Club discount page to see if Pronto Power is offering any promo codes this month.

Starting a Prepaid Electric Plan

The ease of starting a plan with Pronto Power is one of their hallmark characteristics. You can see the current rates for Pronto Power’s pay-as-you-go plans in your area on their website by entering your zip code. You can also call their sales department at 844-621-2852.

They require no deposit, no credit check and no social. To sign up, you need a phone capable of sending and receiving SMS messages and an email address. To receive service, customers must have an active smart meter to allow for real-time usage monitoring.

The motto of Pronto Power is “power within the hour,” and the vast majority of Pronto Power claims that its customers do indeed receive service within an hour of signing up, as long as they enroll and make payment before 6:30 pm.

Pronto Power Rates by Zip Code

To compare Pronto Power’s energy plans with other light companies near you, just punch in your zip code below.

Get Pronto rates in your zip code area

Pronto Power: How to Report an Outage?

Power outages are the last thing anyone wants to think about when it comes to power plans. However, Pronto Power is a retail electric company, not a utility company (TDSP/TDU) like Centerpoint, Oncor, TNMP or AEP. It’s these utility companies that are responsible for servicing power lines, poles and other infrastructure.

To report an outage, contact the TSDP/TDU in your area:

  • Centerpoint Energy: 800-332-7143
  • Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP): 888-866-7456
  • AEP Texas: 866-223-8508
  • Oncor: 888-313-4747

Customer Service

You can contact Pronto Power customer service at 888-234-1373. Their hours are as follows:

8:00 am – 7:00 pm Monday through Friday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturday

You can also contact them during off-hours via their customer care email at, or at their website.

About Pronto Power

Pronto Power offers pay-as-you-go energy plans and ‘power within the hour’ for customers who are seeking no deposit, no credit check light plans, especially those customers who want a chance to graduate to a monthly payment plan.

You may visit the Pronto Power website to pay online.

Business Information

Pronto Power is located at 5847 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77057. Pronto Power is owned by Summer Energy. You can contact Pronto Power at 888-234-1373, or if you want to sign up, you can call 844-621-2852.

Top Texas Municipalities Serviced

Deregulated Cities
Fort Worth         
Corpus Christi       

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