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Below you will find information and convenient links for Oncor power outages and severe weather information in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area (including Arlington, Plano, Garland, and Irving), as well as move-in, usage and and rate information.

Oncor Power Outages

In the event of a metro Dallas electricity outage, call the Oncor Electric power outage number at 888-313-4747. You can view the Oncor Storm Center Outage Map which displays a map and the status of power outages in different service areas. This map also shows the current weather radar in Texas so you can better gauge the conditions.  To monitor the effect a power outage has on your energy usage, you can review your usage data at Smart Meter Texas.

Check out our power outage phone guide for accurate energy provider outage numbers in your region. Below you can find the best immediate resources to determine the current power outage status and weather conditions in your area.

Oncor Storm Center Power Outage Map

As the sole transmission and distribution utility company (TDU, or TDSP) in the Dallas area, Oncor addresses power outages, checks meters, and provides maintenance on the electric poles and wires, and the electricity infrastructure. The company services more than 10 million customers and its Oncor Storm Center provides a variety of information to help you track power outages in your region.

The Oncor Storm Center Outage Map allows you to:

  • View the map based on your location, county and zip code for a more detailed view of power outages
  • Sign up for alerts to receive power outage information by email, text, and telephone call
  • Review the number of outages in your vicinity by city, county and zip code
  • View the number of customers experiencing a power outage in each area as indicated by the following legend:

Best Dallas Weather Sites in Oncor Maps and Alerts

Outage Info, Maps and Numbers for Other De-regulated Areas of Texas

Centerpoint Energy Outages: Houston metropolitan area (including Spring, Cypress, Tomball, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, League City, Pasadena, Baytown, Kingwood, and other nearby cities). Click here.

American Electric Power (AEP) Outages: Central/South Texas (including Corpus Christi, Abilene, McAllen, Harlingen, San Angelo, Vernon, Victoria, and Laredo). Click here.

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) Outages: North, West, and Gulf Coast regions (including Texas City, League City, Alvin, Brazoria, Fort Stockton, and Lewisville). Click here.

Sharyland/Oncor Outages: West, Central, and Southern regions (including Arlington, Plano, Garland, and Irving). Click here.

Call the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) to Report an Outage

When an electrical outage happens, you’ll receive a more prompt response by contacting the TDU (Oncor) rather than the electric provider who sells your electricity in Texas. It’s helpful to know the difference between the TDU (also called TDSP) and electric company and to have a list of Texas TDU phone numbers you can call in Texas when an outage occurs in your zip-code. For profiles on other TDUs, see our Texas Electric Utilities main page.

Use Smart Meter Texas to See How an Outage Effects your Usage

When a Dallas area power outage occurs, check the impact that the outage has on your energy use for a given month by reviewing your Smart Meter Texas meter usage data. If you wish to easily review your electric meter usage history gathered by Oncor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, set up an account at Smart Meter Texas. You can also first read our helpful guide on Smart Meters.

Protect Yourself from Energy Bill Rate Spikes from Demand Surges Caused by Outages

Power outages caused by excess electricity demand can result in sizeable electricity rate spikes, creating large increases in your monthly energy bills if you are not on a fixed-rate plan which locks in your rate. Demand spikes are more likely to occur during the sweltering summer months when electricity is needed most.

Energy Rates: If you are on a variable energy rate plan such as an index rate plan, month-to-month plan, or wholesale rate plan that floats with the market, you can prevent unexpected bill increases by protecting yourself with a low-cost fixed-rate plan from the most trusted Dallas electric companies. Use our Electricity Fact Label Guide to determine whether an electricity plan is a good fit in relation to your home’s usage.

For energy plans from some of the top-rated providers in Texas, enter your zip code on this page to visit our home page or perform a Google search for Reliant Energy plans, Gexa Energy plans, Pulse Power plans, Cirro Energy plans, Green Mountain Energy plans and Payless Power plans. You can also check out Dallas business electricity rates and receive a custom quote.

If you wish to contact your electricity company, you’ll find phone numbers as well as other contact points and in-depth information on the top providers in Texas on our electricity companies page.

Here are links for other information:

Dallas Energy Promo Code Deals: Use our exclusive Dallas energy promo codes (discount codes and referral codes) to receive discounts off of regular Dallas electricity rates with the best light companies in Texas.

Compare Dallas fixed-rate plans to prevent billing surprises

What Do You Do in The Event of a Power Outage?

  • Check with your close neighbors to confirm the outage is not just at your house.
  • Electrical surges that occur after power outages can heavily damage your electronic devices — so it’s a good idea to disconnect devices after a power outage.
  • Keep your freezer and refrigerator closed up.
  • Go to another location in case of a dire need for cooling or heating.
  • Try to find an electrical source for power-dependent medical devices.

The first thing you should do if there’s an electric outage is to unplug all of your electronic devices until the outage is over. Then, find the phone number to call based on your location in the table above determine when the outage will end. Or you should check the Oncor Outage Map.  Then move to another place in case of any immediate need for cooling or heating.

If it’s cold, it’s recommended that you not use a gas stove for heating due to risks. Prepare for outages by having batteries or other power sources for backup power. Also, you might consider having a corded home phone available, which will work without electricity so you can make calls in case of emergencies. Extra power sources are also important for medical devices requiring electricity.

If you use a generator place it outside your home and keep it away from windows and doors. If you live in a rural area and rely on your generator, have an extra supply of gas/fuel that for use in emergencies.

Print out and keep the phone numbers to call in case of outages in a location you can remember, and save it in your phone’s contacts.

Oncor Move-in Information for Starting your Electric Service

Below is information for moving into houses with an existing meter and without a meter in the Dallas area.

3 Steps to Start Electric Service in Dallas if your Meter is Installed

Here are the steps if the home you are moving into has an existing meter:

  1. Choose an electricity company (also called a retail energy provider):
  2. Enroll in an energy plan from the electric company of your choice. You can view vetted plans from trusted energy providers and enroll online in less than 10 minutes by entering zip code on this page.
  3. Your new electric company will send an order to start service to Oncor. When Oncor receives that order, they will flip the switch and turn on your electricity on the date you request, assuming that the weather and their backlog of other jobs permit.

5 Steps to Start Electric Service in Dallas if you Don’t have a Meter Installed

Here are the steps if your new house does not have a meter installed:

  1. Call Oncor at one of the following numbers:
    • If you are a homeowner, call 888-313-6862 to have Oncor create an Electric Service Identifier number (ESI ID).
    • If you are a business owner, call 888-313-6862 to have Oncor create an Electric Service Identifier number (ESI ID).
  2. Choose an energy provider (also called an electric company or light company) at least 2 business days after you receive your ESI ID number.
  3. Enroll in an energy plan from the electric provider you choose. You can view TrustPlan™-vetted plans from top providers and enroll online in less than 10 minutes on our home page.
  4. Your new energy provider will send an order to start service to Oncor. Oncor will turn on your electricity generally within 7 business days of the date you request, assuming that the weather and their schedule for other jobs permit.
  5. Obtain your permit by checking with the permitting entity for your area. Call 888-313-6862 for more information.

About Oncor

Founded in 1912, Oncor is the largest energy delivery company in Texas. The regulated utility company has more than 130,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines and serves more than 400 communities, 98 counties, and more than 10 million Texans. Oncor works closely with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to determine electricity infrastructure needs and make sure it keeps pace with capacity.

Power Outage Maps for Cities in Dallas Area

City Power Outage Map

TDU Servicing City

Dallas power outage mapOncor outage
Plano power outage mapOncor outage
Irving power outage mapOncor outage
Fort Worth power outage mapOncor outage
Richardson power outage mapOncor outage
Addison power outage mapOncor outage
Frisco power outage mapOncor outage
Arlington power outage mapOncor outage
Carrollton power outage mapOncor outage
Southlake power outage mapOncor outage
Lewisville power outage mapOncor outage
Garland power outage mapOncor outage
Mckinney power outage mapOncor outage
Allen power outage mapOncor outage
Coppell power outage mapOncor outage
Denton power outageOncor outage
Grapevine power outage mapOncor outage
Grand Prairie power outage mapOncor outage
Flower Mound power outage mapOncor outage
Mesquite power outage mapOncor outage
Rockwall power outage mapOncor outage

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