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Cheapest Energy Plans in Texas with No Gimmicks

Texas homeowners want trustworthy, cheap energy plans with low electricity rates, which don’t have gimmicks that cause billing surprises. That’s why we review the rate structure of Texas electricity plans and exclude the ones on the site that are likely to deliver a shock to your bank account.

We have assembled the best cheap electricity plans from the most trusted electric companies in the unique comparison chart below, so you can compare Texas energy plans side by side. You’ll find electricity plans with discount energy rates that are lower than the regular rates on the energy provider sites.

Be sure to click on the names of the plans to review their details. After you finish, scroll down to see our Texas Electric Companies Ratings and Reviews table.

Compare Texas electricity plans vetted to prevent billing surprises

Cheapest Energy Plans of Trusted Texas Electric Companies.*

Average Monthly Usage
Smart Value 12 Online 13¢ 8.9¢ 9.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $200 0%
Smart Lock 24 Online 13.9¢ 12.6¢ 11.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $200 0%
Gexa Saver Supreme 12 16.1¢ 7.2¢ 11.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver 12 17.1¢ 7.3¢ 11.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 16.3¢ 5.9¢ 10.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver Premium 12 13.6¢ 13.2¢ 8.0¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver Supreme 24 15.9¢ 7.0¢ 11.1¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 6%
Gexa Saver Freedom 12 12.4¢ 12.1¢ 11.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver Freedom 36 13.2¢ 12.9¢ 12.7¢ 36 Months Fixed $295.00 6%
Gexa Saver Premium 24 13.9¢ 13.6¢ 8.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 6%
Just Energy Web Plan - 24 10.9¢ 10.9¢ 10.9¢ 24 Months Fixed $175 0%
Just Energy Web Plan - 12 11.2¢ 11.2¢ 11.2¢ 12 Months Fixed $175 0%
Texas Fixed 24 10.7¢ 10.2¢ 9.9¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Saver 36 16.8¢ 6.9¢ 11.5¢ 36 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Fixed 36 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Saver 12 15.8¢ 5.9¢ 10.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Saver 24 16.4¢ 6.5¢ 11.1¢ 24 Months Fixed $125 15%
Texas Fixed 12 10.9¢ 10.4¢ 10.1¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 15%
Texas Green 12 11.1¢ 10.6¢ 10.3¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 36 10.9¢ 10.4¢ 10.1¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 24 11¢ 10.5¢ 10.2¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 100%
Secure Advantage 12 14.1¢ 11.7¢ 11.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 5%
Truly Free 7 Days 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
Truly Free Weekends 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
Truly Free Nights 12 16¢ 14.6¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 0%
Eagle 24 10.2¢ 9.7¢ 9.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Eagle 12 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
SMART Energy 36 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Eagle 36 10.2¢ 9.7¢ 9.4¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
SMART Energy 24 10.8¢ 10.3¢ 10¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 6%
Green Eagle 36 10.6¢ 10.1¢ 9.8¢ 36 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 24 10.5¢ 10¢ 9.7¢ 24 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
Green Eagle 12 10.9¢ 10.4¢ 10.1¢ 12 Months Fixed $20.00 100%
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Compare cheap Texas electricity plans vetted to prevent billing surprises

Ratings and Reviews of Texas Electric Companies

Local BBB Rating
Year Founded
Reliant Energy
Reliant Reviews
Gexa Energy
Gexa Reviews
TriEagle Energy
TriEagle Reviews
Cirro Energy
Cirro Reviews
Pulse Power
Not Rated
Pulse Reviews
Green Mountain Energy
Green Mt. Reviews
Champion Energy
Champion Reviews
Just Energy
Not Rated
Just Reviews
Amigo Energy
Not Rated
Amigo Reviews
Discount Power
Discount Reviews
Chariot Energy
Not Rated
Chariot Reviews
Direct Energy
Not Rated
Direct Reviews
TXU Energy
TXU Reviews
Hello Energy
Not Rated
Hello Reviews
Constellation Energy
Constellation Reviews
Ambit Energy
Ambit Reviews
Stream Energy
Stream Reviews
Lone Star Energy
Not Rated
Lone Star Reviews


Now that you’ve seen our vetted plans and read the energy provider reviews, here’s some pro tips to help you stay away from sources that offer plans filled with gimmicks, and also to help you understand the pros and cons of promotional plans, such as those offering free electricity, bill credits and prepaid electricity.

Power to Choose

The Power to Choose website, operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, was designed to help Texans choose the best electricity plans for their home. However, energy providers on the site are allowed to tempt you with low rate offers which only apply in very limited circumstances, thus causing billing surprises for large numbers of customers when they receive their bills. The complicated terms of electricity plans on the site confuse consumers who are trying to make informed choices, and many residents enroll in gimmick plans on the Power to Choose Texas site in the mistaken belief that the state has vetted the plans.

Many light companies on the site attempt to bait consumers into clicking on their plans by displaying deceptively low rates. For example, an electric company may display an ultra-low average electricity rate at the 1,000-kilowatt usage level on the search page of Power to Choose in order to rank at the top of the page. However, the plan’s low energy rate may only apply for customers who stay above the threshold of 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) in a given month, and if your usage falls below that threshold by just one kilowatt-hour, you can end up paying a hefty fee for the month.

The best way to avoid gimmick plans is to review each energy provider and plan. One way to do this efficiently is to visit Home Energy Club, which reviews each energy plan, and only includes legitimate providers and plans.

Free Nights and Free Weekends

Plans offering free power for certain days and hours are very beneficial for some, such as homeowners who use less than a certain average kWh per day of electricity at specific times. However, the plans can be costly, resulting in paying up to double the amount of a regular plan, because you pay a higher rate for the electricity used during non-free times.

These free nights electricity plans are offered by many major light companies and can provide a legitimate way for you to cut your bill, but please read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) carefully before signing up, and make sure any plan you consider is a good match with your usage patterns. Some plans may also have high cancellation fees and long contract periods.

By encouraging you to use electricity during off-peak hours, these types of plans help Texas electricity companies to manage power outages and maintain equal energy usage throughout the day. Prices and services are stabilized by normalizing usage and demand.

Bill Credits

Some plans offer bill credits for a specific range of kWh usage during your billing cycle. Usually, rates for the usage range are attractive, but staying within the range is difficult due to the impact of extreme weather conditions in a given month. If you are under or over the target range, you disqualify for the bill credit and end up paying a higher rate.

Gift Cards

Some electricity providers offer gift cards as incentives to sign up for their plans. However, some promotional deals disguise higher prices with minimal rewards. If a plan that offers a $200 gift card carries a higher electricity rate, the extra cost of the plan may exceed the value of the gift card.

Prepaid Electricity

Pay-as-you-go prepaid electricity plans in Texas are simpler than contract plans because you don’t have to worry about expensive deposits, lengthy approval processes, and annoying credit checks. If you wish to find a prepaid light company (a prepaid provider) that offers prepaid energy plans, Reliant Energy in Texas is a good place to start. Also, Payless Energy  provides quality prepaid plans.

The most significant advantage is that you pay for electricity according to usage, and you know what you’re spending every day. The disadvantage is maintaining a minimum account balance so that amount can be debited in accordance with electricity usage. Another issue is the advance payment. For some, it can be difficult to come up with the money to get started before using the electricity they’re paying for.

Please remember that “free” offers are sometimes gimmicks, so stick with trusted providers who have transparent energy plans and rates. Even if you’re getting cashback rewards, a new thermostat, or an electronic puppy, you may find lower rates with simple straight-forward rate plans. Under tiered rates based on kWh usage, you may end up paying high rates if your usage ends up in a certain tier.

To decide what the best energy plan is for you, visit our home page, check out our helpful guides and use the filter to narrow your search for the plan which best fits your home’s usage patterns. We offer special low electricity rates from trusted electricity providers, and we vet each plan to make sure it’s gimmick-free. See our Houston electricity and Dallas electricity pages if you live in these cities, and check our Texas Electricity Provider Reviews.

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