Cheapest Energy Plans in Texas with No Gimmicks

As a Texas homeowner, you want to find trustworthy electric plans with cheap energy rates which don’t have gimmicks that cause bill surprises.

That’s why we select the best cheap energy plans to offer you from Texas power companies. And we use our TrustPlan process to eliminate the ones that have deceptive gimmicks.

Find actual cheap energy rates from top trusted Texas electric companies in the comparison tables below, and compare energy plans side by side. Many are discounted rates that are lower than the regular rates on energy provider sites.

Call the provider phone numbers under the rates for expert help or enter your zip code to compare plans in your area.

Cheap Energy Plans & Rates

{total} Gexa Energy 60-Day Guarantee Plans & Rates

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Speak with Gexa about their cheap plans with a 60-Day “Happiness Guarantee” at 855-639-8212.

Call Gexa (855-639-8212)

{total} Rates from 4Change Energy

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Speak with 4Change Energy about their trusted no-gimmick plans at 888-366-7291.

Call 4Change (888-366-7291)

{total} Payless Power No Deposit Plans and Rates

Plan NamePlan LengthRate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Speak with Payless Power about their competitive “No Deposit” prepaid plans at 833-926-9776.

Call Payless (833-926-9776)

Reviews of Texas Electric Companies

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Champion Energy
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Just Energy
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Amigo Energy
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Discount Power
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Chariot Energy
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Direct Energy
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TXU Energy
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Hello Energy
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Lone Star Energy
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Now that you’ve seen our vetted cheap plans and read the energy provider reviews, here’s some pro tips to help you understand the pros and cons of plans offering free electricity, bill credits and prepaid electricity.

Free Nights and Free Weekends

Plans offering free power for certain days and hours are very beneficial for some, such as homeowners who use less than a certain average kWh per day of power at specific times. However, the plans can be costly, resulting in paying up to double the amount of a regular plan, because you pay a higher rate for the energy used during non-free times.

These free nights energy plans are offered by many major light companies and can provide a legitimate way for you to cut your bill, but please read the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) carefully before signing up, and make sure any plan you consider is a good match with your usage patterns. Some plans may also have high cancellation fees and long contract periods.

By encouraging you to use energy during off-peak hours, these types of plans help Texas electric companies to manage power outages and maintain equal energy usage throughout the day. Prices and services are stabilized by normalizing usage and demand.

Speak with Reliant Energy to discuss some of the best “free energy” plans at 833-339-0416.

Call Reliant (833-339-0416)

Bill Credits

Some energy plans offer bill credits for a specific range of kWh usage during your billing cycle. Usually, rates for the usage range are very low, but staying within the range can be difficult due to the impact of extreme weather conditions in a given month. If you are under or over the target range, you disqualify for the bill credit and end up paying a higher rate.

To explore whether a bill credit plan is right for you, speak with Gexa Energy for some of the best bill credit deals at 855-639-8212.

Call Gexa (855-639-8212)

Prepaid Electricity

Pay-as-you-go prepaid energy plans in Texas are simpler than contract plans because you don’t have to worry about expensive deposits, lengthy approval processes, and annoying credit checks. If you wish to find a prepaid light company (a prepaid provider), Payless Power is considered to be the best electric company for prepaid energy plans. Enter you zip above to review Payless plans and rates on our home page, or speak with a Payless operator at 833-926-9776.

The most significant advantage is that you pay for energy according to usage, and you know what you’re spending every day. The disadvantage is maintaining a minimum account balance so that amount can be debited in accordance with energy usage. Another issue is the advance payment. For some, it can be difficult to come up with the money to get started before using the energy they’re paying for.

Please remember that “free” offers are sometimes gimmicks, so stick with trusted providers who have transparent energy plans and rates. Even if you’re getting cashback rewards, a new thermostat, or an electronic puppy, you may find lower rates with simple straight-forward rate plans. Under tiered rates based on kWh usage, you may end up paying high rates if your usage ends up in a certain tier.

To decide what the best cheap energy plan is for you, visit our home page, check out our helpful guide on calculating your home appliance usage, the filter to narrow your search for the plan which best fits your home’s usage patterns.

We offer special cheap energy rates from trusted light companies, and we vet each plan to make sure it’s gimmick-free. See our Houston and Dallas pages if you live in these cities, and check our Texas Electricity Provider Reviews.

Speak with Payless Power about the best “no deposit” prepaid plans at 833-926-9776.

Call Payless (833-926-9776)

Power to Choose

The Power to Choose website, operated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, was designed to help Texans choose the best energy plans for their home. However, energy providers on the site have been allowed to tempt you with low rate offers which only apply in very limited circumstances, thus causing billing surprises for large numbers of customers when they receive their bills.

The complicated terms of energy plans on the site confuse consumers who are trying to make informed choices, and many residents enroll in gimmick plans on the Power to Choose Texas site in the mistaken belief that the state has vetted the plans.

Many light companies on the site attempt to bait consumers into clicking on their plans by displaying deceptively cheap rates. For example, an electric company may display an ultra-cheap average electricity rate at the 1,000-kilowatt usage level on the search page of Power to Choose in order to rank at the top of the page. However, the plan’s low energy rate may only apply for customers who stay above the threshold of 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) in a given month, and if your usage falls below that threshold by just one kilowatt-hour, you can end up paying a hefty fee for the month.

The best way to avoid gimmick plans is to review each energy provider and plan. One way to do this efficiently is to visit Home Energy Club, which reviews each energy plan, and only includes legitimate providers and plans. Here, you can find the cheapest energy plan that is right for your home without gimmicks.

Compare vetted plans that cut bill surprises for your zip code

Energy Plans Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I compare energy plans and rates in Texas?

You can compare special discount energy rates and cheap plans in Texas at The consumer advocate and comparison site vets each energy plan using the TrustPlan process to help you reduce bill surprises, and uses its bargaining power to get lower rates from top brands:

Three ways to compare cheap energy plans on Home Energy Club:

  1. Go to the home page: enter your zip code to see rates and energy plans from top brands available in your area.
  2. Use the “Compare Plans” feature: on the home page you can view the rates and details side by side in a grid.
  3. Speak with an operator: get quick help by calling well-trained operators at the phone numbers next to each plan.

Get special discount rates and vetted plans at Home Energy Club 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What provider has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas?

The top energy providers with the cheapest energy rates in Texas have discount plans vetted to reduce bill surprises on Currently, the top five energy companies with consistently low rates are:

Home Energy Club, which never has a membership fee, has in-depth details on 40-plus electric providers in Texas.

What is a good energy rate per kWh in Texas?

At, the best rates per kWh in Texas periodically fall to as low as 5-cents and 6-cents per kWh, but the following issues cause rate spikes and fluctuations:

  • Seasonal changes, especially summer heat, impacts pricing
  • Rising energy costs as commodity prices bounce back

The average rate per kWh in recent years was 11 cents in Texas. To take advantage of cheap per-kWh rates:

  • Enter your zip code on Home Energy Club
  • Lock in a discounted rate by enrolling in a 12, 24, 36 or 60-month long-term fixed-rate energy contract.

All energy plans on the site are vetted by the staff using TrustPlan to help you steer clear of gimmicky plans that result in bill surprises. There is no membership fee at

Why is my Texas energy plan causing my bill to be so high?, the consumer advocate and energy comparison site, says the following are among the potential causes of bill surprises:

  1. Deceptive energy plans with gimmicks. These plans hook customers with what seem to be ultra-cheap rates, but result in shocking bill surprises. Home Energy Club vets each plan to help eliminate bill surprises caused by gimmicks.
  2. The energy plan you chose is not a good match with your home’s energy usage pattern. For example, if you live in an apartment, but choose a plan designed for large homes with usage of over 2,000 kWh per month, your pricing may be extremely high.
  3. Expiration of your fixed-price plan. You signed up for a fixed-price plan, but the plan expired before you renewed or chose a different energy plan and/or provider. As a result, you were automatically enrolled you in an expensive variable-rate plan.
  4. Your energy supplier increased their rates. On a variable rate plan as well as a “wholesale price” plan with floating rates, your energy rates can be increased by your provider at virtually any time.

A variety of other factors can also lead to a high energy bill, such as your home’s lack of energy efficiency, high outdoor temperatures, and the amount of energy you use. Go to Home Energy Club to learn more.

How does Home Energy Club cut bill surprises and offer cheaper rates? helps you avoid Texas energy plans that cause costly bill surprises. The consumer advocate and comparison site:

  • Uses its bargaining power with electric companies to offer special cheap rates
  • Creates a shopping experience you can trust by vetting each energy plan to eliminate the ones with deceptive gimmicks
  • Helps you choose the right plan for your home with side-by-side plan comparisons and helpful guides

What are the types of Texas energy plans?

Among 40-plus energy providers, the types of Texas energy plans you can choose from at include:

“Free Energy” Time of Use Plans

A “Free Nights and Weekends” plan is an example of a time-of-use plan. During certain times on specified days, “free” energy is provided. The “paid” hours are typically charged at extremely high rates, however, to offset the “free” hours of energy usage. Carefully read the Electricity Facts Labels to compare the information with your history of energy use.

Fixed-Rate Plans

Texans who want predictable energy bills choose fixed-rate plans, which charge you the same amount per kWh for the term of the contract, even if energy market commodity prices rise.

Variable-Rate Plans (month-to-month)

If you need the freedom to cancel your electricity service at any time without being charged an early termination fee, your best option may be a variable-rate or month-to-month plan. Pricing for these non-fixed rate plans are prone to spike, especially in summer when energy demand peaks.

100% Renewable “Green” Energy Plans now features 100% renewable energy plans at pricing which is lower than many fossil-sourced plans, from providers such as Lone Star Energy, Gexa Energy and Chariot Energy. Renewable “non-fossil” generation sources such as solar energy and wind energy in Texas produce the energy, which flows to your home through the power grid. No solar equipment or investment is required.

No-Deposit Prepaid Plans

When you select a no-deposit prepaid plan, approval is automatic. That’s because, regardless of your credit score, the energy provider is not taking a risk. You pre-pay for the energy you use, and you are not required to commit to a long-term contract. There’s no credit check; you pay as you go, and can cancel at any time. Payless Power is the top no-deposit provider.

Compare energy plans at Home Energy Club, the leading consumer-centric energy comparison site.

How do I find the best cheap energy plan in Texas? provides a trusted, secure shopping experience where you can enroll at discount rates in the best energy plans in Texas. The consumer advocate and comparison site provides unbiased details on 40-plus electric companies in the state. Finding the Texas energy plan that offers you the best rates requires you to:

  • Enter your zip code for plans in your area
  • Choose the energy usage level that best matches your home, whether monthly usage averages 500 kWh (apartment living), 1000 kWh (small to mid-size homes), or 2000 kWh (larger homes)
  • Compare energy plan details and discount rates side by side

Learn more at Home Energy Club, where details about energy providers and plans are from objective sources.

Why should I know my energy usage when choosing a plan?

Knowing your home’s pattern of energy usage is the best way to equip yourself to choose the right energy plan at Knowledge of your energy usage:

  • Helps you find a plan which is designed to deliver the cheapest rate based on your home’s range of monthly energy usage
  • Is the key to finding your biggest bargain because the cheapest rates offered by many electric companies are based on specific ranges and/or times of energy usage
  • Can help you avoid unnecessarily paying hundreds or thousands of dollars because of getting locked into a plan that is not a match with your usage levels

Home Energy Club is dedicated to helping Texans get the cheapest energy rates and avoid bill surprises.

Why should I choose a renewable energy plan?

As you are comparing energy plans at Home Energy Club, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose a renewable energy plan, including:

  • You have a desire to make an eco-friendly choice that will help combat climate change
  • You can now save on money by enrolling in 100% green energy plans offered by providers like Gexa Energy, which have eco-friendly plans as much as 40% cheaper as fossil-sourced plans.

Traditional fossil-sourced energy:

  • Pollutes the environment with greenhouse gases that cause climate change
  • Cost more than some of today’s 100% green energy plans for the same term length and usage level

At you can enroll in vetted 100% green energy plans to save on energy costs while reducing your personal carbon footprint.

What’s a fixed-rate energy plan versus a variable-rate plan? makes it easy to compare the differences between a fixed-rate energy plan and a variable-rate plan. Fixed-rate plans are best for avoiding unwelcome bill surprises and locking in cheap rates.

Variable rate contracts have:

  • Energy rates that can change monthly as wholesale energy prices rise
  • Energy rates are prone to skyrocket, especially during periods of peak demand such as summertime in Texas
  • Low front-end rates to entice consumers, which are often quickly followed by dramatic increases within a few months

Home Energy Club offers vetted energy plans and resources to help Texas residents avoid bill surprises.



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